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Episode 13,517
1420 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Marlena is on the phone with unheard unseen Sami. She promises to keep an eye on Will and gushes it sounds like she has a good support team with her. After the call, Dr. Sarah states she has an agitated teen patient. Marlena agrees to help. Sarah now mentions Eric … Eric glumly watches the game on TV as Rex asks for restaurant advice. Eric sarcastically answers. Rex hopes he does not mind him bringing his date back after … Tripp and Claire cuddle on the couch after the lovin. She gushes they got the place to themselves. Knock knock … Chez JJ Haley offers to make dinner. He suggests she do less work. She knows he is breaking the law by hiding an illegal and wonders whether he wants her to leave. On the contrary and he has an idea … At the pub Adrienne praises Jen for getting the scoop then gets an earful about Eve suggesting Jack run as the clean slate candidate … Jack is reading about mercenary Xander online. Eve tries to cuddle, then gets tense. He senses the guy is bad news and asks what he wanted from her. He smells a secret. Eve admits there is something she is keeping from him … Claire and Tripp get dressed in a hurry. Ben is at the door gasping he has to talk to Claire about Ciara … Eve claims Xander was after an affair with her but she turned him down. Jack is the one that she wants. She touches his face … Jen points out Jack is sounding power hungry like the time he bought the Spectator from Diana to kill every bad story. Perhaps it is too late … Eve kisses Jack and he kisses her back ...

Marlena suggests Sarah be seated. Sarah fears she ruined her friendship with Eric. Marlena knows better and smiles to try talking to him. Her smile fades when Sarah adds she reconciled with Rex … Eric quips he cares not if Rex wants to make out in his living room with Sarah. Roman now arrives with snacks and plops on the sofa to watch the game with his sons. He notices they are not exactly speaking … Ben begs Claire to help him reach Ciara. She acts busy but he reminds her she owes him. Tripp thinks not so Ben explains Claire recruited him to break up Ciara and Tripp. Ciara found out and that was why she left. Tripp is aghast … JJ reasons Uncle Justin is a lawyer who could help Haley. Haley thinks her lawyer sister would have helped if it had been possible. JJ suspects her power hungry sister only wants to help herself … Jack excitedly stops and informs Eve there could be a way to get his memories back. He wants to know whether Xander ever mentioned Rolf’s serum. Eve denies it and adds his work was a secret. Jack heard he wrote his formulas in diary that was misplaced at the hospital. Eve acts innocent … Adrienne tries to give Jen a pep talk but she believes Jack has really given up … Jack obsesses over Jen telling him of the serum. Eve claims the past is not that important. She hugs him, smiles he has a second chance with her and kisses him again …

Sarah senses something from Marlena … Roman is happy to hear that Rex is back with Sarah and asks Eric his view. Eric calls it great, keeps eating and walks off to pay some bills. So he says. Roman glances at Rex with a what da hell … Claire calls Ben a liar and begs Tripp to believe her. She snaps at Ben to shut up so Tripp deduces it was true. Ben blames her for pushing him to do her bidding. Claire attempts to defend her actions to Tripp but he walks out … Haley does not want to believe her sister would want her to get deported. JJ points out she put her under extreme pressure. Haley is upset he is blaming her for her problems and regrets opening up to him now … Eve and Jack are on the bed about to make out. He suddenly stops, stammers he has to be alone and bolts … Rex updates Roman on Sarah and Xander. Roman can hardly keep a straight face, then hears how Rex cheated with Sarah’s sister … Sarah thinks Marlena thinks she is making a mistake. Marlena asks how she feels. Sarah mentions Maggie’s theory that she thinks she deserves only Rex. Does Marlena think she and Eric can be friends again? Marlena is encouraging … JJ swears Haley can trust him. She tells her hopeful hero this is not something he can save her from. He mentions legal loopholes and adds she is an asset to the country. She fears there would be no mercy and departs. JJ is unable to stop her … Jen laments to Adrienne that Eve turned Jack against her. In walks Jack, who heads to the bar. Adrienne reminds him they are siblings and smothers him with a hug. She perceives he is shivering and invites him to join her and Jen at their table. He takes a long look at Jen, makes up an excuse and takes off in his torment. Ponytail Jen blames herself and pouts she cannot pull him back anymore …

JJ toys with his guitar. Jack shows up at his door to talk … Haley sadly sits alone at the park. Along comes Tripp. He can see something is troubling her. Him too … Back at the loft, the now loveless Claire screams at Ben and assumes he hates her. He explodes this is about Ciara. He needs her to make Ciara see that she orchestrated the breakup plan not him. When she blurts out Ciara could be with Theo, he starts to snap. When she tugs at his arm to get out he thunders not to touch him and rages at the “little beech.” Claire cringes ... Roman sincerely hopes Rex and Sarah are able to fix things as his son clearly wants to … Marlena is surprised that Eric did not state how he felt to Sarah and knows he would want her to work through her relationship rough patch. The girl is relieved to hear it … Jack lets JJ know he feels a kind of connection with him. They are both happy to have each other here now … Tripp confides to Haley he made a major mistake by letting his girl get away and fooling around with another … Ben holds Claire by the wrists. She wants him to let go. He dangerously lowers his voice and states the way she treats him has to stop. She wonders or what. He whispers she would not wanna know ...

Roman is still watching the game on TV and eating. Eric emerges and wonders where Rex went. To pick up Sarah for their date. Roman is sympathetic since Rex informed him of the situation with Sarah. Eric pouts and asks him to pass the nachos … Rex startles Sarah at work to let her know he cannot wait for tonight. She feels the same way … Back at the pub Jen believes she should just be happy that Jack is alive. But it is hard having him near yet far. Adrienne hugs her in support … Jack and JJ have a beer together. Jack goes first and asks his son what is bothering him. He laments he had a spat with Haley. He now knows what has been troubling her. Jack wonders what it is and assures his son he can trust and talk to him. JJ considers. He could use some advice … Haley alludes to things backfiring. Tripp tries to make her feel better by inviting her out for the free meal the restaurant owes him. She accepts … Strange music plays. Claire is afraid. Very afraid. Ben is desperate to get Ciara to forgive him. She warns him Ciara does not forgive. Ben notes he cannot handle Ciara hating him, ominously alludes to doing something, and walks out. Claire gasps "Oh My God!" Bad ass Ben is on the move, destination unknown ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, January 30, 2019