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Episode 13,529
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jordan staggers to a bench and sits down in tears as she remembers Chad’s admission of shooting Ben. She takes it hard … Ben wants Ciara in hospital and helps her stand. Hope holds a gun on him and orders him to release her. Ted stands at her side. Ciara begs her not to hurt Ben … Rex has ruined his baked cake, having set it to broil. Eric is amused. Eric suggests Sarah loves his grandma’s blueberry pie. Rex does not do pie but Eric points out the pub still has the recipe. Rex is on his way and asks him to set the table and keep Sarah company until he comes back … At the house Abigail thanks Chad and they discuss Jordan losing it. She believed she had to protect people from Ben … Ciara gasps Ben saved her and Jordan was the abuctress! Hope knows Jordan. Ben notes no one knew this Jordan. Ciara cries about Jordan setting the fire and credits Ben and Chad with finding her. Hope hugs her daughter and casts Ben a look. It is all hard for her to digest … In Kate’s hospital room Kayla confirms Kate did overdose but not from anything in that pill bottle. Rafe is baffled. Kayla gets a text from Chad that Charlotte is back and has to go check her out. Rafe remains and teases Kate since when did barbiturates kick her ass. Groggy Kate opens her eyes. NEVER … Hope ends a call and updates Ben and Ciara on the APB on Jordan, Kayla going to check Charlotte chez Abigail and Chad. She hopes her baby girl is alright. Ciara thinks so. Hope is bewildered by Jordan’s actions. Alas she snapped and believed she was saving the world by framing Ben. Hope is so sorry she doubted him. Ben thinks all that matters is Ciara being alright. Ciara hugs Ben and praises him … Rex is outside the pub when he spies a pretty woman crying and asks if she is alright. She weeps her baby brother was killed. Rex is sympathetic. She still believes it is for the best … Eric is holding Rex’s flowers when Sarah comes to the door. He places them in a vase from Maggie. She smiles and wonders where Rex is. On a dessert run and he asked him to keep her company. The girl in red is relieved as she has something to ask Eric …

Kate knows not how she got here. Rafe updates her on overdosing on some sedatives but why? Kate replies it was Jordan and she tried to kill her. She needs to be stopped! Rafe is stunned … Rex probes as eerie music plays. Jordan tells him the terrible tale of Clyde. She took Ben and ran but then he became Clyde. She knew he had to be stopped. Rex asks if she killed him. No but she did want him to be put away. She hates what she had to do. Rex asks about that. She notes he would not want to know and turns away … Ted is glad that Ciara is alright. Ciara wonders why Ted came and coughs. Hope insists on taking her to the hospital. Ben carries her like a soap hero … Kayla smiles to Chad and Abigail that Charlotte is fine. They are all astounded by the change in Jordan. Chad wants the cops to catch her before she hurts anyone else. After Kayla goes, Abigail admits she was afraid. Chad was as well. As Eli is awaiting a statement, he should call him. First Abigail wants him to know …

Sarah hopes Eric meant it when he accepted her apology. He murmurs he meant it and they agree to put that in the past. They shake hands and she blushes what a good bro he is. He sets the vase on the table and teases the cloth towels are dishcloths. She giggles. Eric explains Rex is trying hard to impress her … Rex notices a long scar on the back of Jordan’s neck as she puts her hair up. She sighs it was from a car crash last summer. Her life has not been the same since. Ring ring! Tis Kayla calling Rex about mama Kate’s overdose … Rafe tries to understand why Jordan attacked Kate. Cos she found out she snatched Abigail’s baby. She suggests he find the madwoman before it is too late … Hope has a heartfelt moment with Ciara in her hospital room. They exchange I love yous. Ciara hopes she can see Ben is not a bad person. Ben arrives. Hope excuses herself to the station. Ben will understand if she must press charges for what he did to her and Eli. Hope declares they will discuss everything later and leaves with a smile, softly suggesting Ben stay. He does just that and a piano tinkles … Abigail sits with Chad on the sofa. He blames himself for the bad past. She refers to him as her rock. He tells her she is tough. She thanks him. No need for he will always be there for her and their kids. She gets emotional about him bringing her back her baby. He knows taking her away when she was born was the worst mistake of his life. She announces she now forgives him … Eric tells Sarah the story about demanding the last donut at the pub once upon a time. It was a declaration of love for the fair Jen in front of her date. Sarah laughs and wonders whether he and Jen could get back together. He feels they are best as friends. She senses he misses Nicole and gives him a pep talk about opening his heart to love again. He gives her a woeful look …

Rex gasps about what happened to his mother, unaware that the woman with the scar was actually her attacker! He wishes her well and takes off. Jordan remembers leaving Kate to die. It seems it did not go as planned. She storms off to do something about it … Rafe ends a call and updates Kate on everything Jordan did, including setting up Ben. Kayla returns. Rafe and Kate reveal that Jordan drugged her. Kayla will order more tests and tells Kate she called Rex. Kate thanks her. Kayla thinks she should thank Rafe cos he was the one who found her and brought her here. Kate smiles and thanks him. He makes light of it … Ben is sorry about everything. So is Ciara and she wants them to be together again. Ben is moved and they share a tender kiss as violins play … Kate questions Rafe on how he found her. Gabi saw her being led away drunk by Jordan, but it did not ring true. He teases the world would be a dull place without her in it and tells her to get well. Rafe needs to head off to find Hope and Ciara. Rex races in and hugs his mom. Kate informs him Rafe saved her. Rex is happy to meet him. Exit Rafe the reluctant hero. Rex wonders what the hell went down. Alas she bumped into the wrong person at the wrong time. Rafe saunters off as Jordan hides around the corner, disguised as a doctor ...

Kayla is back with Ciara and Ben, who blames himself for not knowing something was wrong with his sister. Hope and Ted are at the nurse’s station. She feels emotional. Ted the Frenchman feels frisky and gives her a kiss on the lips … Abigail marvels Chad was willing to give up his DiMera legacy for her. And then they were a team for Charlotte. She blames herself for ever believing the baby was Stefan’s. Chad assures her it was not her fault. She blinks with tears in her eyes and lets him know she longs for them to be together again as a family. Chad gets choked up for he feared all was lost. She never stopped loving him for a Salem second. He whispers he loves her and they kiss in bliss … Sarah nervously stands up and wonders where Rex is. She starts to think maybe he met someone. Eric makes her feel better. Rex now calls about someone trying to kill mama Kate. He suggests Sarah stay and have dinner with Eric. Sarah gives Eric a look … Hope angrily tells Ted never to do that again. Here comes returned husband Rafe … Ben blames himself for Jordan’s madness but Ciara believes he should just live a better life. He wants her in it but the danger … She reminds him he rescued her from her motorbike crash and then the cabin drama. He thinks he is a lucky guy and gets romantically closer for a kiss … until wild woman Jordan whacks him on back of the head with a tray twice! Ben goes down! Raging Jordan now faces Ciara in her fury ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, February 15, 2019