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Episode 13,513
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Diva Kate demands Tripp take her café order. He is headed to the hospital and mutters an insult when she gets haughty. Ted now sits with Kate and smiles ... At the station Eli is surprised when Hope states Rafe is away with Sami and the kids. Trask sweeps in and warns Hope she set a killer free. There will be hell to pay ... At the hospital Haley updates curious Kayla on how nice Marlena was. Kayla senses progress. Haley assures her she will never make the same mistake again. Lucky for her JJ saved her ... Jack reads about Mayor Abe online at the pub. Here comes JJ calling him dad. Jack turns around. JJ came by for a post work beer. He invites Jack to join him. Jack does just that ... Eve obsesses over Rolf’s formula for memory return, then reminds herself not to let anyone see this. She considers destroying the diary she puts down until ... Jen knocks and barges in ... JJ and Jack drink their ale. Jack brings up his political past. JJ remembers his passion for the state legislature. Jack admits he has the mayoral race in mind. JJ cannot believe he is considering running against Abe, admits he used to date his daughter and almost killed his son. Jack stops smiling ... Jen demands to see Jack. Eve explains he is not here so Jen taunts her as she told Jack about her marriage plans. Eve laughs and boasts Jack belongs with her. Jen smugly states he would never wed Eve so Eve holds up the bridal mag and gives his joke gesture a spin ...

Ted the smooth operator asks Kate what is the matter. She stammers she assumed he was ... He grins he is gone from that desert island and wants a fresh start. He gives Hope some of the credit ... Trask tells off Hope for letting Xander the dangerous go free cos he was caught on tape firing his gun. Hope admits she hated letting him go. Eli updates Trask on the footage being erased. Abe has heard the commotion and appears. Trask urges Abe to sack Hope for her incompetence ... Kayla had no idea that Haley is staying at JJ’s place. Haley will only say her original roommate asked her to leave. Then there was JJ the wonderful. Tripp arrives with a slight burn from olive oil on his arm ... Jack listens to JJ’s story with sympathy. He apologizes for not being there when he tried to take his own life. However he is unsure whether he was a good role model. JJ insists he was his idol. With his dad gone he got help from the good people around him and is now trying to be there for another. Jack realizes he is referring to the girl he was with New Year’s Eve ... Jen warns Eve that when Jack gets his memory back he will run like hell from her. Eve notes it might never happen. Jen talks serum. Eve is aware the FDA has it all tied up. Jen adds Rolf’s diary contained the secret formula but it went missing while in the possession of Seth the hospital administrator. Eve acts innocent ...

Kate swallows the olive from her martini and asks Ted about Hope. He boasts she went above and beyond in helping him so he will return the favor by becoming the perfect citizen. Kate warns him Hope is married. He complains about Rafe, then flirts he has his eye on another woman he wants to make things work with if ...Kate laughs and returns his stare ... Eli defends Hope, who admits there was a lack of evidence. Trask snaps it was on the server. Abe announces the mistake was made by his office ... Kayla has taken care of Tripp’s first degree burn as Haley watches. Kayla must now leave. Tripp is a tad frustrated that Stefan was released ... JJ asks Jack how his alone time went with Jen. Jack sighs he seems to have more in common with Eve. JJ warns him not to trust her. Jack now finds out Eve was so hell bent on hurting Jen that she seduced JJ once upon a time ... Eve smugly tells Jen that Jack remembers zero and now there is no serum. Jen snaps she is only playing dirty since she knows the real Jack would never want her. Eve threatens to prove her wrong ... Haley bandages Tripp’s arm. She is surprised he used to want to be a doctor. She opens up about her love of rabbits and he opens up about having a real dad as well as an adoptive one. Tripp finds it easy to talk to her and vice versa ... Now alone with Trask, Abe explains Xander deleted the footage of himself after lying he was John Black. Trask blames Abe for the breach in security and quits. The timing is convenient for her cause ... Eli asks Hope why Rafe went to Sami et al. Hope explains Johnny is having problems and Rafe used to be his step papa. Eli can see Hope is less than thrilled ... Kate reminds Ted he tried to kill her and then there was what she did to him! He promises not to make the same mistake he made by choosing money and power over her. Kate hisses he will not have another chance with her regardless ...

Eli insists Rafe loves Hope. She wishes he were here. Eli assumes Ted is causing trouble. Hope heads out for some air ... Abe accepts the resignation of Trask, who tells him she has something bigger and better planned ... Jack is numbed by the news of what Eve did. JJ hopes he is alright. Jack is glad they talked and promises to make up for the lost past. He is here for him from this moment on. JJ is grateful and adds he can come talk to him anytime. He hands him his card with his address and warns Abe would be a hard candidate to run against as he is well liked ... Eve shows Jen the contract offer Chad gave her for a position in Paris. She could have taken the job and taken Jack with her. She feels he is falling hard for her too. Jen calls her twisted and warns with time Jack will come to his senses, leaving her all alone again ... Ted asks Kate to reconsider. No luck. She likes being able to breathe freely. He requests a last kiss in memory of their romance ... Tripp asks Kayla whether she heard from Steve and hopes he is heading home. Kayla has no news but knows he would want to see brother Jack ... Jack comes home to Eve as she mutters about Seth Burns. He demands an explanation about ...

Haley comes home to JJ’s place offering to make them a chicken dinner. He asks if she has spoken to her sister. No and she believes it is best ... Trask summons Jen to secretly meet at the park. She lets her know she resigned as D.A. and wants to give reporter Jen her breaking news ... Tripp would like to meet his Uncle Jack. Kayla is sorry to say he has no memory. Tripp tells her Steve could come back and help. He knows he will return cos he loves her so much ...Ted states his case until Kate tosses her drink in his handsome face and tells him to go to hell. Hope watches. Ted stands up with a sigh ... Abe informs Eli of Trask’s resignation. Eli is relieved she will no longer pose a problem ... Meanwhile Trask smugly tells stunned Jen to run the story … JJ updates Haley on connecting with his dad on this day … Jack snaps Eve slept with his son! She counters it was a mistake just like when he slept with Jen’s mom. Jack concludes he is in no position to judge. She suggests they get back to the mayoral race and hopes he is in. Candidate Jack announces he is ready to take on Abe ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, January 23, 2019