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Episode 13,524
1420 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Haley is about to head out. JJ wants a word … Eve is aghast online when she reads about Jack’s grandchild. He asks what happened … At the house Jen is with Abigail, who ends a call with Lani. Nothing new. Thomas is playing with Doug and Julie. Abigail is desperate to do something cos the cops have nothing. Jen insists she stay put … Charlotte is fussy as Jordan holds her at the cabin. Ciara screams and fibs t'was a nightmare about Ben. Jordan states she is safe. Ciara agrees Ben is not to be trusted … Ben is still frantically trying to phone Ciara. Chad bursts in and slams him to the bed … JJ knows Haley has been avoiding him. She regrets what she told him. JJ apologizes for trying to butt in and hopes she will forgive him … Jordan is relieved she is more sane than Ben and Clyde. Ciara claims to believe her about Ben faking his sanity. Jordan notes he is the new Clyde. Ciara acts sympathetic about how hard it is on Jordan, who does not deny it. She asks to be untied … Ben gasps he has nothing to do with Chad’s daughter. Chad rages about what he did before but Ben insists he is innocent. Chad shoves him against the wall … JJ regrets insulting Haley’s sister but family should stick together. He stops since he knows she loves her sis. Haley truly believes Trask wants to help others, hence her bid for mayor … Trask blasts Abe at the square about the killer on the loose, the kidnapped baby. Abe politely points out the cops are on both cases. She scoffs about his family on the force. Abe stands by his men and women in blue and accuses Trask of having a twisted agenda. She sneers the facts are on her side … Eve lies she was reading about the mayoral race and Jack will crush the competition … Eli pulls raging bull Chad off Ben, whose story checked out. He tells him to go to Abigail and assures him he has a cop watching Ben. Chad threatens to kill him if he comes near his family and finally goes. Eli has questions for Ben cos his sister talked …

Ciara asks to use the washroom. Jordan wants her assurance she will not run away to Ben. Ciara lies she fears him and offers to help her with Charlotte. Jordan starts to untie her. Ciara smiles slyly … Anxious Abigail asks mama Jen what to tell Thomas. That all will be well. Abigail weeps she lost Charlotte once already! Jen promises the police will find her. Chad comes in and vows to find their daughter. Abigail nervously nods. Jen asks Chad to stay as she steps out to the Spectator. Abigail gets more upset and wants no one watching over her. He promises a swift resolution with justice … Haley sighs the stakes are high. She could be deported and her sister would be destroyed. She whispers she trusts JJ more than anyone and knows he would never repeat her secret to another soul. He flashes back to the last time he talked to Jack and asked what to do about his undocumented friend. He swore him to secrecy. Haley now sees something is the matter. JJ starts to say … ring ring! Tis Jen ... Jordan warns freed Ciara no funny stuff. Ciara gets her phone. Jordan suspects she wants to call someone. Ciara suggests they let Chad and Abigail know their baby is safe. Jordan is against it. Ciara suggests she send a text. Jordan agrees. Ciara suddenly starts to feel strange …

Jen rushes over to Eve and Jack’s hotel and informs him that Abigail’s baby was abducted. Eve feigns surprise. Jen urges Jack to go to his daughter so he does …JJ gets an update from Abigail and Chad at the house. Abigail suspects Stefan but Chad already confronted him and believes otherwise. JJ wonders who else could have taken the baby? Ben? Abigail says no but Chad snaps yes … Ben knew not Jordan was in town. Eli tells him she warned Abigail about his state of mind as he was off his meds. He notes he is now on them and calls. Her voicemail is full. No one knows where she is staying but Ben decides to track her down himself … Ciara sits on the bed and begs Jordan to help her. Jordan admits she gave her something to sedate her. Ciara did not see this coming. The demented daughter of Clyde smiles. Ciara wonders whyyyyyy. Jordan is protecting them from Ben! She takes away the cell phone. Ciara hyperventilates … JJ believes obsessed Ben could still be a loose cannon. Here comes Jack, who hugs Abigail in sympathy. As Jen watches Abigail bitterly blasts Jack for never bothering to come see the kids and quips maybe Chad did not give him enough money. Jack mutters this was a mistake and excuses himself. Abigail cries and goes to Thomas. JJ now hears about Chad’s visit to Ben, how Eli interrupted. JJ tells him he will take care of it. Chad should stay with stressed Abigail ...

Abe argues Salem is safer than before. Eve comes upon the clashing candidates. She calls the illegals a problem in Salem seeing as Chloe was almost killed by the Mexican cartel. Abe notes it had nothing to do with immigration. Eva asks Trask her stance. Trask hastily excuses herself. Eve can smell her fear … Abigail comes downstairs. Thomas is asleep. Chad tries to calm her. She cannot understand how this could happen! Ben now bangs on the door to see Abigail. Chad tries to close it but Abigail agrees to talk … Trask pays Haley a visit and insists she find her another place to stay. Haley trusts JJ. Trask thinks his reporter mother and hungry candidate father could pose a problem. She is horrified to hear Haley confided in JJ and trusts he will tell no one her secret … Eli calls in to Commissioner Hope. Ben denied any involvement and bolted but he is having him followed. Alas he is unable to search his room without a warrant. JJ shows up asking after Weston and assumes Eli is already searching. JJ the ex-cop wants to search the room or help somehow. Eli orders the cowboy to go home instead of blowing his case … Ben came to look Abigail in the eye so she would see he had not snatched Charlotte. She replies Jordan warned he was off his meds. He notes that is not the case and wants to tell Jordan. Abigail gets agitated when he asks Jordan’s whereabouts. All she cares about is finding Charlotte. Chad decides they are done and makes Ben leave …

Ciara is asleep on the bed to which she is bound, the phone beside her. Jordan smugly takes out her syringe … Jen assures Jack he is not to blame but he feels like a failure as a father. Jen notes the family needs him. He asks her to leave before Eve returns and goes inside, where Eve awaits. She acts sorry for Abigail. Jack grumbles she did not get the dad she deserved. Eve changes the subject to digging up online dirt against Abe and Trask. Jack feels like a failure. She notes he has no memory. Jack also regrets he could not even help JJ, whose friend has an immigration issue. Eve is intrigued … JJ comes in upset and complains to Haley he cannot help his sister. She suggests they talk about it. He saved her life by getting her to share her secrets. He makes her feel safe so she wants to return the favor. She hugs him tightly and then they kiss … Abe stops Eli at the square, seeking an update. Nothing so far. Trask happens by and taunts Abe will lose the election … Chad tenderly gives Abigail a cup of tea. She worries about Charlotte. He touches her crying face and promises to put Charlotte back in her arms … Back at the cabin, Ciara wakes up in the dark and curses her absentee captor … Ben returns and comes face to face with Jordan ... Oooooooo


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, February 8, 2019