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Episode 13,502
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hope greets Ted at her office. He wonders ... She declares a good day as Stefan was arrested. Ted fears he could go free. Nope and Hope has more... Stefan refuses to speak to Rafe without his lawyer. Rafe leers the legal team at DiMera turned their back on the stock sinker ... Ciara visits Abigail and baby Charlotte. Ciara believes Abigail and Chad will overcome. Abigail is uncertain ... Chad confides in Julie about the woman he loves and hopes she will help arrange a surprise romantic dinner. She gushes she is on his side. Glam Kate seconds that ... Gabi runs into big Ben at the park and threatens to scream for help. He means her no harm and was not even looking for her but she remains afraid. Ben explains he was just doing his job when ... Gabi thinks there was no excuse. Ben apologizes. She reminds him he left her all alone with evil Stefan ... Chad denounces Kate again. She has hope. Julie is appalled she attempted to ruin his and Abigail’s happily ever after. She refers to Gabi the chili pepper partner in crime. Kate asks Chad for a word alone. It is about Stefan. She gushes he is going to like this ... Ted blinks in bewilderment when Hope brazenly suggests he rep Stefan ... Kate updates Chad on Stefan’s arrest for treason. The DiMera board has removed him and they want her to take his place. But she has an even better idea ...

Ciara assures Abigail that Chad loves her a lot. Alas it is not enough. Abigail rages about Ben the psycho head of Stefan’s security and then stops. He is a dangerous killer despite the fact that he saved Ciara. Ciara sighs Hope hates her dating him. This is the first astonished Abigail has heard of their romance ... Gabi enlightens Ben on how Stefan tied her to a chair and terrorized her. He is truly sorry. She blasts him for working for the maniac. Ben babbles about needing a job to be with Ciara. She recently asked him to quit too but it is too late ... Stefan insists he did not touch Rafe’s sister. Rafe feels the treason punishment of life in lockup or death will be his revenge. Stefan alludes to having the support of Rafe’s wife ... Ted is exasperated. Hope wants him to return the favor she did by hiding him – now ... Rafe thinks Stefan is lying. Stefan reveals Hope’s offer to help him if he handed over Ben Weston. She was not even bothered by his suspected terrorizing of Gabi. Rafe gets mad. Stefan taunts him for his wife’s lack of loyalty ... Ted reminds Hope he tried to get Ben’s confession. She reminds him she hid him. Stefan has hit rock bottom and wants revenge. If Ted reps him on the treason charge he will owe him big time. Ted wonders about her own personal angle ... Abigail is appalled that Ciara has been seeing Ben. Ciara tells her of their time in the cabin and adds Marlena agreed he has improved. Abigail suspects Marlena would still stay away from him for he is sick. Ciara argues Abigail has had her own mental issues as well and look at her now. Abigail scoffs ... Gabi feels Ciara is some kind of fool to believe Ben. He laments they might not last. Gabi hopes the girl dumps him and departs ... Chad notes Kate was the only one left but she will not have his support. She reveals she refused the job and suggested board man Shin give it to the best man aka Chad. He isn't interested ... Stefan knows how hard it is when a wife keeps secret. Rafe is not buying it. Stefan smugly suggests he talk to her ... Ted wants the truth from evasive Hope. She admits she wants Ben out of her daughter’s life forever ... At the park Ben remembers his last goodbye with Ciara. She said she needed time. He vows not to lose her and raises his eyes to the heavens, having decided what to do next ...

Abigail admits to Ciara her alters did hurt others. Ciara argues she got better so she believes the same can happen for Ben. Abigail warns her the man is dangerous and now takes his orders from dangerous Stefan DiMera. She goes to the baby. Ciara asks for more. Abigail states he strangled her cousin, killed two women and chained her to a bed! She warns his violent side could return if triggered so why would she subject herself to such a thing? Ciara is listening ... Kate puts her hand on her hip and points out why Chad could use a job with good income. Beside he also loves his DiMera legacy. Chad laments he lost his way with the phoenix ring on his finger and decides to give it back ... Ciara sadly states only Stefan was willing to hire Ben. Abigail warns working with such a devil could bring his dark side back. Ciara sighs he grabbed Gabi for Stefan. Being with him could make her complicit. She alludes to her own experience as a victim. Abigail urges her to walk away before it is too late ... Hope tells lawyer Ted that Stefan needs him. She asks him to convince him turning on Ben might lead to leniency. He gathers she wants to protect her daughter. She begs as she could not bear to lose another child. Ted smiles and agrees. Rafe saunters in as they clasp hands. He asks to speak to HIS wife alone. Ted takes his leave. Rafe grimaces. Did Hope ask that man to rep Stefan? Indeed. He complains Stefan told him of her deal offer in return for Ben. His legal sensibilities are stunned! Hope believes she can get Stefan and Ben to turn against one another so they both get locked up for life ... Stefan cackles when Ted comes in and offers to rep him in return for being left alone. Pause. Stefan hires him on the spot ...

Julie runs into Gabi outside and fumes she is free. Gabi gushes there is no case as Abigail decided to drop it ... Kate suggests Chad is the master of his own destiny, his own legacy. CEO would mean he would have complete control. He has had enough of being ruthless. She suggests he keep the ring and make it his with his own brand of honor and integrity. It is up to him how he uses the power of the phoenix. Chad considers her wise words ... Julie does not believe it! Gabi explains Abigail believed they had both suffered enough. Julie threatens to tell the cops she pushed her down the dang staircase. Gabi threatens to silence her permanently, pouts and prances away ... Ciara sighs she still has feelings for Ben but did not ask him to quit since he needs a job. Abigail wonders whether he would. Ciara admits she wanted him to but of his own accord ... Ben believe Stefan is rearranging a curtain at DiMera mansion and announces he can no longer work for him. Chad emerges and stares him down ... Ted returns to Stefan. The judge is only available in the morning so he has to spend the night locked up ... Rafe tells Hope to stop dealing with Ted cos she is crossing cop lines! He loves her and fears it will blow up in her face ... Chad smugly tells baffled Ben that Stefan was removed by the board. He is now CEO at DiMera so he works for him. He takes a drink. Dangerous music plays ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, January 8, 2019