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Episode 13,504
1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Phone JJ warns Chad that Abigail is angered but he will assist ... D.A. Trask is at Abigail’s door in the name of justice ... At the square Chloe and Brady admire his pics of Tate. He spent some time with him and admits to Chloe he is bothered by missing his little man's future milestones. She sympathetically hugs him. Eve comes by and quips how cozy ... Sarah surprises sad Eric with Holly ... Ciara screams at Ben for working with Claire to break up her and Tripp. He does not deny it. She blasts him for lying and wonders why. He only wanted to be with her ... Abigail repeats to the D.A. she does not plan to press charges against Gabi. She talks fallout but Trask talks justice as per the system ... Chad updates JJ on his bold dinner plans with Abigail. JJ laments his sis is not even happy with him now. Chad gets it. However, he is up for the challenge to win back the woman he loves ... Eric fusses over Holly. Sarah states she did leave Maggie a note. Maggie can tell Chloe. Eric kisses his fav girl. Sarah smiles they are both happy ... Chloe heads back to work. Eve notes Brady said they were not together. He has other matters on his mind like missing Tate. She taunts at least Jack likes her help like with a romantic dinner. Brady stops her from leaving ... Ben accuses upset Ciara of looking for a reason to end their relationship ... Abigail insists she and Gabi are even. Trask warns that girl could come after her. Abigail doubts it. Trask warns if she does not help her prosecute Gabi then she will go after Chad ... Chad sighs the odds are slim Abigail will give him another chance. JJ the fellow romantic is in. He ends the call and gets a look from Haley at the hospital. She saw Kayla and pretended she mixed up medicines. However she is getting counseling. She cannot lose her job here! JJ is on her side. Haley's first appointment is with Marlena. JJ praises the dedicated doc. Haley will say what she has to in order to keep her position. JJ refers to her secret from Kayla and she gasps how does he know about that ...

Brady urges Eve to do the right thing instead of ruining the fair Jen. She admitted she was after revenge! Brady curses her cozy plans with Jack, who should be with his loved ones. Eve accuses him of being jeaaaaalous ... Phone Julie updates Chad on everything being perfect. He explains a change in plans. But JJ is on board. Julie is on board with just getting Abigail there. Chad thanks her from the bottom of his heart ... Abigail refuses to point the finger at Chad for assisting in her abduction. Trask rages she put someone in prison who was not guilty and blames her for all these problems that could hurt her career. Abigail kicks her out ... Ciara hears how Ben was let go by new CEO Chad. She was hoping he would quit. He tries to explain but she interrupts ... Haley hauls JJ to another room. He assures her he did not blab what he overheard. He wants to help. She calls him a pain when he points out he will keep her second secret and wants to be a friend ... At the club Chloe cannot believe Julie cancelled all reservations. Julie gushes she rented the whole place out to Chad, who wants to woo Abigail back. Chloe wishes she would have kept her in the loop ... Sarah admires Eric as he shows Holly a pretty pic of her mommy Nicole that he has on display. She is surely watching her from heaven ... Brady recalls the kinder gentler Eve he used to know. He shows her a mermaid picture Tate even drew for her cos he remembers her kindness. She laments kindness made her a loser. She is now in it to win it...

Brady questions Eve’s actions with amnesia Jack. She sighs they cannot all be mermaid and dashes off to be with the dapper Devereaux ...Sarah praises Eric for how he handled the topic of Nicole with Holly. He is all about honesty. However, he fears what Holly will think when she hears how her father died. Sarah believes she will know it was a mistake. Eric appreciates these happy times together ... Haley accuses JJ of having ulterior motives. He assures her his motives are pure. He yearns to understand and hopes she will tell him her story. She sighs she majorly messed up. Alas he must step out to take a call. Haley now gets a call that she feels is from someone exerting too much pressure ... Julie invites Abigail to attend a special event at the club. She just knows she will loooooove it. Abigail asks if Chad was involved. Julie’s lips are sealed. Abigail suggests she call him cos she will not be attending. Meanwhile Chad makes a mysterious call with some ideas ... Ciara sneers Ben would still be working for slime Stefan if not for Chad. He shakes his head. She decides he does not care and he gets a tad offended she assumes the worst. He says goodbye and agrees to go ...

Back at the club Brady complains to Chloe about Eve’s vendetta against Jen. Eve is cold as ice. Chloe thinks only she can save herself. She updates Brady on the club being closed for an event so he invites her for Italian food. She would not want to miss dinner chez Maggie with the kids. The almost couple agree on a raincheck and he heads out. Chloe now call Maggie and is horrified to hear Holly is not even home! She is on her huffy way ... Julie confirms Chad planned the private party tonight. Abigail refuses to attend. Julie reminds how much she has done for her and insists she attend to have a nice time with the man who adores her. Julie feels the girl has her priorities all wrong, letting beech Gabi walk free while being unfair to Chad! He deserves another chance! She admits she and Doug also hurt one another but then they forgave and from that forgiveness came their wonderful life! She weeps she wants the same for Abigail and Chad ... Ben now decides he was deluding himself. No one is on his side, not even Ciara! She calls his name but he leaves with his hurt feelings ...

Ben sits outside on a bench in the cold and remembers his romance with Ciara. Back then they had hope as they kissed ... Ciara calls Theo long distance and invites herself for a visit to South Africa. She has her bags packed and her flight booked ... JJ returns to an empty room and tries to call Haley. He leaves her a message ... Haley paces at the park. Trask arrives and asks about her meeting with Dr. Kayla. She hisses she hopes she kept her mouth shut ... Julie is elated when glammed up Abigail appears in a silk outfit. She wishes her a wonderful time. Then she texts Chad. IT’S A GO ... Chad smiles with stars in his eyes and asks Stefano’s portrait to wish him luck ... Eve comes back not to Jack - but to an empty room ... Eric has put Holly to sleep and sits with Sarah. Here comes hurricane Chloe, who wants her right now. She warns Sarah she did not give her permission. Eric stands between the two bickering women and announces he has come to a decision regarding custody. They wait with bated breath ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, January 10, 2019