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Episode 13,510
1160 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub Eric brings beer to the table as Rex flirts for a rematch with Sarah. She asks Eric if he is ready for more darts. He remembers Rex asking to leave them alone ... Marlena is at the club awaiting John. Chloe hopes the best for Eric and says so. John now joins the woman he loves at their table. He bears bad news. Xander lives and the cops had to release him ... Hope is stressed at the station. Eli apologizes for Xander. She notes it was not his fault and blames Xander for his creepy cunning. Eli assumes the Kiriakis clan is not happy about him walking free ... Sonny steals away after Leo’s latest shopping spree and calls Will to share his woes. He wishes he had killed him for real before. Downstairs Leo puts down his bags and asks Victor where nephew Xander is. The Greek grumbles in jail. Here comes smug Xander with a smile cos he's baaack ... just like a bad penny.

Back at the pub Eric sees on his iphone that Xander got away and bolts like a bat out of hell. Rex stops Sarah and admits he asked Eric to fake a text message that made him leave. He wanted time alone with her ... Victor wonders what happened. Xander leers they lost the evidence, enjoys his drink and suggests Vic accept his offer to take over at Titan. Leo listens with interest ... At the station after the Xander talk, Rafe asks for a word alone with Madam Commissioner. It is about Sami ... Victor wants Leo gone from this discussion and insults him. Xander gets him to go. He then argues to uncle that what he has against DiMera means he should be able to run Titan. Victor thinks he should shove it instead. Xander leaves in a huff but Leo is waiting ... Will hopes to have something on Leo’s mother from John soon. He and Sonny exchange I love yous ... Marlena is more worried how Eric will react to Xander’s release and says so to John ... Raging Eric races to the station incensed no one is stopping Xander from committing more international crimes. Eli warns not to go rogue or he will have to lock him up ... Sarah now believes Xander was not really released and gets upset with Rex for his games. He tries to state his case concluding with a declaration of love. She weeps her love was in the past and alludes to the other mystery woman he cheated with ...

Rafe sighs Sami is having a hard time as EJ is struggling through his physical recovery. She asked for a hand with the kids for a wee while. Hope accuses him of running to her when she snaps her fingers. Still ... Will approaches John and Marlena at the club with a question about leads on Leo. John just put out his feelers and will let him know. Will thanks him. John now gets a call ... Sonny is back and knows not where Leo went. Victor sarcastically states Leo is likely with Xander. He looks forward to being rid of him. Sonny updates him on a lead he might have ... Leo informs Xander that he knows something so scandalous about Sonny, Xander would be able to use it to get what he wanted from Victor. He tells him his terms. He wants all of him. Xander plays along ... Rafe wants Hope to understand that Johnny needs him as he is acting up. Lucas is busy with Aly. Hope sighs Sami has so many in her family. Rafe reasons he could always get through to Johnny. Hope gets upset about Sami almost breaking them up before with that affair. She could not bear the thought of them being alone together again ... Rex turns away and tells Sarah that other woman meant nothing. She counters she could consider giving him a chance if he came clean. Otherwise no way. Rex replies it was Noelle. Sarah knows Noelle cos she is her sister! Sarah now spirals into hysterics. Rex admits it was a mistake. She screams did he knock her up too! He replies they both regretted drinking and getting carried away and have not spoken since. Sara slaps him. Rex goes running after her,takes a corner and almost knocks over Chloe ...

Eli escorts Eric home. Eric assures him he will not go after Xander as he wants to be there for Nicole’s daughter. Eli assures him he is still on the case … Xander heads upstairs and suggests a stiff drink as Leo anticipates … Hope needs Rafe but Rafe accuses her of needing Ted! She implores him not to go to Sami and clutches his hand. He assures her he loves her and will not be away long. He has to help the little boy. Hope cries about him getting closer and closer to Sami. She is heartbroken. He is sorry to hurt her but he has to help the kid. She complains he already made up his mind. He shuts his eyes in torment ... John just heard from Paul and is sorry it was not something for Will. Will starts to go. John gets a text and drawls now this is something … Rex is sorry he crashed into Chloe and hopes she is alright. He has to explain to something to Sarah. Something way worse than Mimi ... Sarah goes to see Eric mad about his fake rage. He explains it was real as Xander was really released but then he remembered her. Sarah starts to cry about Rex sleeping with her sister. She wants revenge against her former fiancé and she wants to make him feel betrayal …

Xander gets his shirt off. Leo the lech offers him bubbly. Xander calls it a biz transaction. Leo locks the door. Xander humors him. Leo jumps onto the bed and waits … Chloe lectures Rex for letting poor Sarah knows he cheated with her sister. It was the worst mistake and she probably wants to hurt him right back … Eric gathers Sarah is mad. She wants to feel better and grabs him in a passionate kiss … Rafe assures Hope he loves her. She wishes him a safe trip, covers her face with her hands, and walks out … At the club John enjoys Marlena’s nice kiss. She is grateful he is helping Will. He believes Will and Sonny were meant to be. She smiles like ... and they share a supercouple kiss ... Will calls Sonny with something John found on that lead on Leo ... Xander praises Leo and wonders what he has on Sonny. Leo starts to get suspicious. Xander proposes a toast. To biz. Leo says to pleasure and urges him to relax. He will not regret it. He then jumps him … Rex races off to find Sarah and make things right. Meanwhile Eric breathes best stop what she will regret. She wants them to forget their pain. He passionately kisses her on the sofa. For now ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, January 18, 2019