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Episode 13,531
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Abigail wakes up with a gasp, Chad At her side. She dreamt Jordan came back for the baby. He reminds her the cops caught Jordan and the kids are here. He assures her she is safe and romantically holds her close … Smiling Will wakes up to smiling Sonny who was watching him sleep. Will gushes Sonny is beautiful and they are beautiful together. They kiss in bliss as sunlight streams in … Leo wakes up tied to his bed with a Gabi chic cushion covering … Woman in black Gabi files her nails. He orders her to untie him as one beech to another. She cackles … Marlena enjoys her hearty post Valentines breakfast at the square café and notices John has not touched his food. He flashes back to Diana claiming he was Leo’s dad. He sighs to doc they need to discuss … She wonders why he seems troubled and then gets a text. The cops need an evaluation. He wishes sweetheart luck and concludes they can talk later. Then he kisses her and she heads off … Ponytail Gabi taunts Leo, who praises her plan but asks why? She states Sonny and Will are her daughter's doting dads and he tried to hurt them. Leo claims they tried to kill him in cold blood … At the station Eli feels down about Ben getting away. Lani tries to make him feel better but there is more unpleasantness she has to share … Chad comforts Abigail and admits he was admiring her while she was sleeping. They are happy as clams to be back as a family. Nothing will stop them now. She sweetly kisses him …

Lani hands Eli an old 45 by the Minabirds with rockin Rick James on vocals. He laughs and loves it! She teases he did not get her a Valentines gift … Diana catches John standing up at his table and smiles how was his romantic evening with Marlena? He admits he did not reveal they have a son. She is relieved until he drawls he is gonna tell doc. She urges him not to … Leo plays the victim card. Gabi tells honey he is no innocent just as she is no Mother Theresa. She knows he blackmailed Sonny into a loveless marriage. Leo pouts … Will had forgotten how alive Sonny made him feel and they exchange I love yous … Abigail is back from patting fussing Charlotte. Mama Jen took Thomas for storytelling so they have the house to themselves. Chad gets a text that makes him grimace. As it turns out Stefan informed the board he was unable to make deals without Chad signing and it has cost the company millions. Abigail urges him to explain to the board before Stefan gets complete control. He isn't interested … Eli explains he did have something up his sleeve. Lani lets him off the hook given what happened. He hands her two tickets to the Chicago symphony for him and his girl. They tenderly kiss … Sonny gushes he can remember every time he and Will kissed and then some. Will is touched. Sonny marvels it feels like the first time every time they are together. Will worries this might be the last such moment. Sonny’s face falls …

Leo argues his case to Gabi, who reminds him of his fake harassment suit. Leo announces he has photos that implicate Will and Sonny. He could have them locked up! Gabi gets going and will not say when or if she will let him go … Diana warns John that Leo could go crazy angry about being deceived and might act up. She stops short of stating he murdered the man he already believed to be his father. John wonders what she really means … Will and Sonny are back to their unhappy reality when Gabi calls with a Leo update. She did not believe his story that Sonny and Will tried to kill him. Sonny updates her on the accident and the fact that they hid the body they believed was dead. Gabi warns Leo would use the pictures and wonders how far the double dads would go to stop him … Diana notes Leo has always had daddy issues. He could take this out on her and also Sonny and Will. John peers at her. She whispers it is in all their best interest if he forgets the matter. No can do. He tells doc today … Eli informs Marlena of Jordan's psychotic break. He is going by the book and the sooner Marlena can confirm she is fit to be questioned the sooner they can lock her up … Chad wants to end his association with Stefan and DiMera here. He has not forgotten his brother wreaked havoc and would rather not waste more time on the futile fight. He only wants Abigail and their beautiful children. A new start for them all. Wide eyed Abigail wonders what he means. He whispers what if they left Salem. Abigail is astounded. He talks running DiMera in Hong Kong. She has bad memories … He points out they could go to Paris instead. He would understand if she said no since she has so much family in Salem including newly returned papa Jack …

At the pub John sighs to Roman that Diana urged him not to tell Marlena about Leo. The truth might not be the best idea … Marlena is miffed to see Diana at the station. She came to say sorry for not telling the whole truth about her history with John. Marlena retorts she already knows what she has been hiding … Sonny marvels this was the best ever Valentine’s Day. Will wonders whether Leo is less of a threat than they think. Leo loves the high life but he would lose it if he turned them in. How about they pay him off? Sonny suspects he would come back for more and decides to do something to get rid of him. Will is in. Sonny warns it might get messy … Leo struggles with his ropes and curses Gabi. She comes back and he calls her pillow ugly. She raises her scissors. He screams nooooooooo but all she snaps off are the ropes on his wrist. For now. Leo breathes a sigh of relief. Gabi goes downstairs. Will and Sonny have returned. She laughs to go get Leo. They have a plan …

John drawls to Roman that Diana complained Leo had dad issues so he could act up. Roman notes he might want a relationship with him. John sighs Diana said otherwise. Roman questions whether he can trust her. John stares darkly … Marlena heard all about Diana and John’s relationship from her honest hubby. Diana is sorry she did not say when she ran into her. Marlena knows she sought her out. Diana admits it. John had told her all about the woman he would never stop loving so she was merely curious about Marlena. But she wants her to know … Abigail loves Chad’s sound of the new start so yes! They kiss and he checks with Shin, who wants him in Paris by morning. Abigail wants to join him. He asks her to marry him again first … John believed Diana was a good woman. Roman points out she might be trying to cause trouble … Marlena is surprised when Diana mentions Leo being the something she wanted to tell her about … Dressed Leo sarcastically greets Sonny and Will downstairs. Sonny declares they are done. Leo smugly lets in cops Eli and Lani. He accuses Will and Sonny of attempted murder and hands over the envelope of evidence ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, February 19, 2019