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Episode 13,538
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Claire has something hidden in her jewelry box – the lighter from the cabin. Tripp comes in and asks what she has behind her back … Ciara ends a call with Hope, who is at Bayview with Jordan. She laments she has not heard from Ben. He now enters her room … At the station Lani hugs Eli. Sadly they have to pick up Haley for the feds … Haley enters Dr. Kayla’s office sorry she lied on her job application and interview. Kayla wonders whether her government issued ID was fake. Haley hands over some patient reports and updates her on two patients’ needs. Kayla calls her a good nurse and hugs her, sorry for her plight … Jen pays JJ a visit. He is upset that Jack betrayed his Haley confidence. Jen finds out Jack was not told Trask was Haley’s sis and immediately suspects Eve. JJ mutters Jack might be just as bad as Eve now … Jack stares out the window remembering JJ blasting him for not being like the dad he once knew, and Jen’s agreement. Eve comes up behind him and insists what he did was best for his son. He snaps it seems it was best for her. All she had on her mind was the mayoral race. He sighs his son hates him … JJ deduces Eve is using their dad to hurt the family. Jen points out Jack did have a checkered past. Some people are capable of anything … Claire gushes she got Tripp a gift and hides the lighter back in the jewelry box. He thinks she seems strange. She updates him on Haley being Trask’s illegal sis. He immediately goes online …

Ciara wonders where Ben was. Walking doing some soul searching about almost killing again. Ciara disagrees he is a killer. He concludes he never changed ... Trask claims to Eli and Lani she knew not Haley had no proper papers. She herself is naturalized and she assumed Haley was in the country legally. She adds to ask Haley directly and walks away from the mess … Haley confides in sympathetic Kayla about all the help she had from Trask. Alas now she has no one because JJ betrayed her confidence … Jen points out Jack became Rolf’s project and who knows how it changed him. He is not the man he was but she still senses that good man is somewhere in there. JJ sighs he said he loved him one second and then betrayed him at the debate. Jen thinks he was sincere when he said he was worried about JJ being taken advantage of … Jack owns his public bombshell and blames himself for alienating Jen and JJ. Eve calls him the hero and Trask the hypocrite. He will make a marvelous mayor. He likes the sound of that and becomes more ambitious by the Salem second, speaking of the senate and the governor’s mansion. Then they kiss …

The cops come to JJ’s apartment asking for Haley. They have orders. JJ knows not where she is. Eli and Lani warn him not to hide her from the law. JJ laments she left. Jen insists he is telling the truth. Eli suggests if he hears from her urge her to turn herself in. JJ tells them to go to hell cos she would get deported … Haley cries to Kayla she knows no one in China and God knows what will happen … Claire seems smug about Haley facing deportation. Tripp counters how would Claire feel if it happened to her! She gets sanctimonious about the law and he suggests that is the pot calling the kettle black. Claire gets testy … Ciara blames Clyde for the downfall of his kids. Ben recalls how he imagined Clyde ordering him to hurt her. She points out then he had his prescription filled. Alas Ben remains tormented by the belief that he could have been the first fire starter. Jordan has lost her mind and he feels too high risk to be around anyone. He has to go away. Ciara begs him to stop saying that. He needs her. He shakes his head, lamenting she was his life and the only one he could count on besides Jordan. But what if he tried to kill Ciara too? She confesses she was afraid of him once upon a time but she believed in him with all her heart and still deeply does …

Tripp advises Claire to calm down cos he was only referring to her rigging the Bella contest. She smiles Haley did not tell him she was illegal, did she? He will not judge the girl until he gets her whole story … Eli and Lani have orders and have to respect the law. They assume Haley's sister the attorney will help her argue her case. JJ notes now Haley is all alone … Kayla believes Haley the excellent nurse could get some kind of work visa. Haley sighs the climate of the country has changed. Kayla refers to her Irish family facing similar challenges. One should never give up. She suggests Haley stay on at the hospital. Haley is elated to have her support. Kayla will speak to the admin. Haley hugs her and apologizes for being hard on JJ. Kayla believes JJ too felt betrayed … by Jack … Knock knock knock and knock! Jack stops kissing and opens his door to Trask, who tells him off for ruining her bid for mayor. She lost her backing, calls Abe the lesser of two evils and leaves. Eve starts to call campaign headquarters to get him in, as long as it is what he wants. Jack considers, drawn to the allure of something he understands, something that will give his lost life meaning …

Eve works the phone. Campaign HQ supports Jack as a candidate with a strong stance on immigration. She wants to get him the best campaign manager in the country. He claims that would be her. His ruthless side reasons they are a hell of a team … Haley ignores a call from JJ, who leaves a message warning the cops are looking for her. He wants to help. Jen cannot stop him from searching for her and he takes off … Ben is much moved that Ciara believes in him but he believes he is just a loose cannon like Jordan. He fears he will not be able to control the evil that lies within. Ciara suggests they deal with it together. He disagrees. She gushes she is here for him and will stand by her man. He holds her face and wishes it could be but he cannot risk harming the girl he loves … Claire admits she too made mistakes and praises Tripp for being a good guy. She goes to get ready for work. Tripp opens her jewelry box … Eve starts to spin Jack’s story. Here comes raging Jen, who blames Jack for the girl his son cares about being sought by the cops like a common criminal. Jack argues he did right by the people. Jen replies Abe will be re-elected. Jack is ready to run. Jen refers to the bad guy he used to be. She believed he had changed. Evidently she was wrong … The cops come into Kayla’s office wanting to see Haley. Outside at the elevator JJ catches up with angry Haley and whispers the cops are after her … Ben concludes he is no good for Ciara so they should stop seeing each other. He touches her face as her eyes fill with tragic tears … Tripp stops Claire from heading to work and holds up the telltale lighter, growling this is what she was calling his gift? BUSTED!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, March 1, 2019