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Episode 13,505
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Abigail elegantly arrives at the empty club, approaching the set table. She reads Chad’s polite note of regret that he cannot attend ... Woman in red Eve wonders where Jack went. Knock knock! Tis Chad DiMera ... Brady blasts Maggie for letting Sarah take Holly without asking Chloe ... Chloe wants Holly and warns Eric she is ready for a fight. She is more miffed by Sarah’s meddling. The insults fly until Eric intervenes. He announces he will not be filing for custody so the hostilities have to end ...Chad assures suspicious wicked Eve this will be worth her while ... Chad’s note also claims Abigail needs to talk things through with her family. Jen arrives and then JJ. Chad arranged for them all to talk and make up. Abigail feels outnumbered and betrayed like before ... At the park D.A. Melinda Trask tells off her messed up little sister Haley. She refuses to be dragged down ... At Kiriakis mansion Maggie explains Sarah only left her a note. She accuses belligerent Brady of being overprotective of Chloe and warns him against making a repeat relationship mistake ... Eric explains to Chloe that he cannot disrupt Holly’s now harmonious life that has so much love around her. Chloe is grateful and wants him in her life but asks to be notified in advance next time. Eric agrees ... Trask takes Haley to task ... JJ tries to get his sister to chill. Abigail gets defensive. JJ just wants them to sit down and have dinner together like the good old days. Jen agrees. Here comes dapper Jack ... Eric thanks Sarah for her support. He sees one of Holly’s stuffed toys on the floor. Sarah feels his sadness. He believes he made the right decision. Sarah still feels Eric is a wonderful man and Holly will be lucky to have him in her life. Eric asks her to stay for dinner and she accepts ...

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady counters to Maggie he can always talk to Chloe cos she is a nonjudgmental friend. The redhead asks about his recent run-in with Eve. Brady regrets her taking out her rage on Jen. Now it appears she is after Jack ... Jen asks Jack why he came. He updates them on Chad’s insistent invitation. He even offered him ten grand. JJ gets mad. Jack reminds them he remembers no one and suggests they sit down to eat ... Chad updates Eve on Stefan’s arrest. He is now the man in charge at DiMera and offers her a job. Now he has her full attention ... Haley gets upset. Melinda stops her and admits she was really just angry about Abigail Devereaux. Haley asks if she is related to JJ. He is her brother. Melinda suspiciously asks her younger sister whether they are acquainted ... At the dinner Jack asks for the names of the grandkids. JJ bitterly wonders how much he would charge to visit them. Jen gushes about Charlotte but Jack notes no one looks like him. JJ is preoccupied and admits he is very worried about a friend. Jack senses the tension between the siblings. JJ admits he was not there for Abigail this year and apologizes. Silence. Jack notes it could not have been easy having to be the man of the family. Jen notes it was not an easy time for any of them. She airily wonders when Jack is getting married cos Eve said she was going to be Mrs. Jack Devereaux. Jack almost chokes ...

Chad assures Eve she would be an asset. She asks as what. Senior VP. He hands her the contract to sign on the spot ... Maggie asks Brady about his feelings for Eve. He admits the woman he loved was very different from this new Eve ... Eve loves the details of the offer until she realizes the position is in Paris ... Back at the park Haley admits to suspicious Melinda that EMT JJ saved her. She smiles he still checks on her. Trask tells her not to trust him ... Jack states he will set Eve straight. Jen wishes him luck with that. Jack assumed they were here to get Abigail and family back together. He asks her what they used to be like. Jen brings up when they visited JJ at London boarding school. They discuss the details and Jack’s reactions. JJ recalls a theater as Abigail recounts how the actors interacted with the audience. Jen loved seeing Abigail, JJ and Jack loving the Romeo and Juliette production. Jen recites a romantic quote. Jack keeps going with it much to everyone’s surprise. Jen gasps he remembered! Just the verse. The Devereaux all drink to Shakespeare ...

Eve claims to have important matters in Salem. Chad refers to Jack. She senses he wants her out of the picture for Abigail et al ... Sarah and Eric cutely cook together. When she bumps him he gets red sauce on his shirt so he returns the favor with a stain to her top ... Chloe comes back with big news for Brady. Eric agreed to allow her full custody ... Eric and Holly chow down and discuss the latest. He grumbles about Chloe throwing her problems with Rex in her face. Sarah sighs she believed they would be forever. Eric calls Rex an idiot for blowing it ... Melinda warns her sis that JJ is a heartbreaker. Haley replies he told her he was in the same place as her recently and assures nervous Trask she did not tell him what she was really so upset about. She knows she can tell no one ... Abigail wants to check on her kids. JJ wants to check on his friend. He hopes they will talk again and is grateful for the dinner. After he goes Abigail suggests one day Jack ask JJ what he knows all about Eve. Jack politely points out he is in no position to give advice but Abigail should be weary of men who attempt to buy her attention. She agrees with the first part and lists all of the lovely things Chad has done for her including this dinner with the father who means so much to her. Then she kisses him and leaves. Jen blinks her baby blues. They are alone now ...

Chad tries to sell the fresh start in Paris. Eve folds her arms and fumes until he goes ... Jen thanks Jack and grins this was good for the family. She senses Jack enjoyed their time together. He wonders what it meant to her ... Melinda suggests her sister move since they need space between them. She has big plans so no one should know they are related. Here comes JJ ... Jen gushes to Jack that tonight got to her. Him too. She points out the past was imperfect. He assumes he was not the best husband. At times but in the best of times they were like Romeo and Juliette. They recite Shakespeare in unison. Jen believes they built a wonderful life ... Eve takes another look at the contract, considering her options ... Chad toasts Stefano’s portrait hoping Abigail had a great night with the family. Abigail sweeps in and he smiles ... Brady is happy for Holly and for Chloe. He thanks her for supporting him after the stress of what happened with Nicole. They are there for one another and come close to a kiss. Then she goes to get the kids and he lets out a surprised sigh ... Eric tenderly tells Sarah how she has kept him going. She says the same of him and is now wearing his shirt. Knock knock! Eric opens his door to Romeo Rex. He's baaaaaaack ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, January 11, 2019