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Episode 13,506
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eric opens his door to Rex. Sarah is stunned. Rex hugs his brother and Sarah glares at him ... At the park sister Trask tells Haley to get a new place. She will help pay but she has big plans and should keep her distance to avoid being dragged down. JJ appears. He was searching for Haley and fears she is upset again. The sisters listen in silence ... Eve flashes back to Chad’s offer and decides she does not wish to be bought. She drops the offer in the trash and takes off to track down Jack ... Elegant Abigail appears at DiMera mansion. Chad softly smiles ... Jen and Jack romantically recite Shakespeare in unison. Jen wants to get their wonderful life back. Alas Jack thinks it is too late ... Kayla is outside calling Steve, excited about Stefan being indicted for treason. She hopes that means he will be home soon. She knows he will want to see Jack as well. Eve comes by and claims Jack has gone missing ... Jack reminds Jen they were divorced not once but twice. Jen feels the good father and hubby is still somewhere in there. He replies he is also a rapist ... Abigail is annoyed Chad did not attend the dinner. She asks for honesty and admits initially she did not want to go ... Then she was moved by Chad’s gesture to reconnect her with the family. She thanks him and he gets his hopes up ... Rex wonders what he interrupted since Sarah is conspicuously clad in Eric’s shirt. Eric notes it is nothing. Sarah snaps he should be with Mimi and baby. Rex stammers he still wants Sarah ... JJ updates Trask on Haley’s perilous past and asks about her comment they are related. Trask covers by claiming they are both Chinese American is all but JJ is no fool. He wonders what she is really hiding ...

Kayla wonders where Jack went and tells off Eve for trying to cause trouble for Jen. And poor Jack! Eve reminds her what Jack did to her. Kayla reminds Eve that Jack cares for Jen not her. She cannot win so why not leave town. Eve gets testy. She is turning down Chad’s Paris offer and points out she will not go away until she has what she wants ... Jack believes history repeats itself. Jen cannot convince him otherwise. He believes he is more bad than good and therefore would belong more with a wicked woman like Eve ... Chad updates Abigail on his Paris offer to Eve. He hopes she will accept and her parents will get their restart. Abigail sure hopes so. He asks about the family dinner. Abigail states how special it was. Alas it did not last just as they did not last. Chad eyes her with DiMera determination ...

Rex regrets he did not fight for Sarah before and boasts he came back to do so. Mimi and baby are in Chicago and he is committed to his daughter but also to Sarah. She sneers about his so-called commitment. He argues she is always on his mind. Eric offers to go. She insists he stay. Rex reasons their strong feelings are still there. Sarah does not deny it ... Trask tells JJ not to try and cross-examine the D.A. He suggests stressed Haley have coffee with him. She asks him to go so he obliges ... Kayla warns Eve that revenge will not replace her emptiness. Eve counters Kayla is going home to an empty bed. Kayla brings up Paige and suggests she honor her memory by dropping the revenge and staying away from Salem, where the wounds are deep ... Jen reminds Jack he had an abusive father and urges him to forgive himself. She gets emotional about how he did not give into the darkness and helped her through her own tough time. He should stop blaming himself for everything! She praises his noble heart, his spirit and more. She pouts his past makes him want to run but she refuses to let it happen again ... Chad acknowledges Abigail’s right to be angry but how he longs to take her in his arms and kiss her. She returns his stare and he steals a kiss and then another and another ... Abigail stops, pulls away and stammers she is not ready to open up herself. They need to rebuild their trust. He gasps he is working on it. She gasps she also has to rebuild trust as she did sleep with Stefan. Plus she might never be able to overcome his disinterest in Charlotte before he knew he was the daddy ...

Eve hangs her head in sorrow. Kayla notes Ben being in town must also make it hard to bear the pain of Paige. JJ approaches and Eve asks about Jack. When she hears he is with Jen she hisses and storms off ... Jen calls Jack a loving father their kids adore. She loves him with her whole heart and believes he remembers them too. He should ignore Eve’s lies and hear his own heart! She holds his hand and implores him ... Sarah screams at Rex to leave. He notes it is not her place. He complains to Eric there were not even vacancies at the pub and he needs a place to stay. Sarah gets miffed that Eric allows him to stay and storms off with his shirt ... Kayla hopes she got through to Eve. JJ has his doubts ... Jack and Jen come closer to a kiss as she emotionally announces she loves him and longed to hold and kiss ... but when their lips are inches away, Eve opens the door ... Chad understands he has to prove his love to the fair Abigail. She lets him know she refused to cooperate with the D.A. against him and believes he acted out of love for her ...

Melinda gets mad at Haley about JJ. She can no longer stick out her neck and notes the son of the Salem Spectator boss knows too much. The situation needs to be fixed ... Kayla and JJ discuss Haley and he wonders what she knows about her family. Nothing. JJ feels there might be family problems ... Eve loudly interrupts Jack and Jen before they can kiss and alludes to him and Jen breaking up over his free spirit. She suggests they head home and Jack agrees. She wants to share dessert. Jen begs him please don’t go. Jack is caught in the middle ... Chad admits he made mistakes but now he is grateful for Charlotte and he is grateful for Abigail as well. He wants them to work things through and wonders if she is willing. She whispers she knows they love one another but she is not ready now. One day ... Chad looks tad disappointed ... Rex eats and asks Eric to help him win Sarah back ... Kayla comes across Sarah crying at the pub. She complains about Rex. Kayla questions whether she is really over him so Sarah takes off ... JJ pulls on his sweats and opens his door to knocking Haley. She gasps she has no place else to go so he invites her in ... Jack fibs to Jen he only came to dinner for the money. He bids her goodnight and goes with Eve. Jenny blinks. This is not over ... Speaking of not over, Chad asks Abigail to stay for coffee and a chat. She cannot cos the kids are waiting. He says to kiss them goodnight for him. She stammers she will see him soon. She thanks him again for the night that meant much to her and walks out. Chad takes a deep breath for the next phase ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, January 14, 2019