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Episode 13,523
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Replay of Rex and Sarah heading to his room for passion, Eric coming across her fallen garment on the floor when he comes back. Triangle time … Hush hush sweet Charlotte, who is being brazenly snatched by Jordan. She thinks she is saving her from Ben … Ben waits for Ciara, who does not return his call. Eli and Lani arrive. He hopes they found her. Eli suspects he can help … Ciara struggles with the ties that bind … Abigail emerges from the kitchen and cannot believe … At Kiriakis mansion CEO Brady talks biz with Victor, who compliments his idea. Brady admits he likes their late night strategizing. He opens his laptop to show him something and reads about Stefan getting shot at the club. Victor is miffed he survived. Brady gasps Chloe was present and someone tried to kill her … Chloe comes to the DiMera mansion asking for Stefan. Chad heard what happened. She believes his brother saved her life but checked himself out of the hospital … Visitor Stefan informs Abigail her door was open. He is here to drop off Charlotte’s silver spoon. Abigail agrees to give it to her. Stefan leaves sarcastically noting she cares not about him. Abigail heads upstairs … Eric covers his eyes at his computer when Sarah appears in her black bra and undies. She puts on a shirt and explains she wanted some water. He claims to be happy she is back with Rex. She doubts that and adds she is aware of how he really feels about her … The cops ask Ben about anyone having a grudge or fighting with Ciara. She was cross with Claire, which is usual. Eli wonders when he last saw Ciara. Ben blasts them for suspecting him and urges them to find her. He has no idea where she is and is worried … Stefan comes back and helps himself to a drink. Chad updates him on Chloe’s concern. Abigail suddenly calls Chad cos Charlotte is nowhere to be found … As Ciara struggles Jordan returns with supplies and the baby. Jordan finds Ciara’s phone on the bed and chides her …

Chez Eric, Sarah laments he loathes her. He refuses to talk so she stops him from turning in and repeats how sorry she is for hurting him. Eric gives her a side glance … Chloe hugs Brady, who is relieved she is alright. Victor gets snarky. Brady reminds him he is partly to blame given the fact that he withheld where Theresa was. Victor quips the problem was solved. Chloe thinks not and repeats the goon claimed her kids would never be safe. Brady invites her to move in with them. Vic quips over his dead body … Abigail believes Stefan took Charlotte. Chad suggests she call the police. He will come soon. He then stares down Stefan and demands his daughter … Jordan has tightened Ciara’s ropes. Ciara is aghast she snatched Abigail’s baby … Brady insists. Chloe thinks it would be a bad idea because of the grumpy Greek and excuses herself … Chad makes baffled Stefan groan when he grabs his injured shoulder. He did not take any baby. Chad accuses him of using her for leverage to get the company. Stefan admits he is part ruthless bastard but he did not do this. He would not abduct his own niece he loves. He urges him to find the felon who did take her. Chad warns he will come after him if he was involved and storms out … Lani takes a statement from Abigail at the house. She heard nothing! Eli spoke with Doug and Julie, who know nothing. Abigail updates them on Stefan saying the door was open. Eli asks for more details. She shows the silver spoon. She thinks no one else would have done it … Ben begs Ciara’s picture to be okay and imagines seeing her sitting on his bed. He is sorry for everything and wishes they had not fought. He could not bear anything happening to her. Her apparition suggests he find her before it is too late ...

Jordan wants to protect everyone from Ben. Ciara gives her a dubious look … Sarah admits she has a lifetime of dumb decisions but being with Xander was the worst. It ruined her friendship with Eric. She felt a connection. Eric breathes him too. He starts to smile. She hopes they can be good friends again … Brady calls droning drinking Victor heartless. The Greek patriarch is all about protecting his own clan and claims Chloe was to blame for Brady getting on drugs in the past. Brady stands up to him and threatens to quit … Back at DiMera mansion Stefan ends a call as Chloe comes in. She is sorry to hear about Charlotte. His men are searching. She hopes he is alright as he left the hospital early. He asks about her. Alas she is terrified El Fideo’s men will come after her family. He suggests police protection. She would rather not be a prisoner and pouts about Victor overriding Brady’s offer to stay in the Kiriakis fortress of a mansion. Stefan gets an idea. She should move into the DiMera fortress of a mansion …

Eli and Lani are expecting forensics. Stefan will be questioned as well. Chad arrives, hugs Abigail, and adds he does not think Stefan did it. Abigail now remembers Jordan dropping by before Stefan … Ciara begs Jordan to take the baby home. Jordan smiles she will when it is safe. Ben cannot hurt anyone here. Ciara argues Ben is a new man. Jordan thinks he is like Clyde and refuses to let him hurt anyone again. Eerie music plays. Jordan’s grip on reality is slipping more by the Salem second. Or was it ever really there? … Shirtless Rex interrupts Eric and Sarah’s moment. She tells him she was apologizing about Xander. Eric assures her he accepts that apology. Sarah is over the moon … Chloe cannot accept as she hardly knows Stefan. He makes a joke about their bonding experience. She explains her rowdy kids rampage. Stefan has a big enough staff. Besides, since he saved her life he is responsible for her, as the saying goes. Chloe thinks she might be too worried … until she gets a terrifying text … Abigail recalls Jordan was worried about Ben. Eli and Lani wonder whether it is related to Ciara. Ben was losing it when they last saw him … Apparition Ciara asks Ben to stay on his meds. He admits he missed a few doses but is back on track. She tells him to get some sleep and lies on the bed with him. She is counting on him and he promises not to let her down. She believes him. He closes his eyes, then wakes up from his deep sleep with a start and a gasp. Alas Ciara is gone …

Ciara argues the baby should not be in this stark cabin. Jordan talks love. Ciara insists loving good parents Chad and Abigail will protect Charlotte. Jordan, however, is still smarting over no one saving her from Clyde, who did more to her than she can say. She leaves to get the crib from the car. Ciara’s heart sinks … Rex is relieved his girl and his bro are good again. Eric grins and agrees. Rex takes Sarah back to his room. Eric bids them both goodnight and hangs his head … Victor swears he will stop trying to control Brady's life. However, Chloe can take care of herself. He suggests she will find another sap to lean on … Stefan reads the ominous message on Chloe’s phone: It is not over and she will never be safe. He states he is sending a team to guard her kids. Tomorrow they are all moving into the mansion. He is not taking no for an answer. Saved Chloe spends tonight under the DiMera roof … Eli has CSI dusting for prints and plans to question Ben again. Lani will speak with Stefan and also call Jordan about anything she saw. Abigail cries as Chad holds her and vows to find their little girl … Jordan is mad she cannot unfold the baby bed. Ciara offers to help. Jordan turns her down cos she has it all under control. Ciara whispers for Ben to help her. Meanwhile Ben soap stares in the darkness ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, February 7, 2019