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Episode 13,518
1440 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Will intros himself to diva Diana at her suite. It’s about Leo … Matthew … who is married to his ex Sonny. She sighs he wants to warn her about Sonny. Actually he is here to ask her to save Sonny from Leo … Leo is drowning his sorrows at the Kiriakis mansion and warns smug Sonny he will make him pay! Here comes Adrienne … Hope is on the phone with Ted thanking him for the relaxing dinner. He asks to discuss something after he meets a client. She will see him at the station. Eli demands to know what is going on between her and Ted … Ben comes early to see Dr. Marlena and he is desperate. He is trying to fight his feeling of losing it again and needs her help … Sonny grins to impressed Adrienne that John was able to track Leo’s mom who is now in Salem. They laugh about Leo not wanting her here. She says niiiiice when he adds he is paying for her hotel room and hopes Will can get something from her. Will is with her as they speak … Diana allows Will to enter her room. He updates her on Leo’s fake sexual harassment lawsuit against Sonny and adds he also trapped him into a loveless marriage. Diana listens … Hope denies anything between her and Ted. She is miffed Eli ever assumed they were having an affair. But she now considers Ted a friend so Eli reminds her that snake defended Ben … Marlena bids Ben sit and makes him take a deep breath. He admits he was happy a month ago. She smiles. He had a good job working for Stefan. Marlena stops smiling. Ben sadly states he was dating Ciara but now lost his job plus the worst thing is Ciara left him. He cannot bear it ...

Marlena probes. Ben sighs they had a fight. He wanted to make things right and asked Hope where she was. Hope would only say Ciara went to see Theo. And what was the cause of their argument? Something he did for Stefan. Something illegal? Everything was above board … until Stefan had him abduct Gabi Hernandez. Marlena is shocked. He assures her he only brought the girl to Stefan, who tied her up. She was unharmed and Stefan released her. Of course Hope found out and let Ciara know all about it … Eli is astounded when Hope informs him she suggested Ted defend Ben so she could get him to flip the felon. It was a bust but Ted did try … Diana sensed tension between her son and Sonny. Her son accused Sonny of tracking her down to cause trouble. Will confirms he got his grandma’s private detective hubby to help find her so she could help them with Leo. Diana notes Leo must have something on Will as well. Will admits he and Sonny believed at one point that they had killed him … Adrienne is cutting out a peanut butter coupon. Sonny teases her for trying to save. He also grumbles about Leo but will not elaborate. Mama makes him spill. He stammers and spills Leo is pressuring him to sleep with him … Will updates Diana on the day Leo attacked him. Sonny pulled him off but Leo fell and hit his head. They believed he was dead. Diana does the math. Will laments the lawsuit would have made it look like murder. They rolled the body up in the rug but it vanished. Diana deduces then Leo came back to blackmail. When Will mentions the damning photos from Ted Laurent, Diana does a double take. Ted Laurent?!

Back at the station Hope insists Ted is not a problem. Eli hopes Rafe will return soon cos he knows Ted is trying to wine and dine her. Hope sighs they are only friends. Eli wonders whether Ted knows. Enter curious Ted. Hope fibs she was referring to her busy schedule. Eli exits. Ted now claims he wants to work with her … Marlena certainly agrees with Ciara’s apprehension about Ben’s job with Stefan. Ben explains he got fired when Chad took over but was already going to quit. He went to tell Ciara but she was angry about his deal with sneaky Claire. Marlena sides with Ciara. Ben wants to be the better man he was with her. Without Ciara he fears the monster Ben could come back … Lani wonders why the club is closed for a private party. She was supposed to meet Eli and enters. He awaits with a beach ball, swimsuit and beachy setting. This is his idea of Miami, along with tropical cocktails. Lani laughs and drinks up … Diana smoothly states she only knows Ted from reading he repped Ben Weston. They set that psycho free! Will refers to Ted and Leo as co-conspirators. Diana digests the detail … Ted wants to be a better man thanks to Hope and tells her he could replace Trask. She reminds him he is defense but he gushes he wants to fight for the good guys … Will believes Leo is now working alone. Diana wonders why her son would be so obsessed with Sonny. For the name, power and money. Diana proudly points out they were somewhat wealthy but Leo was spending like mad so she had to cut him off. He still hates her for it. Will is not surprised. She even paid for his expensive art projects but he had no talent so she had to stop. Will appeals to her to help them stop Leo even though he is her son. Diana pauses.

Bikini Lani is relaxing at the fake beach with Eli. She would love to visit Miami with him for real. He looks forward to it. She looks forward to him meeting her mom and knows she will love him as much as she does. Eli asks her to repeat that last part … Marlena is concerned Ben feels he could kill again. He denies it. However without Ciara he is a ship without an anchor. Marlena urges him to find himself from within. Ben understands but feels like he is dying inside … Diana announces she will also listen to Leo’s side of the story. For all she knows the so-called self-defense was an attack. She now wonders what she would be able to do as she has no influence over her son. Will elaborates. Sonny noticed Leo become agitated about his mom and called her a monster. Diana sighs he has said worse to her. Will is sorry. She tells him she is tough. Will seeks ammo against Leo and hopes she will share ...

Adrienne is cutting coupons when Leo calls her mother Kiriakis and gets a drink. She waves the scissors at him and hisses time to get something straight … Diana sighs it would serve Leo right. However she loves him as her flesh and blood. Will reasons what he is doing is wrong and she could stop him. She refuses as Will argues and orders him out. Then she soap stares … As smooth Ted states his case to Hope, she gets a return call from Theo. She seems surprised, then says to send her Ciara’s itinerary immediately. Ted hears how her daughter left South Africa and was supposed to have landed in Salem hours ago. Hope wonders why she did not get in touch … Ben decides to depart. Marlena asks about his support system. Alas papa Clyde is in the slammer and Jordan is elsewhere. She suggests he reach out to his sister. He is heading to the homeless shelter. She hands him another prescription and urges him to take his meds. The next prescription is at no cost. She can see him twice a week. Ben thanks her. She assures him she is here for him. He pauses at the door and then keeps going but is he on the right road? ... Lani gushes she loves Eli Grant. He loves her right back and kisses her … Leo looks at the scissors as Adrienne warns him she will make him regret it if he tries to consummate with Sonny … Will calls waiting Sonny and confirms Diana clearly has dirt on Leo. The plan continues … At the square Diana acts sweetly surprised when she runs into Marlena … Hope leaves Ciara a message about hearing she was coming home. She looks forward to seeing her soon. If only she knew the truth - tragically Ciara is all tied up and blindfolded ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, January 31, 2019