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Episode 13,537
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Stefan is watched from the bushes as he gets the morning mail. He greets Chloe, who is keen to beat him at chess. He is up for the challenge. Outside the lurker is watching watching … Victor agrees to the deal with Diana. Sonny watches them shaking hands until Brady comes along … John gasps to Marlena he’s got a good reason for defending Leo. Marlena and also Leo wait … Sarah is caught off guard as Rex implores her to accept his re-proposal. Eric is not smiling … Brady welcomes Sonny home and wonders why he was spying on Vic. Sonny is concerned since he and Diana looked like they just made a deal …Diana warns Vic to deliver … Marlena is flabbergasted that John would defend blackmailing Leo. John claims he was trying to keep the peace. Marlena and Leo exchange words. Will appears. John takes doc aside and warns it could escalate and cause trouble in the trial … Will tells Leo he is lucky. Leo calls John his silver knight in shining armor, thanks him and departs … Rex repeats he loves Sarah but she replies with a no. Eric remains silent … Back at DiMera mansion Stefan praises Chloe’s chess improvement. All of a sudden something is heard breaking. Stefan gets his gun. Chloe waits with worry. He grabs Gabi and hauls her in, raging she will have to repay him for the broken vase. She is here for biz but he reminds her he fired her. Chloe excuses herself. Stefan wants to toss Gabi out. She hisses to answer his ringing phone instead …

John assures Will he was not sticking up for Leo but Will questions his loyalty. Marlena touches her hair. Will thanks her for being on his side. Then he leaves … Rex looks like he has been slapped a thousand times. Whyyyyyy? Eric discreetly departs. Sarah and Rex go to another room. She can only say things are complicated. Rex asks for one reason. She admits it is Eric. She stammers he is still mourning Nicole and he is Rex’s brother. They should not rub their romance in his face! Rex suspects she is not telling him the truth … Eric hugs Will at the pub, pleased he and Sonny got out. Will laments lawyer Justin is not letting them see each other since it would set off Leo. He was glad he hit him today. Eric warns him not to make things worse. Will thinks Marlena might have made things worse for herself … John reminds mad Marlena that Sonny and Will were wrong to roll Leo in the rug. He asks her to avoid conflict cos he just got her back. She noticed he was overly civil with the enemy. There is something she must be missing … Vic and Diana disagree about the past and agree to stick to the present. She has a plan … Sonny warns Brady that Diana is a shark but Brady already warned Vic he had to play straight or else he was out. They should just ask him. Diana departs, having given Victor his instructions. The Greek gets Marlena on the phone and asks to see her stat. It concerns Will and Sonny. She is on her way … Brady and Sonny come in and tell the tycoon they need to talk. Meanwhile before Marlena leaves, John explains Diana said something to him about Leo’s father. He lowers his voice …

Rex suspects Sarah confided in Eric about not trusting him. He spoke with papa Roman at the pub just today about proving his love to her. He could not bear to lose her again and promises to be true. She has his heart so will she have him as her hubby … Will updates Eric on John’s bizarre behavior. Eric thinks he was trying to diffuse tension. He can relate and refers to Rex and Sarah. Brother Rex proposed again but Sarah seemed uncertain. He feels for his bro. Will notes Sarah must know he was not the right one … Stefan is annoyed when he takes the call from Shin, who felt his firing of Gabi was personal, hence its reversal. He ends the call and rages at Gabi for going behind his back. He calls her a crazy scheming beech. The hothead diva tries to hit him so he grabs her wrist. She hisses she does not fear him. He leers she should. Chloe watches from the shadows with worry … Sarah appreciates Rex’s grand gesture but she needs time. He gets it and will be waiting. He kisses her in his cluelessness and excuses himself. Sarah is stressed … Diana sips champagne as hurricane Leo storms in, demanding she explain why she went to see Victor Kiriakis. She blows him off so he grabs her arm and growls to spill or else. Diana eyes him …

At the Kiriakis mansion Brady and Sonny politely confront Victor about a mysterious deal he made with Diana. He quips it is not their concern. All he will say is he agreed to make it worth her while if she made Leo withdraw. Sonny wonders what exactly he offered … John informs Marlena that Leo’s stepdad was abusive. She had no idea and calls him a better person than her for being so compassionate. Then she kisses him and goes … Will suspects Sarah wants to move on. Rex arrives. Eric assures Will things will work out for him and Sonny. Exit Will. Eric is surprised to hear from Rex’s lips that Sarah’s reason for saying no was him … Chloe interrupts the tense moment. Gabi sweetly smiles she and Stefan are good again and warns him she will copy in Shin on every communication they have a la #metoo. She hopes Chloe realizes what she is getting into and goes. Stefan grumbles the girl provoked him. Chloe points out that battle is between him and Gabi … Victor assures the guys he is doing what he must for the family. Marlena arrives, having been summoned. Sonny and Brady are sent from the room …

Sonny fumes no full disclosure. Brady believes Vic is Vic and he is behind them. He agrees handling the Leo issue as a family is best. Sonny thanks him for his support. Brady heads out to handle another mysterious matter … Marlena primly sits and asks solemn Victor if this is about Sonny and Will. Yes and it is also about John and Diana Colville … Diana sternly suggests Leo step back and mind his manners. He fears she joined forces with Victor his enemy who could make him vanish. She better not mess up his plans … She waves her finger and warns no threats! She knows he killed his father. Furthermore she has proof. She orders him out and sips her champagne. Leo storms out … Rex reasons Sarah is trying to be sensitive to Eric. Eric is sorry. Rex remains determined to marry her. Eric suggests he give her space. No way … Gabi meets Brady at the square for a second and excitedly updates him on his plan working. He wants to team up. They shall see … Stressed Stefan complains about Gabi. Chloe sits him down and massages his temples. He liiiikes it … The lurker watches through the French doors … Sarah has Eric on her mind … Eric believes Rex should back off Sarah a bit. Rex agrees and adds Eric can convince her to say yes … John comes to see Diana and declares he has decided to tell Leo he is his father. It might make him back off Will and Sonny. Diana warns him it would backfire … Sonny calls Will to tell him that Vic just cut a deal with Diana to get Leo out of their lives. Will wonders. Sonny whispers it might have something to do with Marlena … Victor wants to share a dramatic secret with Marlena. When Diana left Salem she was pregnant with John’s child. She stammers it is not so. He is sorry to say John is Leo’s father. That’s a fact … or is it?!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, February 28, 2019