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Episode 13,534
1450 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


JJ and Haley make out on the sofa. Knock knock! Tis mama Jen. So much for the mood … Woman in red Eve slyly suggests suited Jack expose Haley at the live debate. Then Trask is toast … Dapper Abe discusses his look with Sheila at the square. Val calls ... Hope approaches Ben at the station. He wishes he had been able to ask Jordan why. He senses Hope knows … At the hospital Ciara deduces Jordan also set the first fire. Claire flashes back to coming across sleeping Ciara at the cabin, picking up the lighter like a blonde possessed … Ben has heard from Hope that Jordan confessed to killing their mother intentionally. He cries. Hope points out the past that she started to remember after her accident came back to haunt her. He still feels she might have been right about him being a danger … Ciara demands Claire tell her who set the fire if not Jordan or Ben. Claire blurts out it was her. Tripp’s eyes widen … Val’s flight was cancelled due to a snowstorm so no debate. Abe laments Lani and Eli have to work so he feels unsupported. Sheila assures him she believes in him … Eve fixes her lipstick and informs Jack they will take down Trask and then Abe. Jack hesitates due to Haley’s predicament and the fact that he would be betraying JJ … JJ pulls his sweater back on and opens the door. Jen is sorry for the interruption but she wanted JJ to have some photos of the wedding. Haley admires Abigail’s happy ending. JJ wishes she had been able to know her better. Jen points at a picture that shows Jack with JJ. She feels good about their future, but not about her and Jack with Eve in the equation … Claire strangely states she tried to kill Ciara and suddenly stops, stunned by her outburst but is it real or only in her blonde head?

Jen excuses herself to the debate, hoping Abe will win against "monster" Melinda. Haley hangs her head … Eve assures Jack that JJ will meet another girl. Jack thinks he would never forgive him. He wants to at least forewarn him. Eve disagrees and promises if he is uneasy tonight they will drop the idea. Jack believes her and they depart together … Sheila advises Abe to attack Trask’s D.A. record. Abe appreciates it and teases they are a good team. Here comes Trask, who taunts after tonight Abe will stop smiling. Sheila scoffs … Ben confesses he was going to kill Jordan. Hope points out as per Ciara, he was protecting her. Ben states Ciara was already safe and he had the syringe … Hope argues he was fighting for Ciara’s life. She admits she was wrong about him and apologizes for everything she ever made him endure … Tripp questions how Claire could have known Ciara was at the cabin. She tracked her cell. He was not home when she found it. She went off to save Ciara but then saw an opening to get her out of her way permanently … Alone again, JJ apologizes for what Jen said about Melinda. Haley notes no one knows she is her sister and it is best for the mayoral candidate. She suggests they watch the debate on TV together … Sheila hands Abe info on Trask’s failures. Trask fumes. Reporter Jen arrives. Trask will ignore the moderator’s liberal bias and walks away. Abe does too. Jen is now unpleasantly surprised by Eve arriving with almost candidate Jack, insisting they intend to participate in tonight’s debate to discuss the issues as concerned citizens …

Claire keeps going with her fire starter story. She picked up Ben’s lighter and then all of a sudden she lit the entire cabin on fire and left. Ciara snaps she left her! Why? Claire lists all the things she thinks Ciara stole from her, including Theo and the Bella contest. Tripp is aghast. Ciara suspects she was also after Tripp. Claire reminds him he rejected her when they kissed and claimed he only wanted Ciara. Ciara laments she left her to die … As Haley and JJ tune in, the debate moderator begins by asking for silence as Eve mutters to Jack. She introduces the two candidates, both at podiums. Mayor Abe begins by wanting the best for Salem. Back at JJ’s place Haley is on her sister’s side, much to his dismay … Abe concludes Salemites need to peacefully co-exist. Melinda now starts her speech, accusing Abe of letting murderous criminals go free. She mentions Marlena being gunned down when she was D.A. They had an airtight case but because of Abe’s incompetence, the culprit deleted the footage. She blames Abe directly for deadly Xander remaining at large. Jen asks Abe to respond. He takes responsibility for the loss ... Sheila suddenly exclaims Xander duped her. She blames herself and decides to resign right here right now. The audience gasps …

Jen asks Abe to respond. He refuses to accept Sheila’s resignation. Trask snaps she is a felon. He states she served her time. Trask suggests she might have been helping Xander the fellow felon. Abe accuses her of running for all the wrong reasons. He believes in justice for all as do others. Matter of fact he has the endorsement of the Salem P.D. Jen takes notes. Eve and Jack exchange a look. Trask now accuses Abe of being cozy with Victor Kiriakis, the uncle of Greek thug Xander Cook and brings up the Mexican cartel men that came to Salem. They are under siege! Eve stands up and she will not be stopped. She demands the candidate reveal her position on immigration. Back at JJ’s place Haley holds her breath. JJ starts to sweat …

Hope is eternally grateful to Ben. She will ask the interim D.A. not to press any charges against him. Ben emotionally thanks her and looks stunned when she states he is free to go … Cold hearted Claire concludes it happened quick. There was smoke everywhere as she ran from the cabin but then she changed her mind and ran back. That was when she saw Ciara being held by Hope as Ben exclaimed he was innocent. She calmly adds Ciara seemed saved to she went home. Then when Julie called her about the fire she feigned surprise. Tripp starts to scream at her. Back to reality. Claire wakes up from her daydream as Tripp has his hand on her shoulder. He notes she was not listening. She wonders what they were just discussing. That Jordan must have been the first fire starter. Claire stammers in agreement and pretends she was worried about Ciara. Tripp tells her the danger is over and they head for the elevator together. Claire feels the future is bright … Hope joins Ciara, who gushes she is going home tomorrow. Hope notes she and Ben had a nice chat and they wonder where he went … Ben is sitting alone, haunted by his memory of Ciara being hurt, how he clashed with Jordan … Trask tries to blow off Eve. Jack stands up and demands both candidates answer the citizen’s question. Where do they stand on ILLEGAL immigration … Back at JJ’s place Haley numbly concludes JJ betrayed her confidence … Jack gets Trask to agree she considers immigration a local issue. She also agrees it is a threat to Salem and adds she would take a strong stance. Jack announces her own sister is illegal and living in Salem. The crowd gasps. Trask goes silent. So does JJ as Haley soap stares ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, February 25, 2019