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Episode 13,534
1450 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ciara updates phone Hope on Kayla telling her she can leave hospital tomorrow. Good news. Hope is also relieved Rafe got there when he did. Jordan is currently in custody. Ciara wants her mom to admit she was wrong about Ben. Hope will be seeing her soon, agrees to bring a burger and they end the call with I love yous. Ben walks into Ciara's room with flowers and suggests she go stay with her mom, not at the loft. She asks why and wonders if he is alright. Alas he is not … At the pub Jack warns JJ not to help illegals. JJ notes neither of them will say anything about Haley … Eve has overheard Haley referring to herself as Trask’s illegal sister. Melinda the mayoral candidate cannot seem un-American. But after she wins she will get Haley her papers … At the station Hope informs Rafe that Abe asked for a briefing before the big debate. He sighs at least they have Jordan and is unpleasantly surprised to see slick suited Ted. Ted came to speak to Hope though Rafe needs to hear what he has to say as well … Tripp wonders where Haley went cos he got her dessert. Here comes curious Claire … Jack wishes Haley would stay with someone else. JJ cannot believe his dad is now against the underdog. Jack questions Haley’s motives with his single employed American son. JJ gets sarcastic when Eve texts his father. Jack assures JJ he loves him. JJ loves him back and they share a guy hug. JJ decides they are good. Jack insists on taking care of the tab … Hope tells Ted that she and Rafe are busy. Ted boasts Abe has appointed him new interim D.A. Rafe scoffs Abe must have been desperate. Ted cockily claims they are on the same side and waits for the congrats, which do not seem to be coming from either party …

Rafe wonders why Abe selected a lawyer who does not respect the law. Ted notes he needed someone as tough as Trask. Down to business ... Hope has gotten permission for Rafe to speak to Jordan. Ted demands a signed confession. Rafe insults him and walks away … Ciara suspects Ben’s head injury must have been bad. He was checked out and sadly states he is fine. Well, not exactly. It is hard to swallow he almost killed his sister … Rafe meets with Jordan, who is handcuffed to a chair. She believes Ben still has to be stopped! She was trying to save Salemites. Rafe knows she injected Kate. Jordan acts innocent. Rafe updates her on Kate’s statement that she left her for dead. Jordan claims Kate is lying and speaks in circles. Rafe realizes this is not the Jordan he used to know. Rex repeated her admission that after a car crash a year ago things changed for her. She sighs so true. He asks her to tell him all about it … Eve meets Jack back at their room. He wonders what her big news is. As it turns out Haley has a significant sister in Salem ... JJ greets Haley at the apartment. He sighs about his sister leaving for Paris. He already misses her. Haley has sister Melinda Trask on her mind. JJ lets her know how much he likes having her here … Claire gets miffed when Tripp happily talks about Haley. He assures her he is with her. She takes the key lime pie off his hands and he smiles …

Ted asks Hope how she feels about their new working arrangement. She informs him she did indeed recommend him. Ted is pleased … Alas Jordan’s accident had her in hospital so she could not come back to Salem after she heard about Ben breaking out and crashing Abigail’s wedding. Then the bad memories of another accident started to return. Rafe is all ears … Ciara feels Ben is a hero who made a mistake but he considers himself the guy who was the necktie killer. He tells her he fears himself and so should she … Ted is pleasantly surprised Hope was so willing to work with him. She points out they are all pros, including Rafe … Jordan updates Rafe on remembering what really happened when her mama died in a car accident. Mama loved her garden and Jordan but when Clyde came he mowed the garden and put his mark on her. Then he was mean to little Ben. She weeps. Rafe tells her to continue. She was driving mama to the hospital … she put her foot on the gas to take care of them both and perish with them. But it did not work as planned. She did not save Ben that day and Clyde put his heavy mark on him … Ciara argues Ben was right to rage at Jordan. He wants to visit her. She warns the cops have her in custody. Ben intends to try. He hates leaving Ciara’s side. She assures him she understands … Claire wants to take Ciara some pie at the hospital. Tripp wants to come with and goes briefly back in the restaurant. Trask comes along and hands Claire some printouts to read and share. Claire smiles sweetly and dumps them on another table. Trask stomps off … Jack is stunned that Haley is actually opponent Trask’s sister. Eve gushes this is a great way to get Trask out of the race. Abe will take the fall for the thugs who came after Chloe and now with this Trask intel, Jack would surely win. Alas Jack will not break his promise to JJ … JJ makes himself a sandwich. He gets a little jealous when Haley tells him how Tripp gave her free food … Ciara thanks Claire for the pie as Tripp stands by. Claire apologizes for attempting to break up her and Ben. Ciara is caught off guard that Tripp and Claire got back together. Claire adds and Ciara is back with Ben. All’s well that ends well. Claire begs for forgiveness. Ciara smiles slightly … Rafe sighs Jordan should have gone to the authorities. She babbles about Ben being just like Clyde and gets all worked up. Rafe is at a loss. She wishes he would understand why she did what she had to. Rafe sits beside her and she sobs on his strong shoulder. Hope and Ted arrive and survey the scene, the sight of the southern beauty so close to Hope’s husband …

Haley thinks she and JJ should just stay friends. Things are complicated and she senses his dad dislikes her. JJ teases but HE likes her lots and now that Charlotte was found things are different. He sits beside her on the sofa and they smooch … Ciara decides she and Claire are alright so long as she does not mess with her life again. Claire acts touched. Tripp is relieved. He hopes Ciara is alright. She comes home tomorrow. Tripp adds he feels sorry for Ben given what his sister tried to do. Ciara credits him with saving her life. Tripp was so certain that he had set the first fire, then wonders whether that too was the doing of his dangerous sister … At the station, Ted lists all of Jordan’s admissions as well as Kate and Ciara’s statements. They have her on murder one! Rafe warns him Jordan is not fit for trial. Hope tells Ted that Marlena agrees with the assessment. Rafe wants Jordan to go to Bayview for the help she needs. Ted grudgingly agrees and sighs about all the insanity. Ben arrives …

Haley wants JJ to keep going cos he is so perfect … Eve states her case to Jack. She admits she wishes she had better protected Paige as a parent. She also reminds him what JJ tried to do a year ago and warns him not to let this blow up in his face. Jack now agrees, anxious about the toll Haley’s story could take on his boy … Ben asks if it is certain no charges will be pressed against Jordan. Ted confirms it. Brother Ben hopes Bayview will help her as they did him. Jordan now emerges accompanied by Rafe. Ben is sorry for last night as he did not want to hurt her. She calmly replies he cannot help it as that is who he is. She gives him one last look as she is led away. Ben looks like he has been slapped a thousand times … Ciara agrees it must have been Jordan who set the first fire. Claire flashes back to coming into the cabin where Ciara was asleep in bed, lighting the lighter like a woman possessed. Back to the present. She strangely stares at unsuspecting Ciara ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, February 22, 2019