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Episode 13,514
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Pretty in pink Claire sings like a songbird. Tripp comes home and she laments her lyrics are wrong. She notices his bandage and blames the cook. Tripp tells her about the cute nurse ... Haley is cooking up a storm for JJ when something smokes in the oven. JJ chuckles … At the square Hope tells Ted it surprised her to see him with Kate DiMera … Gabi leaves Kate an anxious message about the board decision and ends her call. She asks Eli where Rafe is. Overseas helping Sami with Johnny. He warns Gabi she might have made him mad with her actions … At Horton house Jen ends a call about the Trask story coming out overnight. She then smiles as Abigail admires baby clothes Chad bought for Charlotte. Jen wonders whether the gesture worked … Stefan and Chad are seated at the chess set awaiting the board’s decision. They get their respective texts and take a look. Who shall be in charge of DiMera …? ... Abigail keeps folding baby clothes and updates mama Jen on still loving Chad. But she needs peace and stability. Who knows what will come now that he and Stefan are feuding … Both Chad and Stefan will be working together as co-CEOs. Stefan is smug. Chad makes a face … Gabi thinks she will hear from Rafe as he loves her no matter what mistake she makes. Eli quips she drugged Abigail, changed test results and hurt his grandma. She denies it and calls Julie an old bat. Eli is not impressed. She gets a text and takes off … Ted had no idea Hope was watching and asks why it bothered her that he spoke with Kate. She gives the smooth operator a look and reminds him as per his story Kate helped Stefan have him abducted. Ted does not deny it and calls their relationship complex. They went from business to bed partners … Abigail assures Jen she will not allow the kids to be at DiMera mansion. And Chad is determined to stay at the mansion so Stefan does not get everything. Who knows how long it will be …

Stefan refuses to give up his half and reminds Chad he was the one who originally reached out. Chad urges him to walk away from this place that caused him such pain … JJ enjoys the chicken with linguini. Haley gushes she had a good looking patient today. JJ seems jealous and hears it was cousin Tripp. He teases he is better looking and keeps eating … Claire asks Tripp about the cute nurse and how much he cares about Haley. He mentions moving on and she wonders about moving on with her, not the new girl. Can he not feel their connection? She gets closer and bats her baby blues, wondering whether it is one sided. Tripp sighs, mentions Ciara moving back but she suggests they not let her stand in their way. She might never move back … Haley updates JJ on the Europeans getting pasta from the Chinese, how she learned to cook from her mom. JJ is curious. She is more curious about his time with Jack today, what they discussed. Jack decided he might run for mayor. They also spoke of their love lives. Haley innocently wonders ... Abigail admits to Jen she is worried Chad might revert to revenge against Stefan …Stefan drinks up and hands Chad a drink as his brother urges him to withdraw. Gabi walks in, all about ME ...

Hope hears from Ted that he and Kate are over, as per her. He knowingly notes she looks relieved. She calls Kate dangerous. Ted teases she seemed a tad jealous. Hope calls that a joke and claims she is happily married to wonderful Rafe. Ted now hears he is not in the country now and boldly asks her out for dinner … Chad informs Gabi she can keep her company. Stefan begs to differ for he had big plans for Gabi Chic. Gabi warns him what happened to Andre when he tried to take her company. She announces she is a new woman and will not be pushed around by any DiMera … Abigail admits she needs to be able to trust Chad as the man she first fell for. Jen can relate. Abigail deduces she has dad on her mind and asks about the progress. Alas there is no serum from Rolf available from the FDA. In addition his diary is missing. Abigail believes if they look hard enough they will find the real Jack somewhere in there … JJ alludes to making mistakes in his youth. Haley asks about the worst one. He admits his affair with Eve. Haley notes the witch is now with his dad! JJ points out it is a part of his past he is not proud of. Her daughter was his sweetheart. Haley is flabbergasted. JJ laments Paige was lost to them all when she was murdered. Haley is so sorry and asks for their love story. JJ calls Paige a good person and the girl who pushed him into playing guitar. Haley asks him to play. She does not have to ask twice … Gabi knows Chad did not offer her her company out of kindness. He drawls he did want her out of his life but now he is busy having to do business with Stefan. He walks off and Stefan taunts he will take her beloved brand apart … unless she resigns … Hope has work to do and wants facetime with Ciara, who is in South Africa. Ted assures her he only wanted to show his gratitude for her kindness. She babbles she is busy. Ted begs so she suggests Doug’s Place …

Claire asks Tripp whether he still wants Ciara. No and there is no chance. Claire thinks she is busy with Theo but here they are. She purrs they have had this pull. He warns they could be a disaster. She coos they can put music to their words and gives him a kiss. Tripp responds like a red-blooded American male … JJ sits with his guitar … As they dine at Doug’s Place, Ted probes Hope about why Rafe left the country. Someone needed him. He notes Hope is unhappy about it. She explains it was for Sami’s son. Ted gets it. Sami is his ex. What if she seduces him? He sips his wine and notes he will never understand how any man could cheat on a woman like Hope … Gabi and Stefan exchange insults. She warns him she is far from over. Matter of fact she will use Gabi Chic to make his life hell. He threatens to do the same right back … Abigail fixes her hair and opens the front door to Chad. He updates her on him and Stefan being co-CEO. She sighs that means Stefan is living in the house. Chad offers to resign since he cannot be without her ...

JJ starts to serenade Haley with a love song. She gushes he is goooood and sings along. “Are you with meeeeeeeee …” JJ likes her voice and urges her to continue so she does … They smile at each other in sync like Sonny and Cher … Tripp and Claire smooch up a storm and he stops, gasping they should go slow. She thinks two years is too long and they take it to the bedroom … Slick Ted is happy Hope accepted his dinner invite. So is she. Eli appears and asks about their dinner. Hope tells him they were talking work. Eli updates her on D.A. Trask leaving. Hope is relieved and hopes Abe will appoint someone more suitable. Ted smiles knowingly … Abigail cannot believe Chad would give up his birthright. He notes it would mean nothing without her and heads up to check on the children. Abigail appears torn … Gabi gets in Stefan’s face and threatens to hurt him like never before. He counters he could set her up for another prison sentence. She hisses she hurt her best friend and he is her enemy soooo … Stefan grins to bring it on and watches her walk out with a glint in his eye ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, January 24, 2019