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Episode 13,521
1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ben denies knowing Ciara’s whereabouts but Hope does not believe him. He adds he wants to help find her if she is in trouble … Jordan sadly states to Ciara she must be the last person she thought she would see … Julie is home and admits to Abigail that Doug fell asleep to her chick flick. She now wants to discuss her forgiving Chad … Kate drops by DiMera mansion to check on the battling brothers. Chad is playing chess alone. He admits he would not mind if something happened to Stefan … Stefan has been shot in the shoulder. The goon stands up as Chloe screams. He himself is hanging on by a thread as he teeters and tells Chloe he will kill them both … Lani and Eli cuddle in bed and agree their love feels so right. He chants he loves her and they kiss … Stefan jumps the goon and they struggle for the gun as damsel in distress Chloe gasps … Ben hears how no one has heard from Ciara. He wonders who picked her up from the airport … Ciara knows not how she got here but she remembers someone jumping her. Jordan is sorry she is back at the cabin where the fire was set. Ciara defends Ben but Jordan believes he is still unhinged. She reasons he must have brought her here … Kate updates Chad on appealing to Shin but mad Chad has not forgotten how she helped Gabi break up his family. He orders her out … Julie admits to Abigail she got a grateful update from Chad on Abigail attending the family dinner he set up. Abigail admits that was admirable but … Julie wonders what Chad thinks of Stefan and him having to run DiMera together. She is stunned when Abigail states he offered to resign for her and the kids and suggests they kiss and make up already ...

Lani and Eli are glad they have come so far. He loves making his sweetheart smile. She giggles about Stefan walking into their South Beach scene … Stefan wins. The goon gets shot in the stomach but before he meets his maker he leers Chloe’s kids will never be safe … Ben gasps they have got to track who took Ciara from the airport. Hope still suspects him … Jordan claims she came just in time to save Ciara. But she did not see Ben bring her here. Ciara gets suspicious and asks to be untied. Jordan refuses … Back at DiMera mansion Kate asks Chad his plans for the company. He offered to leave his legacy for the woman he loves. He is awaiting word on her forgiveness. Kate counters all he did was for Abigail so what is taking her so long. But Chad has much to make up for … Abigail reasons Chad might resent her for making him give up his legacy. Julie disagrees. Abigail laments he also believed Gabi over her and took Charlotte out of her arms. How to overcome? … Eli’s phone rings. He and Lani are on their way to check out the club shooting … Chloe has called for the cops and ambulance. She tends to Stefan, who tells her she is safe. She fears for her family now … Ben dares Hope to arrest him and leers she has a lack of evidence. Hope still believes he set the fire and snatched her daughter. She vows to find her and hisses he had better not have harmed her. Then she goes with shadow Ted … Ciara screams to untie her. Jordan warns psycho Ben is going to snap. She senses that was why Ciara left Salem. She claims Ben told her. Ciara asks to be untied so she can return home. Jordan sighs ...

Back at DiMera mansion Kate muses they were all Gabi’s victims. Chad just wants to do right by his children. She warns Stefan would ruin the company. He could end up with nothing if Abigail still does not forgive him. He laments he has already lost it all … Julie blames Gabi although Chad did make some mistakes. Abigail adds she worked to get well but Chad did not believe in her. Julie reminds her to remember the better days. Abigail sighs Stefan came to Salem and ruined everything. He ruins lives … Lani and Eli arrive on the scene. Stefan gets sarcastic. Chloe praises Stefan for saving her from Mateo’s goons. Eli insists Stefan walk out to the ambulance with him. Chloe assures him she will be alright but tries to call after him a second later ... Hope has heard about the shooting, knows Eli and Lani have it covered, and keeps discussing Ciara with Ted. Her next step is to check the airport security footage … At the square Ben confronts the plainclothes cop Hope ordered to tail him, explains he is headed home and suggests he search for Ciara … Ciara snaps to cut her loose already. Jordan screams to do what she says. She believes only she will be able to deal with Ben by getting in his head. Growing up with Clyde was terrifying but she will keep everyone safe. Ciara suddenly realizes she was the one who brought her here. Her heart sinks ...

Chloe tells Lani and Eli the whole story and laments the cops cannot save her from the cartel! Lani thinks she was lucky Stefan was here … At the station Hope impatiently waits for the footage she feels will prove the perp who snatched Ciara was Ben. Ted plays devil’s advocate. What if Ben does care about Ciara and is not the right man? Hope just wants her daughter safe … Alone in his room Ben holds his framed photo of Ciara and wonders where she went … Ciara accuses Jordan of grabbing her from the airport and assures her she will avoid Ben. But vigilante Jordan believes she is the best woman for the job of saving Salem from Ben. She alludes to Abigail and what he did to her. then heads to town in her alluring red top, ignoring Ciara’s plea … Kate argues that Abigail makes Chad happy though she always thought he deserved better. She urges him not to be rash and quit cos this is his company, house and legacy as well. Stefan is simply Stefano and Viv’s illegitimate son. She tells Chad the rightful heir he will win … Julie assures Abigail she is here for her whatever she decides. She now gets a call from Eli about the chaos at the club. Julie is on her way. Abigail hears about the shocking shooting. Julie advises her to hang on to the one who loves her with everything. It's a wild world ...

Chad pouts at his chess set again. Kate gets notification of Stefan getting shot at Doug’s Place. He will survive. Chad says darn. Kate reminds him of his fighting spirit and appeals to that side of him for his family, for his legacy. Then she leaves … Back at the club Julie is horrified that someone died. She steps away to call Doug and the insurance company. Lani notes this night was Miami Vice. But she loved the picnic with Eli. He kisses her … Stefan is surprised to see Chloe in his hospital room. She sent the kids to Nancy in New York and apologizes for what happened. Stefan makes light of it as well as his heroics. She thanks him from the bottom of her heart … Hope has received the footage from the airport. She tells Ted she knows it will prove Ben snatched Ciara … Ben tries to call Ciara, who tries to reach her phone on the night table. It goes to voice mail. Ben promises to find her if she is in any trouble or was taken … An unexpected visitor arrives at Abigail’s door despite the late hour. Tis Jordan. Only problem is no one knows she is the new loon ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, February 5, 2019