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Episode 13,532
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the station Diana and Marlena’s almost conversation is cut short by Leo … At the house Jen gushes to glam Julie that Abigail and Chad got back together. Julie notes Jen is next … JJ has summoned Jack, who is happy about Charlotte. This is about Haley, however … Haley urges petulant patient Kate to eat. She admits she too overdosed. Kate quips a crazy woman injected her with a sedative soooo … Abigail and Chad are officially engaged. He has proposed in his black underwear so how could she say anything but yes! They kiss again, looking forward to their new life in Paris. So much planning to do but Chad gets frisky … Jen has given up on her and Jack though she still loves this man who sees her as a stranger. Julie believes he loves and remembers her in his heart. Jen complains about Eve. Julie urges her to fight. Battle weary Jen has little faith but Julie knows better … JJ recalls his last discussion with Jack. Jack feels badly about upsetting Abigail. JJ praises him for helping him with Haley. He gives his down dad a pep talk about how much he means and asks him to keep Haley’s secret. Jack is sorry but … Leo is suspicious the two women stopped talking when they saw him. Diana notes he is all worked up. He feels he is bringing two felons to justice. Silent Sonny and Will are now escorted into the station … Kate keeps glancing at In Style and decides she wants a different nurse dealing with her medication. Haley humors her and leaves as Chad arrives. Kate recounts the whole sordid Jordan story. Rafe found her in her room and saved her. Chad hopes she is alright. She is and is happy to hear Charlotte is well and Abigail forgave him. Chad now feels he needs to forgive her … Julie hugs Abigail, delighted by her reunion. Abigail announces to Jen and Julie she bears more news but some of it is bad …

Jack reasons he worries Haley might be using JJ to get a green card. JJ scoffs he hardly knows her. Jack warns he could go to jail for harboring an illegal. Pop wants to protect him. JJ is astounded and asks where this is coming from. Haley comes home and asks what she interrupted … Marlena wants an explanation from Eli, who confirms he had to bring in Will and Sonny for questioning. Leo has accused them of a serious crime. He can say no more. Marlena warns Leo he will not get away with it and gives him a look to kill. He stands by Diana and smugly states it was Will and Sonny who got away with something. Now they must pay the price. Diana stays silent … JJ stammers Jack stopped by and introduces Haley again. Jack ominously refers to them living together. She replies her friend is just letting her crash. But then she remembers their kiss. Jack claims he has concerns about his son getting hurt. Haley wonders what he means … Kate’s heart is warmed to hear Chad’s forgiveness. She offers to appeal to Shin and the board. They will win against Stefan! Chad is relaxed and over it. He and Abigail also have news … Jen is stunned Abigail and Chad are moving across the Atlantic but Abigail is putting Chad and her own family first. Julie is all for it and reminds Jen of her and Jack having their own fresh start overseas once upon a time. Jen blinks but already feels alone upon hearing they have to leave tonight. She hugs her and cries, realizing Julie is right …

Eli interrogates Will and Sonny together. They come clean about believing Leo was not alive after the accident. Eli warns Leo has documentation. Sonny adds he was blackmailing him. All they have is their word at this point. Eli is sorry but for the Salem P.D. it is not sufficient … Abigail asks to have a small family wedding at the house today. Jen and Julie looooove it. Julie will decorate the house while Jen goes to tell JJ. Julie gushes she will get flowers. Abigail also asks Jen to invite Jack. Jen agrees with the idea … Chad invites Kate, whom he still considers family, to come to his wedding. She gets emotional and will be there as she is being released today. The darkness of her life is seeing some light. They hug … Jack wants to set the record straight but Jen arrives and interrupts for a word with Jack and JJ. Haley excuses herself. Jen updates them on Abigail and Chad marrying today ad wanting them both in attendance. Jack is surprised that Abigail wants him there and so does Jen … Eli alludes to believing Will and Sonny but it does not look good. He steps out to speak to Madam Commissioner Hope … Sonny blames himself for getting Gabi to tie up Leo. That was why he hit back. Will believes their Valentines together was worth it … Marlena warns Leo that the truth will come out as it always does in Salem. Diana looks ready to faint …

Chad has heard from Henderson that Will and Sonny were taken to the station and goes to see them. They complain about Leo and his damning pictures. Chad wants to help but Will and Sonny can fight this together. Chad is happy they are together and updates them on himself and the fair Abigail … Julie has three outfits Abigail can choose from. The club canopies and champagne are on their way as well as the fancy floral arrangements. Abigail is impressed. Julie nervously notes there is no aisle and choreographs. Abigail asks her to do the honor of performing the ceremony … Jen and JJ insist Jack join them at the wedding. Jen and Jack go ahead. Haley emerges and asks what Jack was worried about. JJ confesses he told him ... Haley is horrified his dad now knows she is undocumented … Marlena glares at Leo and hisses he will regret hurting her loves ones! Eerie music plays. Leo leaves. Marlena stops Diana from following …

JJ fibs father Jack only knows they kissed and is a protective papa. Haley breathes a sigh of relief … Julie is moved. Abigail reasons she got ordained for Rafe and Hope’s wedding which did not turn out as planned. And so it came to pass that Julie, the champion of Chad and Abigail, agreed to preside … Chad wants to do something for Sonny and Will. Will tells him to make Abigail happy. Sonny smiles second chances are precious. Will believes they will overcome. Sonny will call papa Justin for legal help. They are attending the wedding in spirit. Chad emotionally hugs them for the last time. He loves them both and tells them to take care of each other. Always … Marlena is miffed. Diana claims to be concerned about her son being upset and walks off. Marlena senses a secret between mother and son … Julie is elated when Jack comes to the house with Jen. He is sorry he cannot remember her but politely thanks her for having him. Jen praises all the work she has done. Beautiful flowers adorn the happy house. Julie gushes Jack is going to feel part of this wonderful family. Jen sweetly smiles … Eli hates having to book Sonny and Will for attempted murder … Jen is sitting on a sofa holding baby Charlotte, Jack at her side. Kate settles in an armchair. Chad gives Julie a kiss on the cheek. Abigail glides down in a white outfit as JJ watches from his chair. She stops and smiles at Chad, looking at her hero through the eyes of love ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, February 20, 2019