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Episode 13,533
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Here come the pantsuit bride plus Doug and Thomas with a rose … Outside the pub Eve gets a text from Jack and curses. She then spies Haley and approaches, remembering Jack mentioning JJ’s friend with the immigration issue … At the club Trask talks to sultry Chloe about her safety. Chloe explains Stefan has that covered now … Stefan plays chess alone. Gabi bursts in enraged that Chad resigned. Stefan smugly confirms he is now the only CEO … Abigail thanks her son for the flower. Chad hugs him. Doug sneaks a kiss from Julie and takes the little man to his seat. JJ strums his guitar as the bride and groom greet each other. Julie gushes they are gathered here today for their next exciting chapter. The bride and groom have stars in their eyes … Trask blames the Salem P.D. for not doing enough and tries without luck to get Chloe’s vote. She gets snarky after the songbird states Abe has her vote … Stefan drinks and informs Gabi that he is not even aware of Chad and Abigail’s couple status. They might have reconciled. Gabi’s face falls … No one interrupts the happy wedding … until Jack stands up with an announcement. Jen whispers Jack … He thanks the fair Abigail for including him and praises her courage. Abigail is touched. Jen too … Julie continues and informs Jack his sentiment is shared by all in attendance … Eve introduces herself to Haley, who is less than friendly. She accuses her of using Jack against JJ and family. Eve stalks away in a snit … Gabi gathers Stefan now has complete control and proceeds to panic. She is unable to get him to sign off on Gabi Chic. In fact, he fires her on the spot instead …

Abigail and Chad exchange heartfelt vows remembering when they first fell in love. Kate, JJ, Jen et al listen with wonder. Abigail can face anything with the love of her life for all the days of her life. Chad admires her beauty. He praises her for never doubting him and fighting for them and their family. He promises to cherish and protect her forever. Theirs is a once in a lifetime love. Jen gazes at Jack … Eve slinks into the club as Trask takes her leave. She is relieved her old friend Chloe is alright and is surprised to hear Stefan saved her. She warns the bad guys could come back. Chloe updates her on now living under the DiMera roof … Stefan taunts no one wants Gabi Chic anymore. Andre and Kate had the right idea to drop her and sell her brand piece by piece. She wants to fight but Stefan orders her out of his house … Julie hands Chad the ring for Abigail, the eternal symbol. He slips it on her finger. Abigail smiles and does the same for her handsome groom. The bride may now kiss her husband. Applause and a romantic kiss. Chad thanks them all for coming and for being family. Abigail quotes what Jack’s book included about family. For a split second Jack seems to remember. The guests all stand and applaud as the bride and groom prepare for their new life …

At the square, server Tripp is happy to see Haley. She admires the burger and fries he is carrying. He hands it to her since the guy complained it was done wrong and sets her at a table. Haley is all smiles and updates him on her happy ending thanks to the world’s most trustworthy friend … Continental Kate bids au revoir to the last decent DiMera aka Chad. Abigail hugs little brother JJ and asks him to look after the folks. Jack thinks they are fine. Abigail believes they do best as a team. Jen holds Charlotte. Jack as the father of the bride tells Chad to take care of his daughter. JJ teases he might miss him and the two guys hug. Jack now thanks Jen for inviting him. She lets him know it was Abigail’s idea. The guests slowly leave. Chad has one last thing to do before departure. Abigail will come with … Julie and Doug wonder how it felt for Jen to have Jack here. Jen hopes she will be able to help him get his memories back. If only Eve was not an obstacle … Chloe informs Eve that Stefan has been stellar. Eve blasts Brady for not being there. Chloe explains Brady was a good friend. Eve turns back to her wine and hopes she is not making a mistake. That is what Chloe now calls Eve’s relationship with Jack – a mistake. Eve claims to love him. Chloe notes his family love him and he might suddenly get his memory back, realizing he really loves Jen. Eve argues she is the one who gets him. Chloe mentions him being at the wedding with Jen. Eve accepts that and adds with her help Jack would have run for mayor. Alas Trask decided to run. Chloe thinks he still could. Eve would need something to bring her third party candidate into the forefront. So far she has nothing. Meanwhile Trask soap stares when she spots sister Haley having a cozy conversation at the square café with Tripp …

Abigail and Chad arrive at DiMera mansion as raging Gabi complains Stefan fired her and is destroying her company. She wants Chad to help. He is heading to Paris. Stefan asks if they got married. They did and they are fleeing the Salem scene with the kids. Gabi rages Charlotte is better off than with evil Stefan and storms out. Stefan cordially congratulates the couple. Chad just came to get some of his things. Abigail waits in the foyer with Stefan, who is relieved Charlotte is alright. He also wants her to know … Jack enjoys a pint at the pub with JJ. He liked making new memories with his kids. They drink to that. Jack was touched JJ trusted him with his Haley secret though he has concerns. JJ suspects he was about to confront her about being illegal earlier. Jack does not deny it … When server Tripp steps away to get Haley dessert, Melinda Trask makes her move. She grabs her sister and orders her to follow. Eve has happened along and follows them both … Stefan is sorry he took advantage of Abigail. He did love the part of her that was Gabby and she briefly loved him. Abigail is aware of it … Chad stands at Stefano’s portrait and promises to be back someday. After all, he is a DiMera. Then he returns and wishes Stefan luck. Stefan thanks him and they shake hands. Then the happy couple walk out of his life. Stefan looks at the man in the mirror …

JJ urges Jack not to spill Haley’s secret… At the park Trask and Haley argue. Trask tells her off for moving in with JJ and acting cozy with Tripp. Haley assures her JJ swore to keep the secret. Eve overhears. Trask hopes JJ will be discreet. It is terrible enough he knows they are sisters … Kate is at the square café waiting to be served when raging Gabi comes along complaining about Stefan. Kate airily assumes she will be out for Stefan’s blood … Stefan picks up the queen of the night piece and then sends his chess set flying. Chloe appears asking about his bad day … The car is waiting so Abigail, Chad and the kids have a hasty goodbye. Jen is in tears. Abigail hugs her and urges her to fight for Jack. Chad looks emotional as he carries excited Thomas. Doug and Julie toss petals on the newlyweds as they leave their lives in Salem, destination Paris ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, February 21, 2019