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Episode 13,522
1560 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Someone is at Eric’s door. He stands up from his computer and approaches with a baseball bat but when he throws it open Sarah and Rex are smooching. They apologize. He stops working on his pics and leaves for some fresh air … Roman gets an update on Diana Colville from Marlena and John. John keeps his suspicions about her son to himself … Leo delivers mama Diana a morning one way ticket outta Salem … Claire comes to see Tripp, who is about to get off work. They giggle but get serious when Ben appears and announces Ciara is missing … Abigail is happy to see Jordan and asks if all is well. No. Abigail trustingly tells her to come in and makes them tea. Jordan came to confess … Diana lectures her son for his insolence trying to order her around. He claims he has a good life in Salem. She cannot believe it cos he blackmailed someone to marry him. He blasts her for her past lack of support. She is sorry about that, cries she loved him and he confused her. He gets sarcastic. She stops him and calls him a sociopath. He snaps to go to hell. She begs him to explain why he is ruining the lives of two good men. Why even stay with someone who will never love him? Leo notes he is no loser and refers to her loser old man. She refuses to leave Salem. He thinks she really means John Black … Back at the pub tired Marlena heads home after kissing John. He states he will stay to discuss a case with Roman but Roman knows better … Outside Marlena runs into Eric, who grumbles about Rex and Sarah. She is sympathetic … Rex wants them to take it to his room but Sarah feels uneasy cos of Eric. He kisses her and alludes to old times but she stops. He senses she has Eric in her head ...

Ominous music plays. Abigail put the kettle on. Jordan claims she is concerned about Ben doing something since he was set free. He fools people! Abigail knows all about that. Jordan announces she will make sure he fool no one anymore. The kettle whistles … Ben gasps do they know where Ciara is?! Tripp quips he would not tell him anyway. Ben takes off. Claire starts to worry … Outside in the cold Marlena asks whether Eric saw Sarah after their office chat. He saw her with Rex and they are starting anew. Marlena notes she might not be sure of her feelings. He sighs not to go there. Marlena, however, thinks she may have reconciled with Rex because she believed she blew any chance of being with Eric. All of a sudden Ben appears and thunders Dr. Marlena is a quack! Marlena cringes. Eric warns the perturbed patient to back off. Marlena patiently points out Hope was worried something happened to Ciara. Ben is embittered. She holds her head high and calmly adds doctor patient confidentiality does not apply if there is proof of a crime. He snaps she thinks he did something to Ciara. Pause … Unsuspecting Abigail brings the tea. Jordan asks about her new baby and then recounts how she used to take care of Ben, trying to protect him from Clyde. Now she feels she must protect the world from Ben. He sounded off the rails on their last call. Abigail has been avoiding him but there was one incident. Jordan probes … Roman hopes John has no old feelings for Diana. Nope and doc is the only woman for him forever. However, Diana does happen to be Leo Stark’s mom. That double dealing bastard might be his son. Roman soap stares ...

Diana does not deny she was once a couple with John. She gushes he is more mature now. Lea warns her he is married to the grandmother of Will, who is out to get him. She sarcastically wonders whether he fears she will reveal his murderous secret to John. Leo fumes. Dangerous drums are heard. Leo warns her to watch her mouth. She warns he should watch out cos if Sonny knew he was a cold blooded killer, he would have the goods to get him out of his life! Leo accuses her of not caring about his happiness and gets choked up about not being the kind of son she wanted. She counters she adored him and carries a photo of her little boy in her wallet. He made her proud back then. Pause. She is so sorry. Now she orders him out. Leo weakly wonders whether she would really betray him. She reminds Matthew he robbed a man of his life –the man she cared about. Leo thinks that is a lie and wonders since when did she give a damn about his dad … John admits to Roman that Leo could be his son. Roman quips that would be the second secret son. John hopes he is wrong cos it would be a disaster in the making for him and Marlena … Marlena tries to reason with Ben but he bellows and accuses her of betraying his trust … Sarah feels uneasy about Eric because of her behavior that night. Rex assures her Eric will forgive her for Xander. She notes she has not forgotten everything about her history with Rex, how he was with Mimi and Noelle. Perhaps she was not enough for him. Rex argues she is the best but he was unworthy. He feels they should move forward with new memories. She agrees. With time he will work on her trust. She hopes all they need is time ...

Claire ends a call with Hope, who is going over the airport security footage. Tripp hates feeling helpless and wonders whether Ben snatched Ciara. He cannot convince Claire that he was also the real cabin fire starter. Tripp hyperventilates and hopes Ciara is alright … Jordan has heard Abigail’s sad story and asks if there is a chance for her and Chad. Hard to say. Abigail pours herself tea and tells how Stefan hired Ben as his head of security. He spooked her with his cold look as she held Charlotte one day. Then she left. Jordan suspects if Stefan had not stopped him anything could have happened. Abigail notes they will never know … Marlena thinks Ben needs a session but he continues to blame her. Eric warns him to keep his distance. Ben insists he would never harm Ciara. Marlena believes it. Ben boasts he will find her. Dr. Marlena and Hope can go to hell! Then he races off. Marlena is worried … Inside John wonders what to do. Roman alludes to asking Diana for the answer but John notes he might not like it … Diana declares she loved Leo’s dad. He scoffs they used to yell and scream at one another. Then there were her black eyes and her threats. Diana admits he was difficult. Leo thunders he did the world a favor when he finished him off even though he was his father. Not an easy thing to live with ...

Back at the square Tripp leaves Ciara an anxious phone message. Claire can see he cares about her and wonders whether he will dump her. He calls Ciara his friend only and assures Claire he is with her. They kiss … Abigail is admittedly haunted by that look in Ben’s eye. Jordan now starts to worry wacky Ben might go after Charlotte. Abigail thinks history will not repeat itself but Jordan talks retribution for Thomas belonging to Chad. Abigail would rather move on and wishes the same for Ben … Rex teases Sarah he can be a patient man and offers to drive her home. She appears rattled and agrees. At the door she pauses and admits it was not easy to say no to him tonight. She does not want to be alone and so they kiss again. This time she does not pull away and they disrobe … John stands up and agrees Roman is right. Maybe best to leave it alone. He also agrees when Roman notes it would be best to know. Then he walks outside, where Marlena is still standing. He smiles he is all hers and they head home together, arm in arm … Diana insists Leo did not do it for her cos she was in love with her good husband. He fumes he was an evil father and refuses to beatify the bastard. Diana is upset. He threatens she will end up the same way if she does not keep her mouth shut and storms out. Her eyes widen in horror … Eric arrives home alone. He spies Sarah’s scarf on the floor and realizes she is in Rex’s room … Ben paces his room like a troubled tiger and promises Ciara’s picture he will find her … Abigail suggests Jordan get in touch with Ben and takes the tea dishes into the kitchen. Jordan waits until she has vanished from view and then sneaks up the stairs to steal a baby ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, February 6, 2019