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Episode 13,528
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Marlena asks John what Diana said. Tis complicated. She simplifies. Meanwhile Sonny meets Will outside and updates him on Gabi’s gift to occupy Leo. They kiss and happily head off to spend Valentines together … Rafe tries to revive Kate and calls for a rescue unit to her room. Feeble pulse and she needs to breathe. An empty pill bottle was left behind on the floor. He administers cpr … Jordan pours fluid around Ciara’s bed as she pleads and cries to let her live … Ben warns Hope not to answer her phone for he needs to save Ciara. He forces her to ignore her ringing phone and conceals the gun behind her back, making her walk out with him … Alas Abigail was unable to reach Hope. Man of action Chad heads out to do something to get their baby back … Kate gasps and wakes up. Rafe asks if she wanted to kill herself by taking the bottle of pills … Ted finds Eli, who was hit on the head by Ben and takes off to get to Hope … Ben is behind Hope with his gun to her back. They get outside the pub and he updates her on Jordan setting him up and snatching Ciara … Jordan believes the cops will conclude it was Ben who burned down the cabin. Then he will be locked up for life. Ciara offers to help her. Marlena will … Jordan screams Marlena said Ben was sane, sets the fire and runs out with Charlotte, leaving Ciara to a certain death …

At the pub John reminds doc that he and Diana have history …. She gets a work call and steps away. Roman has the Valentines champagne for John, who laments Diana let him know Leo is his son. Roman wonders about the authenticity of her claim. He deduces he is gonna tell doc tonight. John is exasperated about the bad timing … Sneaky Sonny informed reservations he needed a room for Justin Bieber so there would be no clue for Leo. In their room, Sonny kisses Will, who says to wait … The paramedics come for Kate. Rafe saved her life … Ciara screams as the cabin fills fast with smoke … Ben tells Hope his crazy Jordan theory but then Ted jumps him from behind. Hope soap stares as they struggle. Her mouth hangs open as Ted’s tie falls across his neck … Roman wonders whether Leo knows he is John’s son. John sighs no. Roman suggests he put of telling doc until tomorrow given the timing. John cannot believe he kept it from doc this long. The blonde comes back and wonders what … Will regrets all the past hurt and betrayal. Sonny assures him he has overcome. Will is sorry for the lost time. Sonny notes Ben is locked up and cannot hurt them or anyone else … Ben has taken off with the gun. Hope thanks Ted as he stands up out of breath. He assures her Eli is alright and asks if she believes Ben’s theory. For now she just wants to find him … As the smoke swirls, Ciara sadly looks at her and Ben’s framed heart photo … Ben catches up with Chad at the square and updates him on Jordan. Chad has his doubts. But Ben hands him his gun and they head off together … Jordan creeps into the house with Charlotte in a pink and white blanket. Abigail appears and asks if she has Charlotte. Jordan freezes …

Will gets why Sonny does not want to waste a second. Sonny laments when he lost him it was like losing his life. Now he sees the look of love in Will’s eyes since his memories returned. The love of his life … Roman lies John wanted to surprise her with a private Valentines at the closed pub. Marlena muses that was the secret? Roman chuckles. John thanks him and he leaves them to enjoy. John just wants to make the woman he loves happy. Marlena sighs then get something to get rid of Leo from Will and Sonny’s lives. She asks what Diana said. John notes nothing that would help them so far. For now he suggests they live in their moment and pours the bubbly. She agrees. He drawls things do not come easy out there but inside here it is just him and his beautiful bride. They toast to present and future Valentines together. There shall be many … Kayla is surprised to see Kate wheeled into the ER and orders all drugs cleared out of her system. Rafe informs her what Gabi said about Jordan, which led him to Kate. He knows not whether she wanted to kill herself … Ben races into the burning cabin with Chad, who puts out the flames. Ben unties Ciara. She updates desperate Chad on Jordan taking Charlotte back to Abigail … Jordan lies to Abigail that she found Charlotte. But when she sees a TV report Ben escaped she heads to the door, babbling this was not the plan. Abigail demands her daughter …

Marlena gushes when John gets the strawberries and cream! They love their love, their home and their trust in one another. She credits his love and strength with keeping them together. Nothing and no one will ever come between them again. He shuts his eyes, agrees and they seal the deal with a kiss … Will hands Sonny his heartfelt Valentines card and message. This was the best year of his life. Will teases to look at the date. Valentines 2020. They made it through together. They wish one another a happy 2020 Valentines. Will decides they waited long enough. They kiss on the bed … Eli assures Hope his head is fine at the station and wonders where Ben might have gone. He believes he might be telling the truth. Hope just wants her daughter … Ben romantically carries Ciara out of the smoldering cabin. She thanks him and updates him on the madness of Jordan. He hopes she did not hurt her. She gasps she was going to kill her and even drugged her. Ben will get Ciara checked out and asks about Charlotte. Jordan said she would take her to Abigail …

Abigail argues she and Chad will protect Charlotte from Ben. Jordan rants about the danger and threatens her with a syringe. Chad arrives and assures her Ben will not hurt anyone. He lies he killed Ben when he attacked him and asks for his daughter back. Jordan now melts down cos he murdered her brother … John and Marlena delight in their strawberries in cream. Now she gives him a gift – the photo album of their final wedding. He gushes and gives her a pink box. Tis a heartfelt mug with them on it. He wants her to remember their wonderful wedding and their love every day with her morning coffee. Now he plays their new song and they slow dance … Rafe leaves Hope a message as he is at the hospital. He enters Kate’s room. Kayla pumped her stomach so she should be alright. Kayla has concerns about the drinking story and steps out to check the test results. Rafe wants to remain and takes Kate’s hand as she sleeps … Hope has gotten a call about the fire and takes off to the cabin. Shadow Ted is right behind her ... Ben holds Ciara in his arms outside the cabin. She is sorry for being hard on him and is grateful he found her. Him too. They touch heads and could not bear to lose one another. She puts her head on his shoulder. Hopefully Chad will find Charlotte … Jordan weeps and wants details. Chad shows her the gun he took from Ben and states he had to use it. He thanks her for her help and she hands him Charlotte back. Abigail holds the baby with him. Jordan leaves … After the lovin Will and Sonny sweetly pillow talk while holding hands. They are ready for their future and wonderful life. Sonny adds when Leo is gone. Will believes with John on their side Leo will be gone from their story soon. They kiss in bliss …

Marlena murmurs thisssss and their life is purrfect. She feels lucky. John roguishly replies he is the lucky one and will make it his life’s mission to make her this happy. They wish each other a happy Valentines with a romantic kiss … Rafe gives sleeping Kate a pep talk about her life being worth living. All of a sudden she flatlines. He hollers for help … Ben gently helps Ciara up. Hope arrives gun drawn with Ted and orders Ben to release her daughter … Chad assures Abigail that baby Charlotte is alright. She holds her and thanks him. He placed her back in her arms just as promised ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, February 14, 2019