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Episode 13,536
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Marlena is on the phone with unheard unseen Sami, attempting to calm her down. EJ needs her as his specialist is flying in. She vows to ensure wicked Leo does not wreck Will’s life … Towel clad Leo comes downstairs where suitcases have been packed and wonders who is moving in. Victor grumbles he is making him move out … Diana is most miffed by the newspaper she sold Jack writing that Leo, who has accused Sonny of attempted murder, was once a hooker. John drops by and she gushes her thanks he has not yet told Marlena that Leo is his son. John is peeved Leo is pressing charges against Will and Sonny. Diana refers to his scars. John suggests they help him by giving him a fresh start. Diana refuses to give him any details. John implores her to tell him what she has … Before the bail hearing legal eagle Justin blasts Sonny and Will for speaking to Eli when he was not present. The fact that they disposed of Leo’s body looks like they were guilty as soap sin. Will and Sonny are stunned to hear interim D.A. Ted will preside. Will exclaims he knows they are innocent. Justin warns Ted is also aware that if Leo goes down, he goes down with him. This case could be a loser … Sarah dreams of Eric entering her room and kissing her. No more fighting feelings. She now wakes up to Rex, who wishes her a good morning. He wants to buy her breakfast unless … She lowers her head when he tries to kiss her …

Eric visits Marlena at her office and sighs Sarah spent the night in Rex’s room. Marlena wonders what he is going to do. He cannot kick his brother out but this is hard … Diana is sorry she mislead John, who sighs Leo at least had a stepfather. She blurts out he was abusive. John is sympathetic. Diana is in Salem not only to repair her relationship, but also to see John. He eyes her with suspicion … Back at the station Will and Sonny are grateful Justin got them out on bail. They share a celebratory kiss. Justin comes back with bad news … Victor reads his paper and growls at Leo, who counters he will fight Jackson. Vic looks up from his paper … John reminds Diana she left him with no warning or any word after. She sighs Leo’s life would have been so much better with him in it. She claims she was a coward after she heard Marlena was alive. John grins doc is his only woman but he still has a space in his life for Leo. Diana fears more drama would make Leo explode. John hates not telling Marlena so she begs for a little more time and promises to appeal to Leo to drop the charges and free Sonny from his bonds of bad matrimony. He thanks her. She clutches him in a hug. Anything …

Eric wants to be loyal to his brother. Marlena argues it did not work with Brady cos he did end up with Nicole. The former father does not want to sin again by coveting his brother’s fiancée. She asks what he would advise someone in his situation … Sarah stammers she had a nightmare. Rex wants to kiss her but she would rather confess about calling Marcy for the fling she imagined they had. Rex is amused. She knows not when her suspicions will fade. Rex assures her she is the one that he wants and they kiss … Marlena warns Eric he will not be able to keep his secret from Rex forever, then gets the good news that Will made bail. Eric too has heard from mad mama bear Sami. Marlena promised her she would not let Leo hurt Will … Leo smugly reminds Victor that he supported his marriage to Sonny. What would the board say … Victor notes he does not know with whom he is dealing! Leo warns not to underestimate him. Diana sweeps in and declares her too. Victor tells them both to get out but Diana sweetly demands a moment alone …

Justin returns, raging at Sonny and Will for getting Gabi to tie up Leo. No more secret rendezvous since Sonny is still legally wed to Leo. That means for now they have to hug and say goodbye … Sonny later walks outside with Justin and suggests they expose terrible Ted. Justin replies there could be risks so he would rather not. Sonny cannot lose another second with Will. They might have to go on the run … Justin exclaims he just got him out on bail but Sonny cannot live without Will … At the square Leo confronts Will for his secret rendezvous with Sonny. Will taunts Sonny cannot stand him … Roman and John discuss loose cannon Leo at the pub. John hates having to keep his paternity secret from Marlena. Roman reasons as they know, sometimes relationships do not survive secrets. Meanwhile Marlena comes between Leo and Will at the square when they almost come to blows … Roman and John continue their candid conversation. John believes Diana will help get Leo to drop his revenge. She seems to know some secret about him. The kid also had an abusive stepdad. John starts to blame himself. Roman points out he built a great relationship with Paul and could do the same for Leo. John hopes to speak to doc about it soon. He wonders why she has not arrived yet … Leo accuses Will of sleeping with Sonny and accuses them both of attempting to off him. Marlena gets he had a hard life and it is hard to deal with Diana but he should behave better. He snaps she sounds like his stepfather and sarcastically states she and Will should spend time together while they can - cos when Will is locked up their moments will be limited. Will hauls off and hits him. Marlena gasps as Leo goes down. Will grins …

Diana coos Victor is still the same. He growls she got older and suspects she sent Leo to exact revenge. She does not deny it. He quips to call him off and go away. Only when she gets what she really wants … John heads to doc’s office to find her … Rex enters the pub. Roman is glad to hear he went to see Kate. Rex wants to prove to Sarah his love is true and asks for something … Eric approaches Sarah at the hospital and asks if she can talk. Sure. Sarah starts to babble about her bad behavior on Valentine's, including her screaming. Eric gushes they got to be honest with each other … Leo threatens to do Will in once and for all and prepares to hit him. Marlena tries to stop him. John appears and pulls them apart, wanting no physical contact to occur. Marlena glares daggers at Leo … Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Victor notes there is nothing left to give cos Leo bled them dry with his demands. Diana updates him on John trying to get her to turn on her son. She whispers she would make the Leo mess all go away if Vic helped her win back John … Eric and Sarah are standing close together. He starts to stammer about feelings until Rex arrives with donuts, balloons, and flowers. He gets down on a knee and asks her to marry him, holding up the ring … Victor claims he cannot convince John of what Diana wants cos the man loves Marlena. Diana tells him to be Sonny’s hero to spare him and Will from years in prison. The Greek calls her cutthroat. She declares she is different but her love for John is the same. He agrees they have a deal and they shake hands as Sonny suspiciously watches from the doorway … Marlena sides with Will but John notes they would even not be here if Will had not rolled Leo up in that rug. Leo seems surprised. Marlena wonders why in the world he is defending him. Hawkish John raises an eyebrow ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, February 27, 2019