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Episode 13,535
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion Chloe comes in as Stefan picks up his chess pieces … Brady almost texts Chloe, then changes his mind and turns on the televised debate … Jack demands Trask answer his question. She confirms her strong stand on illegals. He lets the crowd know her sister is illegal in Salem. She denies it. Jack announces Haley her sister lives with his son, who told him everything … Haley is horrified that JJ betrayed her trust. He apologizes, having believed Jack would not betray his trust … Trask calls it a cowardly attack. Eve stands up and starts to argue. Trask gets mad at moderator Jen who asks for the closing statements from the candidates … At the Kiriakis mansion Gabi thanks Brady for kissing Ari goodnight especially since Sonny and Will have temporarily lost their liberty. Brady wants things to get better for Titan and the two guys. She tells him about Stefan firing her. He calls him a creep and laments Chloe now trusts him and his goons... Chloe sits at the chess set with Stefan and he complains about the queen. She asks about the broken pieces that seem to reflect his broken heart. He goes silent so she gets them both a refill and brings up his family. His hopes of a family fell apart. His mother was offed, he thought he had a child but did not, and lost Chad his brother. Then there is the matter of Gabby, the alter he loved. Chloe reasons that was an obsession, which is never easy to overcome …

The debate concludes as Jen politely thanks Mayor Abe, the unspoken winner. Trask keeps her closing brief and denies the girl being her sister to the pesky press. Abe is appalled. Sheila suggests they go celebrate. He feels it is too soon until a reporter comes running. Then he departs with his usual dignity … Jen tells the press no comment and then hauls Jack aside, blasting him for what he just did to JJ … JJ tries to explain but Haley now believes the worst of him … Gabi and Brady chat. She deduces Chloe will discover the kind of man Stefan really is. Brady offered her the Kiriakis mansion and planned to make Victor come around but Chloe said no. Go-getter Gabi suggests he change her mind … Stefan wonders what Chloe knows about obsession. She is no stranger to the spell. He can still find love again – real love. He sighs about the empty house so she teases the kids are making noise. He takes comfort in hearing them. She gets a text and worries what it says. Stefan takes a look … At the pub Sheila toasts to Abe’s surefire win. He does not approve of the circus … Jen gets upset with Jack. Eve stands by him and claims he was just a concerned citizen. Jen asks if it was all a lie. Jack suggests she investigate cos a witness overheard Trask talking to sister Haley. Jen realizes it was ambitious Eve, who suggests she thank her …

Haley rages at JJ for setting her up and making moves. JJ explains when she stormed off that time,Jack came by and urged him to confide in him so he did. He assumed he had sworn him to secrecy. He feels betrayed and hates that Jack hurt her. However, he never said Melinda Trask was her sister. Jack just found out. She blasts him for his big mouth and panics about the press when someone knocks at the door. JJ opens it. There stands Melinda Trask. If looks could kill … She demands to see her sister alone! JJ marches off to confront Jack … Trask rages Haley said JJ was trustworthy … Abe is not the kind of man who wants a foe to be taken down publicly. He praises Sheila for standing up for him … Stefan reads Chloe’s text from Brady, who asks how it is living with Stefan the sleaze. Chloe laughs, takes her phone and texts him back they are all doing well. Stefan now offers to teach her some chess moves. They might be a match … Brady sulks about losing his “friend.” Gabi notes Stefan is as dangerous as El Fideo’s men. Brady feels he was unfair to fire Gabi. He has always admired her Gabi Chic brand. She boldly suggests he hire her. Then they will be able to bring Stefan down together …

Haley now realizes her sister was right. She was wrong to trust JJ and is sorry but Trask also lied she had no sister. Trask tells her to go underground and tell no one. Haley points out there is a paper trail but Trask refuses to let this ruin her life … JJ storms over to the square and hauls Jack aside for a conversation. Jen accuses Eve of using Jack for her own ambitions. She took advantage of JJ in the past and is now exploiting papa Jack’s memory loss. When will she leave her family alone … At the park JJ tells off Jack, who claims he wanted to help. JJ points out he went public and was really only thinking of himself. He then snaps he only wants to be mayor and insults Eve. The real Jack would have been above this. Jack takes it all in …

Brady reasons Stefan and DiMera still own Gabi’s brand. She tells him of his threat to dismantle it. Brady asks whether he ran it by the board. Gabi knows not. He suggests she call Shin and fight for her brand is a goldmine. The board could make Stefan hire her back. Gabi is intrigued … Chloe smiles as Stefan helps her play chess. He wins but believes she did well. They agree to play again tomorrow. All of a sudden they hear a loud noise … Sheila appreciates that Abe did not let her quit. He grins she makes work fun as they remember and share a toast. Sheila admits this is the first job that makes her proud. Abe appreciates having her on his side … Jack admits he is not the father JJ used to have. He deduces they might be better off without each other since he messed up. JJ angrily agrees and takes off … Haley is hurt that all Melinda wants is to be mayor and cares not about her danger of deportation. Trask tells her she only has herself to blame for trusting the wrong people. From now on she is on her own … Gabi wonders what is in it for Brady if she returns to work for his rival. He suggests they team up and make things happen, like damage to DiMera. If she is interested … Stefan opens the front door. No one is there. Chloe is still spooked. He assures her that they are safe here. She thanks him and heads upstairs to bed. But outside someone lurks … Sheila pats Abe’s hand and appreciates him. He thanks her, jumps up and goes to call Val. Sheila sighs … Jen asks Jack how JJ was. Upset but he thinks he will come around. Jen declares Jack and Eve deserve each other and departs … JJ comes home to packing Haley, who warns he will never know where she is again and leaves. JJ looks like he has been slapped a thousand times ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, February 26, 2019