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Episode 13,526
1270 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kate has her eye on Jordan’s spilled supplies … Ben has found Ciara’s phone planted at his place and the police are at the door! He hyperventilates … Brady informs Chloe at the club that he has hired a team of bodyguards but flinches when he finds out she and the kids are moving in with Stefan at the DiMera mansion … Stefan is less than happy to see Gabi, who seeks his signature for a new Gabi Chic project. He is not interested. She regrets he escaped that shooting and says so. Stefan flashes back to the incident, how he shot the cartel creep and gives Gabi a cold stare … Ben is miffed by Hope and Eli hounding him. Hope wants to find Ciara … Ciara is tied up at the cabin and can do nothing for crying Charlotte cos Jordan left them … Kate sweetly confronts Jordan about the baby item that fell from her bag … Ben snaps he knows not where Ciara is and tried to find her. Hope slams the door and makes him stay. Eli urges him to answer their questions in a calm manner. He replies he has not seen her since she returned from South Africa. But Jordan said differently … Jordan claims she can use that diaper rash baby cream for her own cuts and scrapes. Kate wonders. She hurt her arm and has somewhere to go. Kate slyly asks where to with so many supplies …

Brady cannot believe what he is hearing. Chloe feels they will be safest at the DiMera fortress. She wishes he would trust in her. He does but not Stefan … Stefan wonders whether Gabi hired those Mexican thugs. She leers they would have finished the job. Stefan smirks … Ciara hears someone knocking at the cabin and calls out for help … Jordan thinks it is not Kate’s concern but she came to town for Ben and these are her own supplies. Kate lets her know she thinks she is lying … Ben denies seeing Ciara as Jordan stated. However, he felt her presence. Hope asks whether it was a hallucination … Brady warns Chloe that Stefan might have made her the latest object of his obsession. Chloe begs to differ. He simply saved her life. Brady reminds her they are now business rivals. He suspects Stefan is trying to prove a point. Brady wants to make Victor come around. Chloe blurts out she would rather not live with Brady … Stefan is amused bad ass Gabi is begging him to sign a stupid piece of paper and adds they will not miss her unimportant contribution to the company. He accuses her of loving what happened to Abigail and Chad. He has also not forgotten how she tricked him with Charlotte’s paternity. She smugly states it was her revenge against him … Ben feels he and Ciara have a strong bond and she wants him to find her. Hope blasts him and believes he is relapsing. She fears he may have blacked out and taken Ciara. Or maybe he remembers and is lying. Eli starts to search the place. Ben insists she was never here … Ciara asks whoever is there to check on Charlotte. She imagines an apparition of Ben, who assures her the baby is fine. Ciara gushes he came to save her … Jordan accuses Kate of giving her a hard time from the day they met. Kate questions what she bought cos she knows that cream is for babies. Jordan gets testy. Kate accuses her of being brother Ben’s accomplice …

Back at the club, Chloe apologizes. Brady understands she felt she would be safer at Stefan’s mansion. Chloe wants to come clean. Her recent breakup made her realize she needs to get herself together before embarking on a new or old romance. Besides Brady has so much to do these days. He thinks they can have it all. She laments she cannot lose him as her friend. Brady agrees they will always be friends and begs her to allow him to protect her from Stefan … Stefan calmly states Gabi did ruin his life when he lost his little girl. Now poor Charlotte is missing. He believes the only joy in Gabi's lonely life comes from the misery of Abigail and Chad. She quips he is no different. She sarcastically congratulates him for likely becoming the sole CEO, wonders how he sleeps at night and walks out. Stefan sighs …

Kate accuses Jordan of helping Ben and covering his tracks. She orders her to reveal where Charlotte is right now or else she is calling the cops … Eli comes across a familiar blanket in Ben’s room. Hope knows it as one that Julie made for Charlotte. This is the first time Ben has seen it but no one believes him. He is now suspected of kidnapping Charlotte too. Eli cuffs him as he protests. Eli now notices the phone on the table that does not belong to Ben. Hope knows that is Ciara’s phone and implores him to share where her daughter is … The Ben in Ciara’s vision assures her Charlotte is asleep and asks whether Ciara was drugged. She gasps it was Jordan his sister – the real danger …Kate turns away from Jordan and calls the cops to report a kidnapping. Jordan injects her in the neck. Kate gets woozy …

Brady returns to the Kiriakis mansion, complaining about Chloe moving in with Stefan. Maggie already knew … Stefan warmly welcomes Chloe to DiMera mansion. She is grateful but he senses her apprehension. She feels like she is imposing as they are far from being old friends. He smiles they are new friends and informs her they have a movie room. He tells her to enjoy her time and has gifts for the kids. Chloe thanks him. Stefan looks forward to hearing her sing. She agrees and smiles her too. Sweet music plays. He wants the kids to enjoy themselves and the adults as well … Hope gasps where is Ciara. Ben claims he came across the phone in the top drawer. He hid it when he heard them at the door. Hope orders Eli to haul him to the station. They need to jog his memory … Jordan is dragging semi-conscious Kate across the square. Gabi comes upon the strange sight. What is going on … Brady feels Chloe made a big mistake and asks Maggie to change her mind. She belongs here! The redhead suspects he really hates the idea of her living with another guy … Back at the now cozy DiMera mansion Chloe smiles to Stefan the kids are unpacking happily as nanny helps. She made the right choice. He agrees he did as well … At the station Eli has his doubts about Hope’s conclusions. Ben languishes in a room and wonders what if she is right and he blanked out and harmed the girl he loves … Ciara opens her eyes and calls out for Ben but he is not there. She deduces she was only hallucinating from the drugs Jordan gave her. How the hell to escape … Gabi wonders what is going on. As she holds Kate up, Jordan lies the lush had too much to drink. She is taking her home. Gabi offers to help. Jordan has it under control. They keep going but Gabi can sense something is amiss ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, February 12, 2019