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Episode 13,516
1420 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the square Jack claims he will have a clean platform. Jen warns him Eve is all about her own agenda. He wishes she would believe he was smart enough to see through people! Jen has known Eve since high school and senses she is up to something ... Xanda awaits Eve and their unfinished business. He wonts something … Sonny texts Will asking whether John found out anything. Will texts back he is meeting Marlena. Leo spies Sonny texting and taunts not to stop … In Marlena’s office she admits to Will that John needs more to go on. Will sighs Leo is driving Sonny mad. Marlena tries to be upbeat. Will feels the mother lead might be the last … Rex catches Sarah holding soulful Eric’s hand. What the hell, says he! Eric acts innocent but Rex believes he knows better and demands to know how long they have been deceiving him … Will lets Marlena know that Leo even alluded to wanting to off his mother. Marlena listens and asks on John’s behalf if there is more. Alas Leo only opened up that one time as he was not sober. Marlena believes his mother will have some insight. She gives Will a pep talking about couples overcoming and she speaks from super couple experience. Will smiles he loves remembering how much she means to him. Ditto … Sonny ties his bathrobe and snaps at Leo to back off. Leo laments he also was turned down by … Sonny is stunned it was Xander … Xander reminds Eve of their deal. He got her Jack and she agreed to give him something to make Vic make him CEO. But Brady got the job! Eve hisses he was the one who blew it. He shows her he has Dr. Rolf’s diary and she struggles to snatch it back … Rex implores Sarah and Eric to be honest. Eric insists this was an innocent moment. Rex notes Sarah seems nervous and pouts he found protection in her room. She acts indignant. He confronts Eric and she blurts out she was with Xander. Rex gasps that is the guy who killed Nicole and assumes Eric is upset. Eric confirms as much and glares at her. Rex wonders how he found out. Eric snaps to ask Sarah himself and storms out ...

Jen notes Jack is still unaware of who he was. He accuses her of siding with Abe and only focusing on his failures. He refuses to give up bff Eve … Eve cries that is hers! Xander laughs she stole it same as him and flirts to come and get it. She jumps him and they fall … Marlena and Will warmly hug. He hopes to hear news from her soon and leaves as Eric enters. Marlena sees something is troubling her son. He complains about what Sarah did … Sarah acts defiant. She thinks Rex thinks this makes them even. She screams what he did was worse. He admits he assumed she was with Eric and explains Eric the good does not get why people do mean things to one another. It appears she hurt herself and Eric more than she hurt Rex … Xander teases Eve and she calls him a pig. He points out he gave her her power. From now on he gets wot he wonts his way. She claims she cannot get him hired. Xander taunts he could take her down … Jack stands up and snaps to Jen he cannot get his memory back. Jen begs to differ and indicates Will Horton standing nearby …

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Sonny sarcastically reminds Leo that Xander is straight. Leo comes clean about almost giving Xander the damning pictures of Sonny and threatens to give them to the cops or the press unless Sonny gives him a little love. Sonny turns him down. Leo warns he will never be with Will anyway and points out prison would not be kind. He promises to keep it a secret … Jen reintroduces Jack to Will, who updates Jack on Dr. Rolf’s miracle memory drug. Jack is intrigued. Jen explains the FDA took it. Will mentions Rolf’s notes. Jen sighs they were lost. Jack asks Will how it has been getting his memory back. Will admits the memories flooded back along with regrets. One remembers how one hurt loved ones. Jack considers … Xander leers Eve will lose Jack when he gets his happy memories back and returns to his family. Eve argues Xander should leave Salem since the whole town loathes him. He grins expect for one … Sarah refuses to speak about Eric. Rex would rather discuss their future … Eric tells Marlena of Sarah’s support but then he found her in the sack with Xander. Marlena wonders what it has to do with him. Sarah made a pass at him first after she found out Rex had slept with her sister. Marlena is not surprised the girl was distraught. She wonders whether Eric is bothered because of Sarah being with Xander or because of Sarah being with anyone. The ex-priest takes pause …

Eve would choose death over being with Xander! He wants something else from her. He will be in touch when he has details … Rex admits he was about to apologize to Sarah. How he has missed her! He blames himself for her turning to Xander instead of him. He announces he would do anything and asks for one more chance … Eric insists he loves only Nicole. He is not the kind of man who moves on so soon. Marlena suspects he is feeling guilty. If he has formed a special friendship with Sarah, it is certainly not a Nicole betrayal. Sarah helped him through a trying time and Nicole would want him to be happy again. A frown creases his brow in consternation. He reasons Rex is desperate to get her back and even asked for his help. He will not hurt his brother the way he hurt Brady. Marlena reasons denying his feelings did not help Brady so it stands to reason that denying his feelings for her will not help his other brother Rex. Eric looks torn …

Rex promises to be true from this moment. Sarah weeps why did he cheat? He feared their commitment but fears losing her even more. He has seen the light. His life without her has no meaning. He promises to love and cherish her, making up for the past pain. She keeps crying. He knows he does not deserve her forgiveness but loves her completely. Forever … Sonny informs Lothario Leo that he will never betray Will’s trust for he is still married to him in his heart. Leo warns he might let his precarious pictures go public. Sonny counters he could lose the high life with champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Leo will think about it and leaves, adding he might even surprise him. But he seems to have backed off … Back at the sparkly square, Will assures Jack he is here if he should need to talk. Jack shakes his hand and thanks him. Once alone with Jen, he accusingly asks why she did not speak to him of the serum. She wishes he would believe she only wanted to give him hope. However, he does not act anything like the heroic Jack who cared for his family and integrity. This devil may care character standing before her is no one she knew or even wants to know. She takes her tragic leave as Jack sighs … Jack now returns to the suite and wonders why Xander is there. He claims he came by to say hello. Eve explains he is leaving Salem. Xander wishes them both the best and departs with the diary. Eve can only watch in horror … Sonny calls Will and updates him on Leo’s latest antics. He is a loose cannon! Will offers to secretly meet but Sonny cannot risk it today. They exchange I love yous. Back at the pub, Marlena comes in from the cold with big news for Will. John located Leo’s mother … Ding dong! Leo hopes for Xandy but gets a mother of a surprise … Eric comes home to the sight of Sarah and Rex smooching. Rex gushes she is giving him another chance. Sarah and Eric’s sad eyes lock ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, January 28, 2019