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Episode 13,520
1440 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the chaotic club Chloe is terrified by the dagger. Stefan concludes the message means she is in danger and calms her. A couple of thugs come in, guns raised and order him to drop the phone … Claire apologizes to Tripp, who has been giving her the cold shoulder … Diana greets Roman at her door. John stops smiling … At the station Hope implores Marlena for something. Alas she cannot. Ted reasons she can speak if her patient is in danger. Marlena doubts he is … Blindfolded Ciara begs her captor not to harm her … Stefan puts down Chloe’s phone. The two men leer they will kill Chloe the same way she killed Mateo. Stefan meets their stare … John is surprised that Diana is Leo’s mother. She became Cooper from Colville when she wed. She refers to him as Roman so he replies he is John Black. She read it online as well as the news of his remarriage to Marlena. She knew he was never over her and recently ran into her. John suspiciously wonders where … Hope argues Ciara has vanished. Ted threatens to get a court order. Miffed Marlena stands up and suggests he do whatever … Claire apologizes for working with Ben to break up Tripp and Ciara. She smiles he was the one she wanted. He is mad about her manipulations and her choice of ally. He laments she made him lose Ciara. Claire believes he alone is to blame … Hope tries to stop Marlena, who insists confidentiality counts. Ted warns there could be a tragedy underway. Hope whispers to help her find her daughter … Diana admits to John she fibbed to Marlena about how she knew of her. John asks about her history since she left a last note and took off, not wanting to be found. She pouts she felt awful she accidentally shot him. He laughs she is not the only one to put a bullet in him. She flirts he looks the same and wonders why he came. It is about her son ...

Stefan is held under gunpoint by one thug while the other holds a gun and the dagger close to Chloe. Stefan slips her the letter opener from behind. He then mentions being the son of Stefano DiMera. The goons get nervous. He notes the phoenix is still alive and warns he would be unhappy if anything happened to her. They assume she is his woman … Diana gets defensive and makes light of Leo making moves on Brady. John argues Will and Sonny belong together. She accuses him of wanting dirt on Leo just like Will did. John laughs and does not deny it. For old times sake … Claire is sorry but she is still not the reason Ciara left Tripp. She left because he lied and planted fake evidence at the loft. Tripp snaps he is still convinced Ben was the real fire starter and dares her to tell him he is not dangerous …Claire remembers how mad Ben seemed when the truth came out. After Tripp left they argued and she told him to leave. Things escalated and he issued her an eerie warning …. Marlena believes Ben does care for Ciara and seeks to make things right. Ted suspects he intercepted her at the airport. Marlena must admit to curious Hope that he may have missed a few doses of his meds. Hope gasps that was what led him to abduct Ciara the last time … Ciara asks to be set free and cries when she gets gagged again. Nooooooo ...

At the square cafe, Tripp complains to Claire about Ben taking a creepy job with Stefan. Claire counters this is not about Ben. Tripp admits he himself did some dodgy things that backfired. Claire is already aware of the planted print on the accelerant. Tripp sighs and realizes she is right – she was not the reason he lost Ciara. She asks for another chance. Tripp suggests they just stay friends. She teases they are so much more since they made love. Tripp grins and accepts her apology. He cares for her and likes her company but no more games and no more lies. They hold hands … Stefan suggests the goons get lost if they wish to live. They suggest he find another senorita. Stefan warns he wants this one and his father and he will hunt them down … Hostage Ciara struggles in her bed as she is left again … Hope appreciates Marlena’s information. Marlena does not normally break her confidentiality rule and wishes her the best finding Ciara. She goes and Hope thanks Ted. He promises they will find her daughter. She gets a text about Ben being located and takes off. Shadow Ted insists on accompanying her … Diana flirts how to say no to John? He hopes she can give him something to help get Sonny out of his sham of a marriage to … Leo now arrives and hopes they were not discussing him behind his back. He looks from steely eyed John to his smitten mother. Diana explains they have history. John agrees. She adds he used to have a different name when she lived in Salem. Leo had no idea and hopes John was not attempting to take advantage. John drawls he is no user like him, asks Diana to consider, and warns no creep will get away with hurting his loved ones. He should ask Diana about that! He departs and Leo looks at her blushing face ...

Claire giggles they get a fresh start with no more secrets. Tripp was her inspiration to finish a love song. He sits closer for a listen as they share her earplugs … Stefan leers the DiMeras are more ruthless than any El Fideo. One of the gunmen loses his nerve and goes. The one with the dagger does not back down. Stefan’s hands are no longer tied behind his back. They are free and Chloe slips him back the letter opener. The clock is ticking … Hope and Ted search Ben’s room. She gets upset by a framed photo of him with Ciara. Nothing else is there. Except for Ben, who returns and demands an explanation. Hope demands her daughter who is missing. Ben insists he knows nothing. Hope eyes him … Ciara the hostage lets out a scream worthy of Xena Warrior Princess and keeps struggling with the ties that bind … John meets up with Marlena at the pub. He spoke with Leo’s mother. She muses she met her too and the fan then insisted they have a drink. John notes she used to know him as Roman. She is actually his ex aka Diana Colville … Leo has a drink and accuses John of wanting to ruin his life. He demands the details of Diana’s past with him. She admits they were romantically involved for a couple of years. She confirms it was serious. Leo suspects she still loves him ...

Stefan overpowers Mateo’s man before he can make good on his threat to cut Chloe's delicate throat. She gasps and almost faints. Stefan rushes to her side and starts to call for help. Chloe screams to look out as the goon raises his weapon with a BANG! Stefan turns slightly and takes the hit in his shoulder … Leo suspects his mother wants John Black back. Ominous music plays as she muses he is married. Leo quips that never stopped her before … Marlena is baffled by Diana lying who she was. John explains she claimed she wanted to spare her feelings. Marlena suspects she was sizing her up and assumes she had Leo after leaving Salem. John soap stares … Tripp loves the song. Claire smiles he was her inspiration. He wants to get together tonight. Claire explains Ciara is supposed to be back from South Africa but has yet to return to the loft. Hope was worried but Claire assumes she must be with Ben … Ben denies seeing Ciara. Hope heard from Marlena about his meds. Ben blasts her for the various violations of his rights and tells them all to go to hell. He starts to leave. Ted declares he is a danger to himself and others so he had better reveal the whereabouts of Hope’s daughter … Jordan removes the blindfold and gag from Ciara, who smiles, assuming the angel came to free her. But nothing could be further from the truth ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, February 4, 2019