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Episode 13,539
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Haley gasps the cops are here at the hospital?! JJ whispers he tried to reach her … Dr. Kayla claims she only knows Haley is a good nurse and person. The cops have to do their job. Kayla excuses herself in a hurry. Eli and Haley assume the suspect is around … Ben believes he is bad for Ciara, who weeps he said he would never hurt her. Now he is breaking her heart … Tripp accuses Claire of hiding the lighter. She acts indignant. He asks why she hid it. She flashes back to starting the first cabin fire while Ciara was sleeping. Back to the now. She claims to have a confession … Hope confronts Ted at the station for blackmailing Will and Sonny and now wanting to prosecute them for the same thing! He denies it and offers to depart as interim D.A. … Rafe pays Kate a visit. She credits him with saving her. She asks about Jordan in Bayview. Kate wants her locked up for good … The elevator is not coming so JJ urges Haley to hide. She ducks into a storage room as the cops ask JJ if Haley was here … Claire claims she secretly started smoking but quit. Tripp has his doubts … Ben thinks he could hurt Ciara the same way he hurt Jordan. Ciara argues he was protecting her and she trusts him. Alas he distrusts himself and declares she deserves better than damaged him. She wants only he who saved her and adds they are all damaged. He holds her face, still fearing himself with this girl who stole his heart. They holds hands and she argues they shall overcome. She herself is no angel. He reminds her of his history but she wants him to believe in them the way she does. He tenderly touches her hair …

Claire ominously states she still has the lighter to remember the dark place she was in … when she smoked. Tripp senses there is more. She assures him she has no secrets and he offers to drive her to work … JJ denies seeing Haley and fibs he was here following up on some patients he brought in. He explains to Eli and Lani that she is a good person. Lani suggests he tell Haley to turn herself in when he sees her. Haley can hear everything. The cops get in the elevator. JJ now realizes he has lost Haley, who is gone … Rafe assures Kate he came to check on her. She asks how wife Hope feels about it. He alludes to another wound and Kate deduces Sami caused that. Rafe argues he was away for Johnny. She refers to him helping Jordan as well. All the exes … Rafe admits Hope has been hanging around Ted, whom he hates. Kate warns him that one could ruin his life … Ted regrets placing Hope in a terrible position. She agrees with him recusing himself from that case. He politely thanks her for her support. She excuses herself to go to Ciara, who is being released. Ted acts happy for her. Hope thanks him politely for his support and walks out … Ciara believes Ben is better than Jordan. He blames himself for complicating her life but she believes he made her life better. She begs him to let her help him and holds his face. He thinks that is risky but she believes what they share is worth the risk. Ben cries he cares more for her than he has ever cared about anyone and leaves, deciding she is safer without him. Sadly Ciara is unable to stop him …

JJ updates Kayla on the Haley situation. He knows not where she went and is worried. Kayla can see he cares for her and insists JJ is not to blame. He wishes he had never trusted Jack cos who can help Haley now … By the park Haley on the run bumps into Tripp. She knows not where to turn. Tripp gets an idea … Ben asks server Claire for a sandwich. She assumes it is for Ciara. He sighs they are over … Ciara is sobbing on the bed when Hope arrives. She lashes out Ben broke up with her and accuses her of being happy about it … Kate admits to Rafe she was involved with Ted and made the mistake of trusting him He played her. Rafe pouts now he is playing his wife and is sorry for what Ted did to Kate. She grins she got even. Rafe agrees it can be off the record. She had him carted off to a deserted island. Rafe thinks he had it coming. Kate complains now he is back with his sleazy charm. She warns Hope is being used the way she was. Ted preys on women when they are in a vulnerable place …

Hope insists she was trying to protect her daughter. Ciara cries Ben saved her so she did not need protecting from him. Hope hears his reason for ending their budding relationship and regrets ever doubting him. Ciara laments she lost him so it is too late and cries tears of torment on her shoulder … Tripp takes fugitive Haley to the loft, where he lets her stay. He has been there and wants her safe. She notices the female touches of the place. He replies he has two roommates, one is his girlfriend. Haley wonders how she will feel about her being here … Ben tells Claire his tale of woe about fearing his dark side. Claire muses with his meds he is alright. He realizes he forgot today so she goes to get him water. He takes the pill and recalls how he imagined things at the cabin when he was off them. He imagined Clyde ordering him to burn the cabin down. She declares he didn't do it and he asks how the hell she could know such a thing …

Back at the station Lani and Eli hope JJ will be able to convince Haley to turn herself in. Eli now suspiciously brings up Ted recusing himself from the Sonny and Will case cos of some conflict. Rafe arrives and calls the character shady after what Kate told him. Ted appears and asks if he has something to say. He does so they take it to a private room … Ciara emotionally tells Hope how kind and caring Ben is. Alas he will not believe her … Claire brings up Jordan and asks if she was questioned about the first fire. Ben knows not what she said to Rafe. Claire deduces it was her no matter what she might say. Ben notes it was long ago but cannot imagine who else it could have been … JJ gets Haley on the phone but she refuses to reveal her whereabouts when he asks to assist … Click!

Ted and Rafe face off. Rafe demands he step down as acting D.A. Ted accuses him of being bugged he has been here for Hope whereas he has not. Rafe retorts he is her husband. Ted taunts so raging Rafe grabs him and raises his fist … Claire suggests Ben go to Ciara. He suspects she is worried she will go back to Tripp. Claire makes it clear she will never let anyone come between her and Tripp … Outside the loft with Ciara, Hope gets a text about Haley still being unfound. Ciara slowly searches for her house keys. Inside Tripp tells Haley she is safe and she hugs him, unaware the commissioner and her daughter are so dangerously close...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, March 4, 2019