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Episode 13,507
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Marlena and John enjoy breakfast at the pub. He purrs she is eyeing his ... pancakes and then surprises her with Chicago tickets to celebrate the woman he loves. He wants to live their honeymoon and kisses her hand. He has not forgotten he almost lost her to evil Xander ... Leo surprises nekid Xander in his bed and suggests they seal their deal ... Will is on the phone with Sonny, having nothing new on Leo’s mom. He hopes he can see Sonny soon but Sonny hears someone and ends the call. Tis Sarah, who wonders why he wed creepy Leo. He would not take no for an answer. Sarah complains about Rex ... Rex yawns good morning to Eric, who has Sarah on his mind ... Haley wakes up in a big bed as JJ prepares breakfast. She thanks him for letting her crash for the night. JJ the gentleman is after answers ... Leo urges Xander to give them a whirl. Xander wonts more time and gets out of bed, leaving Leo wanting more ... John assures doc that dastardly Xander died in the explosion. He steps away for a call from Paul. Will now joins Marlena as she munches on John’s bacon. She brings up Sami. Will explains she said EJ’s recovery is slow. Marlena is sympathetic about her having the love of her life near yet far. Will can relate ... Sonny thinks Sarah should give Rex a second chance cos it sounds romantic he came back to Salem to win her back ... Shirtless Rex realizes Eric and Sarah are friends and hopes he will help him get the girl back. Eric pauses ...

Trask leaves Haley a message to say nothing. Enter Abe. The mayor accuses her of giving Abigail a hard time and threatening her. The D.A. diva does not deny it ... Haley eats JJ’s eggs and tries to change the subject to Jack. He updates her on their family dinner and notes he knows she and Trask are related. Sisters. Haley says nothing. He assumes they had a falling out and asks about what ... Will woefully sighs to Marlena he has been unable to locate Leo’s estranged mom to get the goods on Leo and save Sonny. Marlena suggests he simply ask super sleuth John. Will still feels badly about Paul. Marlena assures him John understands. John arrives and wonders what ... Sarah refuses to accept Rex taking whatever he wants like a caveman. Xander the brute walks by, snatches the muffin from her plate and takes a bite as she stares in horror ... Undershirt Eric informs hopeful Rex he has little influence over Sarah. Rex hears they got to know one another due to Nicole’s sad story. Rex is sympathetic. Eric updates him on letting Chloe have custody of Holly ... As Sarah protests Xander is pleased to hear that he and Sarah are not related. She hisses at the man who made Nicole marry him and he flirts. She calls him obnoxious. Sonny decides to depart but Leo stops him at the door ...

Will stammers about John maybe being uneasy helping him and Sonny get back together. John praises him for staying with Paul when it was the right thing. He was on a call with him and he has a date with his therapist. He wants Will to know he is here for him too ... Trask claims she was just doing her job. Abe lets her know she was outta line. She counters too many guilty people get to go free. He reminds her she got Gabi convicted when she was not guilty. She acts like it was all the fault of Abe’s police department ... JJ cannot get Haley to come clean about the secret that came between her and her D.A. sister. He knows she is no criminal. She gets sarcastic and excuses herself to change for her meeting with Marlena. He hopes she will at least open up to her. Not likely since she is going just to save her job ... Rex presses Eric to update him on how Sarah speaks of him. He notes she calls him names. Rex wants to believe she loves him and insists she does! A frown creases Eric’s brow. Rex deduces he did not fight enough. While he was away he worked out custody with Mimi. However, his heart belongs only to Sarah. Eric goes silent ... Xander wonts to be friends. Sarah calls him a psychotic killer. He suggests she get to know him and suggests a dip in the hot tub. Sarah storms out in a snit ... Sonny fibs he has to meet with hospital admin. Leo insists on coming with cos they have to keep up appearances ... Marlena is off to her appointments. Will updates John on his dead end. John drawls he now has the resources of Black Patch. Will gets a text from Sonny complaining about Leo attaching himself to him again. John gives woeful Will a pep talk about loved ones finding their way back and he knows what he is talking about ...

John opens his computer and advises Will to use him and Marlena as his example. The obstacles only made their love stronger. The same will be true for Will and Sonny cos they could defeat the devil. Will laments Leo could go toe to toe with any devil ... Sonny’s appointment with the hospital admin was not scheduled for today. He suggests Leo head out while he reschedules. Leo wants to stay with him. Sonny brings up his mom bugging him with texts and asks about his mom. Leo sighs she cares only for herself. When he wonders where she lives Leo’s devil antennae go up ... Trask claims Hope as commissioner is a complete failure and adds she keeps harassing Ben Weston. She warns when the town gets sued the mayor will be held accountable ... Haley assures Dr. Marlena she knows she made a mistake by trying to OD. Marlena is supposed to assess her fitness for work but assures the anxious girl what she says is still confidential. She tries to get her to open up. Meanwhile JJ is trying to track down D.A. Trask ... Haley smiles to Marlena she handled her issue. Marlena notes it is not that easy to move on. She can see she is struggling and sad. She does care and hopes she will work with her. Haley laments she is beyond help. Marlena suggests she speak the problem out loud to lessen its hold over her. Haley fears it would not work. Marlena the emotional healer promises this is a safe place with compassion. Haley can see she can trust her ...

Sonny makes light of mentioning Leo’s mother, decides he is done waiting and steps away ... Xander is about to eat a banana when Leo texts him for his answer. He assures him he might enjoy it. Xander has a long look at the banana ... Rex decides he needs face time with Sarah, asks Eric to arrange it, and heads to the shower. Sarah suddenly shows up at the door and declares dangerous Xander is alive and in Salem! Eric looks ready to explode ... Sonny secretly meets Will in a hospital room and they sneak a kiss. Will whispers John is helping them find Leo’s mommy dearest. Sonny smiles with hope ... Abe rages Hope is an excellent commissioner. Trask tells him she should fire her. Abe orders her to work with Hope like a true team player or he will fire her. Trask storms out ignoring JJ, who has just arrived ... Marlena assures Haley she is safe. Haley nods and cries her life has been in constant fear! She is ready to talk ... Rex comes out in a towel and assumes Eric arranged for Sarah to be there. She stammers Eric asked her to wait her while he dealt with a problem. Now she is having doubts ... Xander finally finishes his banana. Eric runs in, shoves him against the wall and growls he is gonna kill him ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, January 15, 2019