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Episode 13,515
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Haley gets ready for work and remembers the beautiful music she and JJ made together. He comes in carrying a couple of chocolate lattes. He saw the Spectator headline and Abe has a mayoral rival. Haley hangs her head … Jen approaches Abe and asks for a statement on Trask running against him … Eve listens to recorded Jack stating his case for change for Salem. She gushes he is gonna be the new mayor and they hug … Chloe congratulates Brady when he shows up at the club to share he is new CEO of Titan … Eric remembers seeing Sarah with Xander and hurls his mug across the room. Rex wonders what has him so irked … Sarah dreams of Eric but finds nekid Xander back in her bed! He hopes for another round … Abe calls Melinda’s campaigning cynical and wonders why Jen never gave him the heads up … Eve insists on uploading Jack’s statement, then sees … Haley acts like she thinks JJ means Jack. Nope and he knows she already knew … Apologetic Jen assures Abe she will print whatever he says. He claims Trask is too cold to be mayor. Trask stomps up and gets in his face … Haley sighs to JJ she was hoping her sister would change her mind. JJ senses more. She excuses herself to work, thanks him for the coffee, gets her coat and runs … Eve growls about ex D.A. Trask declaring her candidacy. Jack is horrified to hear she once went after Abigail. He suggests he run as an independent. Eve suggests they fight with all their might and urges him to believe in himself …

Chloe hugs Brady. She believes Victor will respect him as his own man. Brady is grateful for her support … Eric cleans up the broken mug, complaining about the coffee. Rex knows something is off. Sarah is mentioned. Rex reasons he needs to get her back and asks how to proceed. Eric hisses he wants nothing to do with either of them and storms out … Sarah calls Xander a drunken mistake. He teases it will be their secret and argues he is betta for her than the idiot brothas. Sarah seems tempted, then screams to get out … Eve gives Jack a pep talk about being the best person for the job. Melinda will shoot herself in the foot. If not … bang! Eve and Jack giggle … Trask tells off Jen for failing to report the mayor’s shortcomings. Jenny retorts she prints the truth! Trask cackles but not the real reason Xander walked - meaning the mistake from the mayor’s office. Abe fumes … Chloe appreciates Brady’s support and hands him this month’s payment. He tears up the check and tells the friend who has been his rock the debt is cancelled. She adds he was her rock too when Lucas left her. He alludes to the fact that the right guy could be nearby. Xander interrupts the almost moment and orders a tequila. Chloe tells him the club is still closed. He settles for coffee. Chloe has to take Holly to Maggie and leaves Brady to handle him. Brady suggests he scram but Xander boasts they have business …

Sarah sadly remembers Eric’s rage … Rex believes he and Sarah can work things through. Eric snaps to do so without him and ties his shoelaces. Rex agrees. He assumed Eric and Sarah were close. Eric denies it. Rex heads off to find her. Eric soap stares …Trask leers Abe should explain why he even deserves to stay mayor and walks away. Jack appears with Eve and Abe is elated to see him. Jen informs Jack that Abe is their dear mayoral friend. Eve declares Mayor Jack Devereaux has a ring to it … Xander offers Brady his corporate dirt on DiMera provided he bring him on board at Titan. Brady retorts he has an opening in the cleaning dung department for him cos he is full of it … Chloe runs into Rex at the Kiriakis mansion and is surprised he only brought Sarah a bouquet of flowers to make up. She assumed his priestly brother would have better advice. Rex heads upstairs to try … Meanwhile Eric opens his door to Sarah … Xanda is done with the disrespectful jokes. Brady calls him a liability and kicks him out. Xander warns him that was a mistake and leers last time he left it was with Nicole’s taped confession. He claims he neva leaves empty handed and exits … Rex realizes Sarah is not in her room and then finds the condoms on the floor that Xander dropped …

Eric wishes Sarah had not come. She came to return his shirt, walks in and wishes they could be close like before. He notes there is nothing she can say! Sarah apologizes and explains she was drunk. Eric closes the door. She hopes they can overcome. He will never forget the sight of her with Xander! She appeals to his compassion. He rubs his forehead. She scoffs so she is a bad person who hurt him. He exclaims damn right she hurt him … Abe is flabbergasted. Jen tries to talk Jack out of it. Eve gushes he will be as great a mayor as he was an assemblyman. Jen wants a word alone. Jack agrees so Eve gives them 5 minutes. Abe discreetly departs. Jack wonders why Jen feels he would be a bad mayor … Trask strategizes with her campaign manager and ends her call. Haley happens by. Trask tells her to stay away and offers her money for a place to live. Haley glows. She is staying with JJ. Trask hopes she told the ex-cop nothing. Haley confesses she came clean in a session with Dr. Marlena but she is bound by doctor patient confidentiality. Trask warns her the stakes are high. Haley owes her much and promises not to cause her problems. Trask tells her to take care. After she leaves JJ appears and asks about the exchange. He followed her cos she forgot her phone. Haley gasps she has to get to work. He called to tell her about her phone and found out her shift is not even soon. JJ senses she is in trouble and offers to be her rock. He tenderly takes her hand and urges her to open up to him. She admits he was right and alludes to criminality …

Jen sits with Jack and gushes he would make a wonderful mayor. But with his history he would lose an election. He notes because of what he did to Kayla. He insists he is the clean slate candidate. Jen warns him when he worked with his dad his company dumped toxic chemicals in the Salem water. It gave Abigail aplastic anemia. He is horrified he poisoned their daughter. Jen assures him she recovered with a bone marrow transplant. But such things would come out in a campaign. Is he really ready for that? … Realizing he was too late, Rex hands Chloe the flowers and leaves the Kiriakis mansion … Eric is appalled that Sarah chose Xander, the man responsible for Nicole’s death, after Eric turned her down! She admits she also wanted to hurt Eric … Jack really regrets his mistakes but he will fight for his platform. Jen cares only about him and reminds him Eve failed to tell him of such things. That woman is using him! He snaps Jen does seem to think he is smart enough to see through her … Eve is horrified to find Xander lying in wait in her room. He drawls they have unfinished business … Haley pouts JJ would not understand her plight. He urges her to trust in him so she confesses she is an illegal. If anyone knew it would ruin everything for her sister. JJ snaps to hell with her sister. The girl takes off … Back at the club, Chloe is relieved Brady got Xander to leave. He spies the flowers and asks if she has a secret admirer. Perhaps … Sarah gets choked up about her feelings for Eric and takes his hand when he wonders. Enter Rex, who jumps to the wrong conclusion, having found condoms on her floor ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, January 25, 2019