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Episode 13,517
1420 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


JJ waits and paces at his pad. Haley returns and wants to shower. He insists they continue the conversation … Will calls Sonny from the pub with the best news. John located Leo’s mom … Meanwhile mommy dearest is on the Kiriakis doorstep face to face with frazzled Leo … At the apartment Eric looks astounded that Sarah and Rex actually reconciled. Sarah tries to explain. Rex asks his brother why the long face … Haley plans to handle her own problem but JJ cares … Eric is silent. Sarah suspects he hates her for being with Xander. He notes that is not the way he feels about her at all. She reminds him of his raging reaction. The former father admittedly felt protective and a bit to blame. She insists being with Xander was her own mistake and excuses herself to head to the hospital. Rex kisses his lady doctor and she tells him to text her … Sonny gasps in glee this could be it! He asks if John is with the lady. Will only knows he is on his way home. Sonny gushes Will means everything. Will would do anything for the Sonny he loves and ends the call. Marlena hopes this will spell the end of Leo. So does Will … Leo steps outside. Leo’s mom explains she was followed by a man asking after him and she came to warn him. He panics when she goes inside the warmer mansion to keep talking … JJ will not judge. Haley explains she was born in Beijing. Dad was from China, mom was a Filipina. She left her family behind to be with the man she loved in China but he was distant. When Haley was small her mom took her to the states and there they stayed. She had an all American upbringing until … Her dad died in a car crash and then her mom lost her fight with cancer. Before she passed she handed Haley an envelope with money and instructions to contact her sister in the states. JJ wonders. She laments she was less than welcoming about her illegal sibling ...

Sarah arrives at work, where Maggie updates her on hearing from old pal Liz, who told her about Rex and Noelle’s fling. Sarah is still unable to speak to her sister. Maggie notes Liz was disapproving but hopes the sisters will make up. Sarah doubts it. The redhead adds Rex is a womanizing liar so thank heavens he is out of her life. Sarah replies they reconciled. Maggie’s eyes widen … Rex tries to make things right with Eric and points out Sarah in her personal life is a retaliator, unlike Sarah the healer. He tells Eric he himself is to blame for her being with Xander … John enters the pub and kisses the woman he loves. How he missed her beautiful face! He sits with her and Will to share his intel. But before they can begin Melinda Trask appears asking for a word with Marlena. The two women step out. John admits to surprised Will he neither spoke to or saw Leo’s mom … Leo’s mom admires the swanky living room and gets a drink, much to Leo’s dismay. He wishes she would leave before … Sonny walks in and smugly asks Leo who his little friend is. Leo cringes … Outside Trask stares down Marlena, who is baffled by her request. Marlena announces she supports Abe. Melinda brings up her sessions with sister Haley, who spilled her immigration status. She threatens to sue her should she share that detail with a single soul … JJ is sorry that Haley’s sister let her down. Melinda acted like she was a burden but put her through nursing school and helped her so long as she avoided her. When she decided to run for mayor, however, she was too much of a political liability. She felt alone and saw only one escape to avoid being deported. Death.

Will wonders. John explains Diana confronted his contact about why he was tailing her and gave him the slip. He suspects she is in Salem as they speak … Leo lies this woman is a professional shopper and suggests she leave. She gushes at her Matthew and Sonny realizes … She confirms he is her son and introduces herself to new husband Sonny as Diana Cooper. Leo snaps she was about to leave. Sonny sweetly suggests she stay so she can tell him all about Leo … Rex apologies for the complications. Eric lies he is happy he and Sarah made up. Rex requests another favor. Can he stay friends with Sarah? It would make him so happy and he implores him to try. Eric finds it hard to refuse … Maggie cannot believe Sarah actually agreed to give Romeo Rex another chance! Sarah seems to have switched from fury to forgiveness. The redhead notes at least she did not sleep with his brother the way he slept with her sister. She admits she did try and sniffles. Maggie is relieved at least he turned her down and assures Sarah he understood she was acting out in her heartbreak. Sarah explains he seemed understanding until … he caught her in the sack with Xander. Maggie gasps in horror … Diana would be delighted to tell Sonny all of her son’s tidbits, including the time …. She suggests he get a drink first. Leo flies at Sonny for setting this up. He will not let him use his mother against him. She would never hurt him! Diana suggests he let her speak for herself … Sonny now gets an urgent text from Will and excuses himself for a moment. Leo tries to kick his mom out. She smacks him when he grabs her arm and calls him a BRAT!

In the foyer Sonny calls Will, who warns Leo’s mom might be en route to Salem. Sonny explains she already arrived and Leo is desperate to stop her from talking … Diana tells off Leo the leech for his disrespect, condescension and makes him apologize. He does and she warns she could blow his swanky setup with Sonny sky high. Sonny returns with a smile and wonders what he missed. Diana gives grim Leo a knowing look … Eric suggests Rex focus on his relationship with Sarah. Rex also apologizes for wrongly assuming there was something between them. He realizes he was wrong and is relieved. That would be too hard to handle … Maggie fears Sarah is only turning to Rex again as she thinks she does not deserve better. She weeps she deserves a man who loves, cherishes and respects her … Haley realizes what she tried was wrong. Talking to Marlena helped. JJ is very relieved to hear it. She assures him only he and Marlena know her secret and Marlena is bound by her oath. She sure hopes she can trust JJ …

Back at the apartment, Eric wants Rex to know he would never take advantage of Sarah. Rex knows it and notes his brother sleeping with her would have been the worst scenario. He goes on his merry way as Eric ponders … Sarah lists Rex’s good qualities and assures mama Maggie he loves her. She knows what she is doing. Maggie only wants her girl happy and asks if this is truly what her heart desires. Sarah is paged, hugs her, and heads to work. Maggie is in tears … Marlena laughs about Melinda only caring about her clean slate as a mayoral candidate, hence her warning. Melinda coldly thanks her for helping her little sister and marches off … JJ tenderly tells Haley her secret is safe for she can trust him. They share a heartfelt hug and she puts her head on his shoulder … Diana sweetly states she is tired from her journey. Sonny invites her to stay at the mansion. She would prefer a hotel. Sonny gushes to get the Salem Inn to charge everything under his name. She graciously thanks him for his generosity, noting no wonder Leo feels so lucky. She then coldly informs her cringing son nice to see him, claims they have catching up to do and sweeps out. Sonny smiles like the cat that just swallowed the canary ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, January 29, 2019