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Episode 13,512
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kayla comes to see Jen about the hospital admin and Rolf’s formula. Jen hopes they will be able to use it on Jack. Meanwhile Jack sarcastically gets Eve coffee and a bridal mag, since she claimed they would soon wed ... At the Kiriakis mansion Sonny ends a quick call to Will about what John night find on Leo’s mom. He puts away his phone and greets Brady, who stands before the fireplace. Sonny is all smiles about getting rid of his slime husband ... Leo wakes up all alone. No Xandy in sight. He also has a headache. He flashes back to making his move and wonders where he went ... Eric calls to Sarah at her door and opens as she snuggles with sleeping Xander ... Replay of Rex catching up with Kate about his other affair ... Eric rages what the hell did Xander do to Sarah! Xander sits up with a sinister smirk. Sarah stares at Eric in horror ... Eve claims she and Jack are two of a kind. He suspects she only wants to stab Jen in the back ... Kayla explains the FDA is still testing the formula and might take a long time for approval. Jen argues it worked on Will. Kayla is sorry but the bureaucracy of the government is now in charge ... Xander taunts Sarah can tell Eric all about their night together. Eric is appalled. Sarah taunts she had a good time. Xander accuses Eric of killing the mood, coos Sarah is special so he missed something and walks out. Eric gasps in horror and asks erratic Sarah how could she! She pouts ...

Jen is determined to help Jack. She updates Kayla on their family dinner that Jack only attended after Chad paid him. But they were having a moment until Eve interrupted with her usual spin. Then Jack made a joke and left with the wicked woman who is only using him ... Eve insists she wants Jack to remember. He states but only certain things. She assures him he can trust only her and adds it bugs Jen to no end that they were done long ago. He still has a future. Jack reasons the family and their memories showed they loved him. He was not that bad. Eve offers him their future and produces her offer from DiMera in Paris. She turned it down cos she could not give him it up. It hurts her he doubts her ... Brady realizes that Sonny had to wed Leo as he had something on him ... Xander returns to Leo’s bedroom and lies he had fun last night. Leo is surprised since he cannot not seem to remember ... Kate cannot believe Rex slept with Sarah’s sister. But he insists he loves and wants her. Any advice? ... Sarah primly puts on her robe and admits she is appalled but Eric rejected her. The past priest rages that man was responsible for Nicole’s death and accuses her of trying to hit back at him. This time he has no sympathy for self-pitying Sarah ...

At Horton house Kayla updates Jen on her suggestion Eve leave Salem. Then JJ came along and Eve heard Jack was with Jen so Eve interrupted. Jen believes in the long run Jack will realize where he belongs ... Jack believes Eve turned down her big offer to stay in Salem with him. He apologizes for doubting her. However they have no jobs. What now ... Leo draws a blank after last night's kiss with Xander, who lies he was hesitant but had a good time. Leo is at a loss but wants more. Xander reminds him they had a deal so give him what he has on Sonny ... Brady and Sonny discuss Leo and Xander the house guest from hell. Sonny vows to make things right and hopes Vic will get Titan back on track with the right person. Brady informs him he already hired him ... Eric demands the truth. Sarah laments she was livid and remembers drinking alone when she got home. Shirtless Xander had joined her and she told him her tale of woe. She felt humiliated. Xander called her perfect and beautiful and smart and praised her snap crackle pop. He liked her from the second he set eyes on her and offered to make it betta. Then he kissed her and carried her to her room. Back to the present. She points out Xander was nice. Eric counters he played her cos he hates him and calls her stupid ...

Jen notes to Kayla she will never let soulless Eve corrupt Jack ... Jack suggests he return to the Spectator. Jen would hire him. Eve stops him and snaps bad idea ... Sonny is caught off guard but acknowledges Vic must have faith in Brady. Brady believes he only did it to avoid having Xander in the position ... Xander tells Leo to honor their deal. Leo demands a tryst to remember right here right now. Xander looks terrified ... Rex believed Sarah was about to forgive him when she asked for the truth so he gave it to her. Kate cannot believe he did that. Rex now wants to head to the Kiriakis mansion to fight for her. Kate stops him and advises him to be patient. He refuses to give up or lose Sarah … Sarah sneers to Eric she used Xander and got what she wanted. Eric accuses her of trying to sock it to him. Xander is to blame for Holly not having a mother! He cannot stand the sight of her now ... Kayla explains to Jen that Eve made Jack feel unworthy of his family. Jen wishes there were a way to make him remember. Kayla lowers her voice. There could be …

Eve claims the Spectator is only a rag now and Jack deserves better. She gushes she has got a good bigger picture in mind ... Sarah cries she was drunk is all. Eric accuses her of payback by sleeping with the man he most loathes. She does not deny it so he orders her to step aside and storms out ... Xander declares they had a deal. Leo wants another round. Xander cannot and insists they did do the deed but Leo was drunk. Leo suddenly does the math. He was drugged! Xander denies it. Leo wants to get the glass tested at the lab. Xander grabs and smashes it, then leers Leo passed out from one pill. He spent the night with Sarah to erase any memory of his mouth. Leo warns Xander he will not get his dirt on Sonny, walks out and slams the door after himself. Now Xander will never be CEO ... Sonny supports Brady as the best guy for the CEO job. Brady is pleasantly surprised when Sonny adds his heart was not in it. They share a hug ... Eve wants Jack to be senator one day and start by becoming the mayor. She would love being the first lady of Salem. She argues she could spin his amnesia as a clean slate ... Jen waits with bated breath. Kayla reminds her they did have Dr. Rolf’s diary at the hospital. It contains his secret formula. The two women are on their way …

Leo comes downstairs to Sonny with a long face. Sonny states he looks like hell. Leo neeeeds him. Sonny suggests he go to the hot tub with Xander cos he is busy. Leo demands a spa day with Sonny paying. Sonny sighs and they exit together ... In the living room Xander threatens to throw out Brady for Victor but Brady warns that will not happen. Xander boasts he will soon be CEO of Titan. Brady tells him he was just named Titan CEO and gives him a corporate stare. Xander looks ready to explode ... Sarah cannot believe what she did ... Eric storms into the apartment. Rex wonders what is wrong. Alas someone he cares about let him down. He heads into his room to be alone ... At the hospital apologetic Kayla informs Jen that the diary is nowhere to be found ... Jack heads off to pub to begin his mayoral research in earnest. Meanwhile Eve stays behind to do some reading and holds a diary to her heart ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, January 22, 2019