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Episode 13,511
1380 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Stefan is focused on his game of chess. Chad enters and wonders why he is even staying. Stefan drinks and declares he will be reinstated by the board officially. Chad doubts it. Stefan asks him to play and leers maybe he likes the queen. Chad is not interested in games. Stefan bids him good night ... Abigail holds baby Charlotte and remembers Kate questioning why she forgave Gabi. Abigail forgave no one! Kate had urged her to at least forgive Chad ... Victor calls Brady and summons him to the mansion in the morning. Brady assumed they were not even on speaking terms ... Replay of Leo toasting with Xander and then going for it ... Rex runs off to make things right with Sarah leaving Chloe alone outside ... Eric tries to stop but Sarah insists they have a connection and can heal one another. Eric passionately kisses her on the couch ...

Tis the morning after. Chad picks up the white chess queen and vows to get his family back. Enter the fair Abigail with baby Charlotte ... Kate puts down her device with the headlines DiMera Brothers Compete For Control when Gabi comes knocking on her door ... Chloe gives Brady warm tea at the club as they consider what Victor might want and what Brady really wants as well ... Shirtless Eric greets Rex in his apartment. Rex wonders where Sarah went as he hunted high and low for her last night. Eric explains she was actually at the apartment ... Chloe deduces Victor wants Brady back at Titan. Brady has no hopes but Chloe knows him better. He smiles ... Chad is happy to see Abigail and admits it slipped his mind he was supposed to spend the day with baby. He admires the sleeping girl. Abigail admits she screamed last night. Chad is still overwhelmed she is his. Sullen Stefan appears in the shadows ... Gabi insists Kate help her destroy Stefan. Kate is not interested. Gabi warns if Stefan gets back the chair at DiMera as he is fighting for, they will be at the top of his hit list ... Stefan gets sarcastic about the tender scene. Abigail is astonished he came home. Chad warns him he will be left in charge since Stefan was stealing government secrets. Stefan denies it and adds he is the man who gets things done. Chad gets sarcastic. Stefan reminds him what he did to Sonny and tries to psych him out as being weak when he talks amends. He suggests he leave. Chad glares. He is going nowhere. Abigail eyes Stefan, who leers they shall see. Chad stands in silence, his blue eyes filled with steely determination ...

Brady sweeps into the Kiriakis mansion and wonders what Victor wants. Victor, who presides from his chair, asks about great grandson Tate, who is with Theresa in California. There has been no change in Kim’s state. Victor would like to see a picture. Brady obliges and wonders what this is all about. Victor invites him to return to Titan as CEO ... Eric explains Sarah was angry with him after he let them have time alone. Rex is sorry. He is also sorry about Xander. Eric updates him on what Sarah said about him admitting to his affair with her sister Noelle. He pours the hot coffee as Rex admits he was an idiot. At the time he felt unworthy of a woman like Sarah. She used to criticize him a great deal. Eric asks if he told her as much. Rex did not as he assumed Sarah would call him a complainer. She is strong willed. Eric notes that is no excuse. Rex asks how Sarah was when he saw her. Eric remembers her not so subtle pass and wonders whether he really wants the full picture. He does. Eric hesitates. Rex wishes he would understand and wonders why the silence. He senses he is hiding something. Eric now remembers gasping he did not want or love Sarah but he offered her coffee. She had stormed out ... Back to the present. Eric admits the girl was in pain when she left and wanted to forget. She turned down his offer of ... coffee. Rex gives him a look ... Victor declares he needs to keep the company in the family. Sonny is out due to his situation and no way would he have Xander. Brady gets sarcastic. Victor grumbles Xander got inside info on DiMera from Eve. Brady deduces he led her to Jack. Victor decides not to digress and declares Brady would run the company best. He certainly hopes he will consider ...

Chad informs Stefan that he and Abigail would like to be alone with their daughter. But Uncle Stefan insists he holds a special place in his heart for her still. Abigail gets testy and decides to take Charlotte and leave the house if the dastardly DiMera does not ... Rex sighs Henderson knew nothing about Sarah’s whereabouts. Eric warns him she will not be happy to see him. Rex decides to have a shower first. Eric now calls Sarah’s number and tells her he and Rex are worried. He apologizes for being harsh and asks her to call. But then he decides to go see her for himself ... Kate calmly reminds Gabi she was the one who orchestrated everything against Stefan. Gabi reminds her she shot mama Vivian. Kate calls it an accident. Flashback to Kate taunting Stefan it was actually no accident ...

Kate does not believe Stefan will pose any problem for her and warns Gabi she is not in a position of power. Board man Shin can do what he wants. Gabi suggests she will never make amends with Chad if she lets Stefan get in. Kate laughs and accuses her of wanting her help out of her own mess ... Abigail tells Chad to ask Harold to bring her car around. Stefan tries to make light of things and then leaves the room. Abigail worries Stefan will win again and warns Chad. Chad asks her to be patient. The road ahead is long and hard but he needs her to believe in him. Done but only if ... Brady believes Victor is only making a temporary offer ... Eric intrudes, desperately seeking Sarah. Victor tells him where her room is. Brady adds he is sorry about Xander going free. Eric heads upstairs ... Victor gets gruff and asks if he is taking the job. Brady turns him down cos he would fire him again! Victor talks family. Brady lists his past transgressions. Victor claims he promised Isabella he would look out for him and admits he has missed him. This time he will do things differently. Brady is Titan’s last hope ... Abigail tells Chad he will have to come to mama Jen’s house to see the kids as long as Stefan is at the DiMera mansion. Chad agrees, assures her it will not be much longer and helps her to the car with Charlotte ... Kate demands Gabi’s angle. Gabi tells her Chad was going to give her her company back but then came Stefan. Kate sighs. But she agrees to put in a good word for Chad - only for Chad. She places the call ...

Abigail and Charlotte later run into Gabi at the square. Abigail sarcastically refers to her famous tea. Gabi brings up Stefan and Chad’s war, hoping Chad will win. Abigail admits they have that in common and keeps going ... Back at DiMera mansion Stefan tells cocky Chad he will win ... Brady states his terms. This time it will have to be his vision for the company and the contract will have to include it. Victor agrees to have Justin draw it up right away and chuckles as they shake hands. Xander will not see it coming ... Leo wakes up in bed all alone and wonders where oh where Xandy went ... Rex gets a visit from mama Kate and apologizes for not coming to see her. She asks about Sarah. He sighs it is not going well cos of what he did with someone ... Meanwhile Eric is at Sarah’s door calling her name. She is fast asleep snuggling in her bed with shirtless sleeping Xander. Eric opens the door and gets an eyeful ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, January 21, 2019