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Episode 13,519
1440 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Diana greets Dr. Marlena by the Horton Plaque. Marlena does not seem to know her … At the Kiriakis mansion Leo drinks and mutters about his mother-in-law spooking him. Brady arrives, officially moving back with his bags! Leo is elated to meet him. Brady is less than friendly but Leo flirts … Chloe is on the phone with unseen Nancy as she approaches the club alone, complaining Doug and Julie have a date night so she has to cover the club solo. It could get crazy. When she walks in Stefan is waiting with a drink and bids her aloha … Hope ends a message to Ciara and wonders why she has not heard from her. Meanwhile hostage Ciara struggles and tries to scream … Chloe ends her call and wonders. Stefan explains he entered as love birds Eli and Lani were leaving. They are alone and he invites her to join him for a drink … Hope calls Claire, who has not seen or heard from Ciara. Ted suggests her fight was delayed so Hope calls the airline … Ciara’s captor plays mama Hope’s message for her … Chloe wants to get to work. Stefan suggests they have their own private party. She is not interested. He likes her face. Chloe claims she is busy and tells him to behave. He slurps with his straw and teases she might enjoy his company and be afraid to tell anyone. She gets sarcastic right back. He dares her to be brave so she agrees to one drink with him so he will stop bugging her. She carries the private party sign away as he pours her a cocktail with a glint in his eye … Diana explains she was a big fan of Dr. Marlena’s radio show. Marlena thanks her and wants to go on her way. Diana invites her for a drink … Brady checks the mail. Leo flirts some more. Brady wants to unpack and casually calls him a creep who tried to take away the family company. Leo argues Vivian made him do it. Brady boasts he buried that beech alive. Leo tries to touch his bicep so Brady warns he will be next ...

Chloe is sorting through the mail and sighs her house is a mess. This club is her place of peace and order. Stefan is amused and sips his drink. He heard about her having Holly. She gushes she loves raising both her and Parker but sometimes a parent needs a break. Perhaps Stefan will understand one day unless he sends his kids off to a nanny. Stefan pours out his heart. He felt so close to Charlotte and there would have been no nanny having her closer than him. Chloe reminds him he can still be her uncle. He laments Chad and Abigail will not let him near her and shows her the silver spoon he got her for Christmas. Chloe is sympathetic. Stefan suggests they toast to Charlotte. Chloe is sorry. He sincerely thanks her … Hope finds out Ciara’s flight did land long ago. She wonders to shadow Ted where oh where her daughter could be … Ciara flashes back to the cabin fire when she hears her captor light a match … Diana insists Marlena join her for a drink at the café to show her appreciation for her radio advice. It really helped her … Leo ignores Brady’s insistence he is not playing for his team and brazenly kisses him. John arrives and his eyes almost pop out of his head. Brady is beyond livid ...

At the square café Diana asks Marlena why her radio show ended. She missed one on one therapy and some of the fans were too intense. She wonders why Diana came to Salem from Chicago. To see her son who drives her insane. Marlena laughs and gushes she has got a daughter who has trouble follow her everywhere. Diana mentions her son is Matthew and then introduces herself as Diana Cooper. Marlena suddenly realizes Leo – aka Mathew Cooper – is that son. Diana remembers their recent run-in, how she threatened to expose his secret and ruin his new found rich life. Diana explains his name is now … Marlena notes Leo Stark … Brady cannot believe Leo’s stunt. Leo wonders about the silver fox. John slyly asks about his meeting with his mother. He confirms he was the P.I. who tracked him. Leo calls him a jerk. John grins. The target is getting rattled … Stefan boasts that DiMera will continue to prosper. Chloe points out so will Titan with Brady. They were married once. Stefan wonders why it ended. Chloe keeps opening mail and notes she and Brady are now closer than ever before. Stefan questions how close that really is … Ted tries to calm Hope but she fears Ciara went straight to Ben when she arrived in Salem and he was the real reason for her early return … Ciara’s leather clad captor is silent and puts a burning lantern on the table beside her bed. Dangerous drums play ...

Marlena informs Diana that Leo has made her grandson Will’s life hell since he blackmailed Sonny into marrying him. Diana has met Will and agrees he is a good man. She is sorry about what Matthew did but he will not listen to her. Marlena suggests she try again. His mother must have some influence over him. Diana smiles. Marlena now alludes to something in his past that might have made him vindictive. Was he traumatized? Since her radio show helped Diana she hopes Diana will help her by sharing more on Leo. Diana gets testy and notes neither would throw a bad child under the bus for a stranger. Then she proudly excuses herself … Leo excuses himself to get ready for bed and asks for cook to make him a sandwich. Brady is exasperated. John warns Brady being under the same roof as Victor will be no picnic either. And with Eve in town … Brady explains he is over Eve and seeing but just friends with Chloe … Chloe tells Stefan she and Brady are fine friends. He grins the best relationships begin that way. Chloe has been burnt and changes the subject to Stefan’s love life post Abigail. Stefan soap stares … Hope talks Stockholm syndrome applying to Ciara and Ben. She believes Ben might be with Ciara and make a call to someone who can help. Ted stays in her office … Brady quips he would hate to find a horse head or worse yet Leo in his bed. John laughs and then tells him about Leo’s mom, the tumultuous history between the two. Brady asks what she is like. John has yet to speak to her. He will keep him posted after he heads to the Salem Inn to meet her ...

Hope summons Marlena to the station, Ted seated faithfully at her side. Hope admits it is about Ben. Ciara’s plane landed but she has not made contact. Marlena soap stares when Madam Commissioner questions her on the last time she met with Ben and what he said about Ciara … Ciara whimpers. Her captor touches her head with a gloved hand … Stefan tops up the drinks. Chloe teases he should try online dating. He admits he feels bored and celibate but still loves the company of women. Chloe gives him a pep talk about being handsome, rich, rather famous and charming in his own right. Stefan loves hearing it. The mood is light until she opens an envelope that contains a familiar weapon and gasps oh my God. Tis the dagger with which she killed El Fideo! Stefan morphs into DiMera mode and probes. She remembers one of his men claimed she had signed her death warrant ... Stefan reaches for his phone to call the cops ... Leo has his sandwich and offers Brady a hand with his bag. Brady warns him against it. Leo grins his big daddy is gone. Brady calmly replies soon Leo will be gone and heads upstairs … Diana looks at an online article about the shooting at Marlena’s wedding … knock knock! She opens her door to John and smiles when he gasps Diana? She says hello and calls him Roman. John blinks. This was not who he was expecting … Marlena solemnly states she did have a session with Ben earlier in the day. Hope begs her to reveal whether he saw Ciara. She is desperate to locate her … The gag is removed from Ciara’s mouth. She asks why her captor is doing this and demands to know their identity ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, February 1, 2019