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Episode 13,530
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kate wants Rex to stop fussing and suggests he go home to Sarah and their special meal. She calls him clueless when he explains he asked Eric to dine with her instead … Eric has heard all about the attempt on Kate’s life. Rex remained for the tests and told Sarah to have the Valentines dinner with Eric, who soap stares … Abigail sits on the sofa with Chad and praises him as her hero, her rock. He knows she is tough. She gets emotional about him getting back Charlotte. She has missed the team they once were. He feels the same way. She regrets ever believing the baby was Stefan’s but Chad will hear nothing against her. Abigail weeps she wants their family together again. Chad hangs his head and admits he assumed it was too late. She whispers her love never died and they exchange I love yous and a kiss. Jen comes in and they stand up. She then spies Charlotte and takes the pink bundle in her arms. Abigail credits Chad … At the hospital Hope blasts Ted for the kiss. Rafe arrives and a happy reunion ensues. He wonders what had her looking upset … Ciara cannot believe Jordan crashed a tray on kissing Ben’s head and insists he meant her no harm. Jordan thinks he is still a threat she should take care of and whips out her syringe with evil intent … Hope updates Rafe on Jordan abducting Ciara. He admits he already heard it from Eli. Ted smirks as Hope wonders what took him so long to come to her … Jen thanks Chad and hopes the cops caught Jordan. Chad does too cos she has snapped … Ciara argues there is no reason to harm Ben. Jordan has decided he is beyond help and has to be stopped. Ciara staggers to her feet to stop her …

Rex thinks Eric and Sarah are only friends. Kate hopes she has forgiven Rex. He admits they are attempting to move on and is glad she is with boring Eric instead of being alone … Eric suggests they pack up the food but he has no containers. Sarah is hungry and suggests they eat it. She then teases him about his last Valentines Day fighting for Jen’s last donut. He opens the bubbly … Jen is relieved Abigail is safe. Chad steps out to call Eli. Jen smiles and wonders … Abigail giggles … Rafe updates Hope on coming across Kate just in time. He left her a message. Ted tells him Hope has been busy trying to save Ciara and boasts he has been with her the whole time … Ciara struggles with Jordan for the syringe and rages she is the real threat, not Ben who rescued her … Sarah and Eric enjoy their food. She admits her and Rex’s last Valentine’s Day was a bust. Rex had to drive a nurse home in a storm and spent the night at a motel. She gets herself all worked up that he might have cheated … Rex hears about Jordan from Kate and remembers the upset woman he encountered outside the pub. He gasps he ran into her. Kate wants to call the cops … Rafe suspects ambulance chasing Ted tried to insinuate his suited self in Hope’s life. He warns him away from his wife. Ted taunts but he took off to be with his ex …

Happy Abigail and Jen admire the sleeping baby and discuss the latest drama. Chad returns with the news that Jordan remains at large. The smiles fade … Jordan shoves Ciara to the floor and states she will finish what she started. Ben suddenly wakes up and growls to leave her alone. He grabs his sister and they struggle for the deadly syringe in her hand. He blasts her for hurting people and points the syringe at her. Jordan fights with all her might … Ted and Rafe butt heads over Hope, who stops them. Rafe will go see Ciara. Hope promises to join him and they kiss. Ted sulks. Hope blasts him for trying to take advantage of the situation. She is relieved Rafe never saw it. Ted wishes he had … All Sarah seems to need to snap is a few sips of champagne. Then she gets all worked up about Rex cheating last Valentine’s Day and makes an impulsive call … Abigail assures Jen the cops have a car outside. Chad will sleep on the couch just in case. Jen takes Charlotte upstairs to bed. Abigail now asks Chad to come upstairs to her room. Once on her bed, he apologizes for not trusting her and promises no more doubts. All he wants is to make her happy. She gushes he did when he put Charlotte back in her arms. Her love for him is forever. They kiss in bliss. Romantically reunited and it feels so good …

Eric insists Sarah not call Rex at his workplace. She calls the nurse he drove home instead and accuses her of being with Rex this time last year. She screams she slept with her boyfriend. Pause. She apologizes and wishes her and her wife a wonderful Valentines. Oops … Hope is grateful for Ted’s support and sternly adds her husband is Rafe. Ted refuses to accept there is nothing between them. Here comes Rex with news of his encounter with Jordan … Ciara stands up and tells Ben to stop cos he is no killer. He rages Jordan almost killed the one thing that matters to him. Rafe runs in and grabs him from behind. Jordan slips out of Ben’s grasp …

Rafe now holds Ben in his grasp. Jordan lies Ben was trying to kill her. Ciara calls for help in a hurry … Rex comes back to Kate and is relieved he revealed seeing Jordan to Hope. Kate sends him home to Sarah for his Valentines. He plans to stop for dessert so she teases him to be dessert … Amused Eric tries to make Sarah feel better. He chuckles she is brainy about medicine but … real in other ways. Her honesty is special and he understands others’ attraction for her, hastily adding he means Rex. She deserves to be loooooved. Sarah is momentarily mesmerized … Here comes Rex with dessert in a pink box. He thanks Eric for covering and brought coconut cream pie. Alas Roman gave him the wrong box. Sarah presents Eric with all the donuts. Rex puts his arm around her and they head to the bedroom. Eric has a donut alone … Phone Hope has ordered Eli to check the security footage from outside the pub. They might see Jordan. She gives Ted the brush off … Jordan insists Ben was out to kill her. Ciara informs Rafe that Jordan was the one with the syringe and wants Ben to stay cos she is safe with him. Rafe escorts Jordan away. He will be back for Ben. Alone with Ciara, Ben gasps he was going to kill his sister. Ciara holds his shaky hands and they hug. His eyes are haunted … Abigail and Chad have just made love in the beautiful bed. He is sorry he has no Valentines gift. She assures him his love is the greatest gift of all ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, February 18, 2019