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Episode 13,508
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Replay of Sarah ending up at the apartment to update Eric on Xander ... Xander has his banana at the Kiriakis mansion ... At DiMera mansion phone Chad thanks Julie for helping him arrange Abigail’s family dinner. Tis just the beginning ... Gabi shows up on his DiMera doorstep so he snaps what does she want ... Abigail reads an article about Chad being back in charge at DiMera. Kate is at her door. Abigail opens and shuts it on her glam face ... Stefan is miffed Ted was nowhere all night as they meet at the station. Ted shows him what he was working on ... Ben cautiously comes into Hope’s office. She suggests he turn himself in but Ben is here about Ciara, who seems to be missing. Hope smugly updates him on her heading off to see Theo, whom she used to date ... Towel clad Rex gets an update from Sarah, who starts to worry about Eric going off to confront the not so dead Xander ... Eric shoves Xander against the wall and rages he killed Nicole so now he kills him! Xander has his doubts. Eric holds a knife to his neck to prove he means business ... Ben is silent. Hope wonders why. He stammers he is surprised Ciara did not say anything to him about leaving Salem. Hope reminds him he is a homicidal maniac. Suited Ben does not reply so she warns him this is far from over ... Ted urges Stefan to sign a statement that he had no idea Ben had abducted Abigail while under his employ. Stefan warns Gabi could claim otherwise but Ted calls her less than credible. Besides the cops have wanted to get Ben for a long time. This is the best solution. Stefan thinks not ... Kate knocks again so angry Abigail opens the door. Kate knows she cannot explain away her inaction when she claimed to care. But she does care and the matter was out of her hands. She is ready to right her wrongs ... Gabi is here about business. Chad is not interested. She points out she still owns Gabi Chic of which DiMera is in charge so he should not be surprised to see her.

Ben warns Hope she cannot charge him and warns not to falsify evidence again. Hope smugly states they have Stefan his boss. He will want to save himself from the wrath of the feds so expect him to cooperate ... Stefan fires Ted on the spot. Ted argues his arraignment would not be for a long time. Stefan is suspicious. Ted warns as a traitor ... Stefan snaps he is innocent ... Ted tells him turning on Ben would help. Stefan suspects he is trying to repay Hope - or perhaps they are bed partners. Ted solemnly suggests he agree and will see him soon in court. Exit Ted ... Rex fastens his pants as Sarah pouts, fearing Xander will harm Eric. Rex will come with. She wants no help from him and leaves alone ... Eric rages Xander stole Holly’s mother and refers to an eye for an eye. Xander starts to sweat ... Abigail allows Kate to enter. Kate informs her of Gabi’s blackmail. Abigail is not interested in words so Kate talks actions. She convinced the DiMera board to hire Chad. She wants him to get back all he lost that mattered most, including the love of his life ... Chad threatens to liquidate Gabi Chic for good ... Hope has prematurely played her hand to Ben, who senses she wants Stefan to testify against him. No answer. Ted arrives. Ben does the math and walks out. Ted whispers why was he here? Hope awaits her update on Stefan ... Shirtless Rex opens Eric’s door to Chloe and keeps getting dressed. She is happy to hear he is staying in Salem. She came to find Holly’s stuffed cat. Rex hands it over and thanks her for revealing he had a daughter. Chloe smiles like a mother...

Sarah screams at red faced Eric not to take a life! Eric howls Xander took away Nicole. Sarah argues she and Holly need him so he slowly withdraws. Xander touches his neck and thanks Sarah. Eric punches him and he goes down ... Ted tells Hope that he made a compelling case to Stefan but they will have to wait. Hope is grateful ... Rex just loves his daughter. Chloe agrees kids are the best feeling. She just regretted having to inform Lucas that Emily - aka baby Bonnie - was not his. She also regrets she cannot raise her alongside Parker. Rex is sorry about that. She smiles but she ended up with Holly. Rex wonders why Lucas is not returning his messages. Chloe lets him know Lucas is overseas ... Sarah summons Detective Eli, who sees Xander and calls Salem the walking dead. Eric accuses him of killing Nicole, which was in another jurisdiction, but he also shot Marlena. Eli has evidence of that thanks to the close circuit video. He slaps cuffs on the protesting goon, who is going to need a favor to get out of this one ...

Gabi gets Chad is mad and asks him to think of Arianna. She needs her company to set a good example! Chad disagrees. Gabi tries to play the you used to love me card and accuses him of causing her misery and grief after she withdrew. When she refers to Abigail framing her Chad fumes she was mentally ill. Gabi argues she was all alone and she suffered but no one was there for her. He rages he was there but she went and destroyed his family. He no longer can stand the sight of her and warns her to stay the hell out of his world. Now he is completely committed to doing right by his family ... Abigail does not buy Kate’s brand of sorry and adds she would best help Chad by staying the hell away ... Rex is sorry to hear that Lucas left Chloe. He laughs when she jokes Kate was thrilled. She wonders whether he is with Mimi now. No and he still loves Sarah. He came back to Salem to win her back ... Dr. Sarah places a bag of frozen peas over Eric’s bruised hand. She hopes he does not mind she called the cops. He thanks her for saving him from himself. She blames herself for the way she blurted out the news. Eric breathes but she was right. He had assumed no one survived the explosion. Sarah wonders whether he is thinking Nicole might also have made it ...

Eli has Xander at the station and tells him of the damning tapes. He awaits his confession. Xander demands a lawyer and leers there shall be no confession ... Ted meets Hope at the square café. Ted is sorry to state the feds have someone else in custody. The head engineer of the bionic eye just confessed to using it to spy on the ISA. As a result, all charges against Stefan have been dropped. Hope’s face falls ... Chloe asks Rex about his plan and warns he has a rocky road ahead. He wants to remind Sarah of their love connection. He adds he has asked Eric, aka Sarah’s friend, to help ... Eric admits he wondered for a split second but Nicole could not have survived the explosion in her confined space. They came so close! Sarah is so sorry. So is he - for Nicole and for Holly. Xander must pay ... Eli congrats Xander on surviving but the buck stops here. No bail ... Hope is appalled and assumes someone took the fall for Stefan. Now how can she get Ben? Ted apologizes. She appreciates his effort and slyly agrees when he asks whether they are even ... Abigail sends Kate on her way. Kate wonders why she left Gabi off the hook. Abigail announces she did it for Arianna. However she has not forgiven either Kate or Gabi and never will. Kate urges her to forgive Chad ... Chad tells Gabi not to waste her time. But he offers to break the contract DiMera has with Gabi Chic now that Stefan is gone. Stefan appears and begs to differ with a smirk. The big bad wolf is back ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, January 16, 2019