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Episode 13,503
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Claire wants another selfie with Tripp for her fans. He hesitates and agrees. Then their eyes lock. Ciara comes home ... At DiMera mansion Ben demands answers about boss Stefan. Chad smugly states he was arrested for treason ... At the square Gabi runs into JJ, who announces she was horrible to sister Abigail as well as him ... At Kiriakis mansion phone Sonny whispers to Will, who wants an update. He cannot let Leo know they are in contact. Leo walks in and tells Sonny too late! Has he been going behind his back? Sonny ends the call. Leo knows it was Will and reminds hubby he ordered them not to have contact. Sonny argues they share daughter Ari. Leo’s wandering eyes watch when shirtless Xander comes in. He calls him art ... Tripp can see something is bothering Ciara. He suspects Ben. Claire gets anxious as Ciara admits the trouble is his job ... Ben admits working for Stefan bothered him but he was trying to prove he was a changed man. No one else would hire him. However, he came to quit. Chad downs his drink and does not stop him. Ben decides it would not be so bad to work under Chad, who gets another drink. YOU’RE FIRED. Chad grins it felt good to speak those words. Ben’s eyes darken ... JJ shares his disgust with Gabi for her actions and the betrayal of their bond. He rages Abigail was his sister and Gabi lied and lied. She gasps she was obsessed with revenge on Stefan and JJ's sister. JJ notes said sister was not well and Gabi had no excuse. She may have ruined his family forever ...

Will woefully walks into the pub. Roman asks about life. Will looks glum. Roman is sorry about Sonny marrying Leo. Will laments he can no longer see him. Roman hopes the Titan stock will go up enough for the charade to be over. Will fears Leo will never leave. They need a way to make him vanish ... Sonny is curt with Xander. Leo seeks an intro and is pleased to meet the fellow Kiriakis. He hugs and makes light of the old lawsuit. Xander is headed to the hot tub. Leo gushes he will join big boy for the hot bubble and goes to get his swimsuit on. Sonny sarcastically thanks Xander and exits. Xander is pouring himself another drink when Victor grumbles to get dressed. Time to talk. Swimsuit Xander wants to celebrate the deal of his dreams. He will become CEO of Titan in return for the dirt on DiMera. Victor says hell no cos the DiMera board just replaced Stefan with Chad ... Chad taunts Ben with interview questions. Ben admits he was about to quit cos of what Stefan wanted him to do. Plus his girlfriend did not approve. When Chad hears her name is Ciara Brady, the smile fades from his face ... Ciara will only say there was something about Ben before she heads to her room. Claire tries to convince Tripp the couple will overcome ...

Gabi informs JJ she felt bad but her life was destroyed. JJ wonders why she believed destroying others’ lives would help. He also wonders why she did not open up to him. She claims she was ashamed but JJ knows she did not want him to stop her. She saved his life a year ago yet she did not let him save hers. Alas it is too late now ... Claire disagrees with Tripp’s view that Ben is still dangerous. She wants to be positive. She suggests they see a film but Roman texts Tripp. He has an update on Steve’s case. He takes off. Claire curses Ben. She will not let him ruin her budding relationship ... Ben opens up to Chad about Ciara hating him working for Stefan. However Chad would be a different matter ... Chad would never want Ben to date his daughter ... Ben complains about Hope and claims he has changed. He can prove it if he hires him. Chad wonders why he should even bother ... Victor needs a Titan CEO with more brains than brawn. Xander gets cocky. Leo arrives outside the door and overhears Xander mention mysterious information he will share if Vic makes him CEO. It is against DiMera. Victor concludes he would need to see that info to believe it and leaves ... Sonny sneaks to the pub to see Will. Luckily Leo was distracted by Xander. Will laughs. Sonny admires his smile. They both wish Leo would go away. Will now asks about Leo's weakness. Sonny wants to be careful. They arrange to meet by the park soon lest Leo spot them here. Sonny goes first ... Xander slyly suggests he and Leo have a drink before they get into the hot tub and grins they can get to know each other betta ...

At the pub, Roman updates Tripp on Stefan’s arrest for treason. Tripp worries. He knows not where Steve is. Roman assures him he can handle anything. He asks how he is doing. He is trying to stay strong for Kayla. Roman is proud he is part of his family and also praises him for being there for Ciara. Ben’s name comes up. Tripp tells him there could be trouble in paradise for the couple ... Claire leaves Ben a message to fix whatever he did to upset Ciara and adds he owes her to fix it for if not for their deal he would not even be with Ciara. Ciara has overheard and demands the details of that deal ... Ben begs Chad for a chance. Chad answers Abigail would not approve as she doubts he changed. Then there is Ciara, whom he will hold back with his bad reputation. Ben calls her his whole life. Chad suggests he do the right thing and let her go. Meantime he can give him two weeks. Ben calls it a mistake. Chad advises him to let Ciara go. Then they can talk ... Exit Ben. Chad asks Stefano’s portrait for a game of chess, feeling empowered ... Sonny meets Will and reveals Leo’s strained relationship with his mother. Will is intrigued ... Xander asks Leo how he went from accuser to resident of Sonny’s home. He saw the video clips with which he blackmailed Sonny. He wonders what else he has. Leo smiles he and Sonny were meant to be. Xander speaks as one hustler to another and suggests they help one another. Leo wonders whether this offer is related to what he overhead between him and Victor earlier ...

Gabi wishes she had come to JJ. He senses there is still some good in her. Despite avoiding prison she has created her own personal prison. However he cannot forgive her for what she did and heads to work ... Chad plays chess alone and laments he wants Abigail and the kids back in the mansion with him. Nothing will stop him ... Ciara recounts how she saw Ben and Claire shaking hands one day and demands to know what their deal was. Claire confesses they conspired to break up Ciara and Tripp ... Will gets online to search Leo’s real name as Sonny observes. Too many Mathew Coopers. Sonny suggests he ask P.I. John to investigate. Will wants to start with the Spectator database. They will get the goods on Leo! Sonny likes them having a secret mission. Will grins the good gays have to win. They kiss in bliss ... Xander calls Leo naughty for eavesdropping. Leo repeats what he overheard. Xander asks if he is going to help him. Perhaps. Xander wonders what he would want in return. Leo feels his chest and flirts he will think of something. Xander is flabbergasted ... Sonny promises Will they are going to be together soon and gets going ... Xander explains he does not swing that way. Leo suggests he try, tells him where his room is and flounces out ... Will leaves Jen a message about doing some research at the office and then spies Gabi sobbing. She hangs onto him ... Tripp wonders what Stefan’s arrest will mean for Ben. Roman questions him on his feelings for Ciara. He will always care but ... Roman is aware he is with Claire and calls her sweet. Meanwhile Ciara is horrified. Claire casually claims getting Ciara and Ben to spend time together was harmless. Ben comes to the door. Ciara makes Claire go and then confronts him for conspiring with her roommate against her ... JJ gets a call from Chad, who announces he needs help getting Abigail back. The determined DiMera is not giving up ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, January 9, 2019