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Episode 13,509
1260 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sheila is listening to music when Abe emerges in his office. He fumes about a big mistake … Eli warns Xander no bail or life on the outside. Xander warns they shall see … Eric thanks Sarah and laments he wishes … She emotionally praises him for how he is honoring Nicole’s memory. She gets why she loved him so much. She hugs him and he looks surprised … At DiMera mansion Stefan taunts the treason charges were dropped and he wants everything back now. Chad frowns … Hope and Ted shake on being even. Rafe appears and rages what the hell … Rex clears his throat. Sarah stops hugging Eric. He explains what happened. Rex suggests they all go out to celebrate. Sarah snaps no way … At the station Lani is leary they will be able to keep cocky Xander long. Time to call up the damning footage but it appears to have vanished. Eli realizes someone deleted it. They must inform Abe … Abe complains to Sheila about Val cancelling their expensive concert tickets. Sheila suggests he not sell them so Abe invites her to attend with him. Sheila would love to but asks if it is allowed for the boss to ask her on a date. Lani cannot believe what she is hearing … Sarah feels it would be in poor taste to celebrate anything. Rex reasons he wants to support Eric. Sarah agrees and suggests they go without her, leaving with another insult. Rex wishes his brother would better help his cause … Rafe rages at Ted for having his hand on Hope with that handshake. Hope explains what happened, how an engineer confessed likely cos Stefan got him to take the fall. Rafe wants to grill the lawyer and turns to Ted ...

Stefan triumphantly sits at his chess set with a drink and updates mad Chad on being reinstated by the board. Chad refers to his poison. Stefan wonders what Gabi is doing there so she steps up and states Chad was about to give her her brand name back. Stefan declares over his dead body … Rafe is suspicious that Ted helped Stefan with his scheme. Hope defends him. Ted insists he did nothing wrong and leaves. Rafe points the finger at Hope for the bad guy who hurt his sister walking free … Chad leers he will let the board know how Stefan will make the stock tank and steps away. Stefan laughs he knows little of this game and boasts to Gabi he always beats him. Gabi just wants her brand back and reminds him they hate dealing with each other anyway … Rex hopes to make up for the future and do right by Sarah. He smiles Eric seems to have her trust and asks him to use it to help him. A frown creases Eric’s brow. He knows his brother is on a mission to win back Sarah. He gets why she means so much. Sarah comes back, surprised they are still at the house. Eric earnestly informs her he would appreciate her joining them … Lani and Eli bear bad news for Abe. The security footage of Xander shooting Marlena at the square was deleted. Abe notes John Black just looked at it. Sheila gushes she met him and what a sexy accent! Then she flashes back to suited Xander kissing her hand, acting like he was the one and only John Black. He had told a tall tale to gain access. Abe is appalled she did not ask for any ID ...

Rafe snaps Stefan should be locked up. Hope suspects a screwup and suggests Rafe keep the criticism to himself. Rafe is livid she was blinded. Hope defends Ted. Rafe explains he was referring to her Ben obsession which made her ignore any justice for his wronged sister … Gabi talks about the brand she built and reminds Stefan he hates her. He does indeed and already stated he would make her pay so … Gabi sits across him and reasons revenge does not work. She wants Gabi Chic back. He leers she stole what he loved from him so he intends to return the favor by ruining her company. He orders her out. She grabs a fire poker instead and demands what is rightfully hers ...

Eric arrives at the pub with Rex and Sarah. As Eric gets behind the bar Rex suggests he make himself scarce somehow, then declares they should all play darts. Sarah looks disinterested … Xander lied he had left his badge at home, far away. He then swore he was John Black and let her squeeze his biceps. Sheila decided he did have an honest face … Sheila now notes to Abe she just gave him access to footage he was allowed to see. Eli shows Sheila a mugshot of Xander and she identifies him as her John Black … Hope must head to the station since Xander was brought in. Rafe folds his arms and sulks. She wants him to remember her end game is Stefan and Ben behind bars. He sighs they do not seem to be a team anymore and adds she made deals with devils. He knows her justice does not include Gabi and departs … Gabi sends Stefan’s chess pieces flying with the fire poker and he warns her to think of her daughter. She screams and rages he is putting her daughter’s future at risk. He realizes she is not afraid. She threatens to kill him but then Chad comes back, having confirmed with Shin that Stefan was telling the truth. He is back as DiMera CEO ...

Gabi throws the poker down, threatens Stefan to give her company back and storms out. Stefan suggests Chad leave. He refuses … Sarah and Rex are playing darts. Rex remembers another time they played and they laugh as they remember. Eric stands and smiles with his drink. Rex remembers the dudes wanted him to join their gang but he would not join without her … At the station Hope blasts Xander and rages Sheila identified him for impersonating John Black and deleting police footage. He laughs and leers it will backfire. Besides Sheila has a record … Abe tells off Sheila, who admits she messed up. However if he fires her after she questioned him asking her on a date it would not look well. Abe is exasperated and insists it was innocent. He also hands over the tickets to pacify her … Sarah is in the ladies room. Rex asks Brady to give them some alone time. Sarah sweetly hands Rex a drink … Hope has no choice but to set Xander free. He goes with a gleeful grin … Gabi runs into Rafe at the square and complains they released Stefan. He is mad about it too. He now gets a call from Sami as Gabi goes on her way … Stefan breaks his glass and warns Chad to withdraw or there will be blood! Chad doesn’t even blink and blocks him a couple of times. Stefan storms out. Chad now blinks his steely blue eyes ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, January 17, 2019