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Episode 13,525
1420 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Haley tries to make JJ feel better with a heartfelt hug. He kisses her and she kisses him back … Jack mutters to Eve about JJ’s friend who has an immigration issue. Eve probes … At the house, Abigail worries what if she cannot get Charlotte back. Chad puts an arm around her and promises to bring her back. Then he goes to check on Thomas. Abigail weeps as she holds a picture of her wee one. Ding dong! Tis sympathetic Kate … At her office Hope cannot hear Rafe well on her phone and fumes no leads on Ciara. He starts to complain about his flight and contact is lost. Ted enters … Ben comes face to face with Jordan, who greets him with a hug. He solemnly asks sis to explain herself … Jack hesitates. JJ swore him to secrecy. Eve still finds out the girl is illegal, they are pals, and she is the pretty one he was with New Year’s Eve. Eve now knows everything and argues the girl could have ulterior motives … JJ is sorry if he took advantage. Haley smiles she kissed him too … Jordan feigns surprise. Ben complains the cops think he took Ciara and also Charlotte. He demands to know why she pointed the finger at him … As sad music plays Kate is sorry about Charlotte and wishes she could do something. She feels awful and wants to make amends. Abigail accuses her of being self-serving. Kate explains how her first hubby stole Billy and Austin, whom she lost for years and believed to be dead. Abigail cries but her kids came back. What if hers does not? Chad comes back downstairs … Hope sighs all she heard was Rafe’s plane had to stop in Iceland cos of mechanical issues. Ted offers his support and she thanks him. Enter Eli with airport garage footage. He is also connecting with the FBI and finding out where Jordan is. He updates Hope on her Ben concern to Abigail. Ted calls that a lead. Hope is hopeful …

Jordan claims she was just concerned. Ben scoffs sis went to Abigail, not him and seems to have his doubts about whose side she is on. He assures her he is no creepy Clyde and is a better man. She still believes it was a bad idea to return to Salem, where he has horrible history. She reasons he regressed. He denies any wrongdoing. She innocently wonders then who did those things … Jack disagrees with Eve, who argues the girl might want to get JJ to marry her and tells him the story of Dario doing the same with his daughter, who ended up in danger. Jack worries. She tells him to protect JJ in the present … Haley asks JJ for an update on the case. There are no new leads but he has a theory about Ben. Alas Eli did not allow him to help search for evidence in his room. He admits he almost killed Ben once cos he killed his girlfriend Paige. Haley deduces the guy is still a clear and present danger. JJ agrees … Ben knows not who took Ciara and Charlotte. Jordan hears how he missed taking his meds but is back on them. She suggests he forgot something he did. He wonders why she refuses to believe him. She insists she wants to take care of him and suggests he head back to Bayview. He gets insulted and says no way in hell …

Hope is annoyed when Ted wonders whether Ciara wanted to go to Ben. Hope muses maybe he texted her and she did go see him only to say they were over. She cries then maybe Ben wanted to prevent anyone from having her! Ted tells her not to go there but how can she not cos Ben was the necktie killer … Emotional Abigail walks off to call the cops for an update. Kate assures Chad she wants to help. He updates her on Jordan coming by after she put Charlotte in bed. Then Stefan dropped by and the baby vanished. The strange thing is Stefan seemed to be telling the truth about his innocence. Kate would be surprised if it was Jordan. She never seemed to be the psycho of the Weston clan. But her brother … Ben is bitter his sister wants him to commit himself. She believes it would be best. He only wants to track down Ciara. She asks what happened before she left. He sighs Ciara found out he had teamed up with Claire to break up her and Tripp. Jordan concludes then she went to South Africa. Ben wonders how she knows. Abigail told her. Ben wishes he had gotten to her in time to stop her. Jordan ignores a call from Eli. Ben wonders who would want to set him up … JJ rages he would love to beat up Ben but it would solve nothing for his sister. Haley asks how close they are. Lifeline kinda close. She mentions Mel. JJ reminds her she kicked her out but Haley credits her for helping her become a nurse. She cannot ruin her dream. JJ laments her sister does not show her love. Haley sighs she did come by, then got mad she mentioned entrusting her status secret to JJ. He flashes back to telling papa Jack and soap stares. Before he can come clean she realizes she has her shift, teases it was a nice kiss, and leaves for work …

Jack will not meddle in his son’s life. Eve warns JJ could face fallout if the girl got caught. Trask considers crime and immigration an issue. Jack listens as she urges him to protect his son by exposing her before JJ gets dragged down … Kate wonders what Jordan said about Ben. That he was off his meds. Chad went to his motel and attacked him but Eli stopped him. Kate assures him he will get his daughter back. Chad believes Abigail deserves better and vows to find her. Abigail returns. Kate heads to the door. Abigail stops her … Jordan notes Ben could be the victim of a framing. He admits he saw an apparition of Ciara asking for his help. He understands his sister’s concern to Abigail and urges her to see he is not psycho. She speaks of his history in Salem. He will prove he is innocent and sane! She plays along, hugs him, and promises to call tomorrow …

Abigail apologizes to Kate for being rude even though she does not forgive her. Kate understands as a mother. Abigail gasps every second goes by she worries who has her daughter and how well she is being looked after. Chad stands by his woman. Kate repeats she is on her side and goes on her way ... Chad now makes a call he feels he should have made a long time ago … Jordan is at the square with supplies when she returns Eli’s call. He asks whether she believes Ben abducted Charlotte. She states he swore he is not after Abigail but he did start working for Stefan after he returned to Salem. Eli would need something more so she adds Ben said he had spoken to Ciara last night. He swore it was no hallucination but … Eli appreciates the info and assumes he has something significant for Hope … JJ texts papa Jack they need to meet. He plans to do damage control. Meanwhile Eve warns Jack that JJ could get in big trouble. He does not want to meddle. She slyly suggests he report the girl anonymously … Chad and Abigail go LIVE on Salem TV. Charlotte has been missing more than 24 hours. Chad explains she was snatched from her crib. Abigail tearily holds up her photo. Chad offers a reward for any information and begs for their daughter to be brought home. Abigail leans on him and cries … Kate literally runs into Jordan at the square, spies the suspicious supplies she dropped and quips what have we here … Ben is flabbergasted when he tries calling Ciara again and finds her ringing phone in a drawer in his room! He holds it in his hand and hyperventilates. All of a sudden the Salem P.D. come banging on his door. Ben has been set up by his big sister ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, February 11, 2019