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Episode 13,527
1380 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Diana agreed to meet John at the club. She refers to Valentines but knows this is all about Leo. John eyes her, remembers what Marlena said, and solemnly states tis about Leo and his father … Sonny is unpleasantly surprised by an evil card with a black heart from Leo … At the pub Will wrestles with what to write in Sonny’s card cos there is not enough space! Marlena arrives and he mentions Ben. She cannot discuss a patient but wishes him the best … At the station Hope is confident they can put Ben behind bars or in Bayview for years. Eli seems to harbor doubts. Meanwhile Ben hopes he did not black out and harm Ciara. He now imagines her standing before him. In his black and white daydream they embrace and he asks for her opinion of what they are saying. He soon realizes she is not real. She reasons he is sane since he knows she is not real. She warns him he was framed. He wonders who did it … Hope watches Ben through the window and then listens to a voice message from Rafe, whose plane has landed … Gabi sees Rafe at the square. He is heading to Hope and hopes she got everything they need from Ben. Gabi tells him about Kate being helped home by Jordan. Kate had had too much to drink. Rafe thinks that sounds off … Kate cannot move in her bed and ask angry Jordan what she did. Jordan blasts her for being a busybody and takes out another syringe to neutralize her. She injects her neck and advises gasping Kate to sleep. Kate closes her eyes … Suspicious Rafe notes Jordan and Kate were never friends. He calls Hope again to leave a voice mail. He could be onto something that could be connected to the Ben case … Eli plays a message for Hope that Ben left Ciara. He sounded desperate to find her. Ben might be the wrong man …

Ben suspects Ted told Hope to plant the proof. Apparition Ciara acts surprised. He suggests Eli. Ciara doubts that … Sonny warns Leo he might get a lawyer and end their farce of a marriage. Leo warns he will never be with Will and counters he wants him to consummate this marriage for Valentines. If not he can send him and Will to prison together … Will is surprised to hear from Marlena's lips that John was once involved with Leo’s mother … Diana forces a smile as she remembers that Leo killed his father and calls John’s curiosity a dead end. She refuses to betray her less than stellar son. John read about his father’s death and wonders whether he was even his real father. Diana acts coy. He drawls he could have fathered her child and she damn well knows it … Marlena explains to Will that Diana Colville became Diana Cooper. But she and John ended over 30 years ago. She believes John will be able to get answers … John checked the birth certificate date and did the math. Diana suddenly announces Leo is his son! Ominous music plays. John closes his eyes … Leo advises Sonny to heed his warning and walks out. Gabi arrives, wondering what has Sonny so down … Jordan comes back to the cabin and fusses over Charlotte but not hostage Ciara. She boasts Ben was arrested for abducting them both. Ciara asks how. She planted the proof in his room for the police … Hope thinks they have enough. Street smart Eli thinks Ben was shocked by the proof in his room ...

Ben includes Tripp in his list of suspects. Ciara argues he would not abduct the baby of his cousin. She asks if anyone was in his room when he was not present. He suddenly remembers Jordan … Hope believes Ben off his meds means Ben out of his mind. He might not even know what he has done. She then sees through the window he seems to be speaking to himself … Ben does not want to believe it could have been his sweet sister but she was in his room. Imaginary Ciara grimaces. Jordan apparently believed Ben took Charlotte, as per Eli. Ben deduces Jordan had the means, motive and opportunity to snatch Charlotte … Back at the cabin, Jordan believes she was right to make sure Ben get locked up like Clyde cos they are the same. Ciara hopes she will let them go. The baby yes but Ciara no … John is flabbergasted that Diana did not tell him about their son all this time. Why? She points out their parting of ways was not pleasant and she assumed they would never meet again. She only found out she was with child after she left. They were too young and John had moved on … Will appreciates John and Marlena’s support. However, his faith in his and Sonny’s happily ever after is fading … At the Kiriakis mansion Gabi is sorry to hear about Leo and lets Sonny know he can still get the upper hand. Sonny does not want Will to go to jail so he has to go up to Leo and let it happen. Gabi stops him. No way in hell is she letting that happen to the love story of Sonny and Will …

Diana is embittered that John was originally attempting to dig up dirt on their son for Marlena’s grandson. John wonders how much Leo knows. Diana replies her son believes his real father was Richard Cooper, rubs his hand and suggests they have a drink. She wants him to keep her secret. He leaves her to do some soul searching. Alone … As she has a cup of coffee, Marlena gives Will another pep talk about how she and John fought for their magic again and again and always won. Leo cannot do anything about the love he and Sonny share. She gushes they are going to be together again. Will grins … Sonny concludes Gabi cannot help. She vows to give him and Will a Valentines to remember. Leo appears, asking for Sonny’s decision. Sonny sighs he will be there soon … Rafe ignores the do not disturb sign on Kate’s door and knocks, to ask her about Jordan … Hope wishes Ben would let her know what he had done with Ciara … Ben is upset about his sister’s betrayal. Ciara suggests he figure it all out. He gasps she was also the one who snatched Ciara and Charlotte … Ciara tries unsuccessfully to convince Jordan to let her go. Too late since she would talk. Ciara wonders what will happen to her. Jordan calmly replies she must die … Ben cannot believe it. Eli enters and asks what. Back to reality. Ben is uncommunicative. Eli explains he is going to be booked on two counts of kidnapping … Ciara promises to keep her silence. Jordan takes out the Valentines picture Ben framed of them together. She suspects Ciara would endanger herself by running back to Ben. But her death would at least ensure Ben be locked up forever … Rafe leaves Kate a message and then hears a thud from her room. He busts the door down … John is happy to see Marlena outside the pub. She wonders what Diana said about Leo … Leo is waiting on the bed in his birthday suit, a heart over his … Gabi enters and informs him Sonny is still downstairs. Arianna’s mom needs to know more about Leo … At the pub Will has just finished writing his poignant Valentine card to Sonny. Sonny calls and asks him to be his Valentine as Leo is being kept busy. Will is on his way … Rafe tries to wake up Kate, who is on the floor eyes closed … Hope hears Rafe’s message. Ben comes into her office with a gun raised and threatens to shoot her if she alerts anyone … Jordan finally finds the matches and informs terrified Ciara she will set the cabin on fire. Everyone will believe it was Ben ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, February 13, 2019