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Episode 13,501
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub Roman ends a call with fab news for Kayla. Stefan was indicted by the feds for stealing ISA secrets. Kayla is elated especially to hear he is being taken into custody ... Rafe informs Stefan what the federal grand jury is indicting him for and reads him his rights as he is hauled off. Meanwhile Ciara demands Ben answer mama Hope’s question ... Victor grumbles on the phone about DiMera stock still being down and complains about ever having a DiMera in charge. Xander appears with a comment and cackle ... Jen laments to Maggie she could lose Jack to Eve. At that very moment Eve gets clooooose to Jack. They smooch and sit on the bed. She waaaaaants him. He flashes back to kissing the fair Jen. NO he cannot! He pulls away leaving Eve dumbfounded ... Victor rages what the hell is Xander doing in his home! Xander gets himself a drink. The Greek reasons the roach survived again and threatens to have him thrown out. Xander smugly suggests he welcome him back to the clan ... Ben coldly claims he will say nothing until he has a lawyer. Besides Gabi is no reliable witness. Hope assures Ciara that Gabi told the truth. This is no reformed Ben! Ciara’s big eyes look back and forth ... Victor warns Xander he could have him arrested for shooting Marlena. Xander shows him what he’s got. The flash drive that could save his whole empire ... Kayla hopes Steve will soon forgive her and adds if brother Steve was around Jack might remember his life. Roman refers to the blemish in their history. Kayla acknowledges Jack is a different man now. Roman sighs he does not seem to know who he is ... Maggie believes in the power of Jack and Jen ... Eve, however, ain’t too proud to beg. Jack tells her he was tempted but bolts for answers as she calls after him ...

Victor demands the source. Xander sneers he knows he wonts it. Tis inside info on DiMera Enterprises. Victor suggest he name his price. Xander wants to be CEO. Victor disagrees and states he would rather see Ciara CEO first ... Ciara grills Ben how far he would have gone to restrain Gabi. He has no answer. She likens him to Chase and what he did to her .... Back at the station Hope states she was with Ciara. It was about Ben, who abducted Gabi as per Stefan’s orders but she could do nothing against Gabi. However she could make Ciara aware ... Rafe gets a call from the FBI ... Jen is waiting for a story to be filed on Stefan’s arrest when Eve shows up at her door demanding Jack ... At the pub Jack assumes he and Kayla are acquainted. She explains she is his brother’s wife. He wants to meet the legendary rogue. He is not here but Kayla is so Jack sits down and asks whether he and she have a good relationship. Kayla pauses for a long uneasy moment in time ... Eve insists she and Jack had a nice talk. Jen notes she is terrified he will find out his truth ... Jack senses his strained past with Kayla. She admits they were briefly married ages ago and ... It did not work out. Jack probes. She explains she had an affair with Steve and he found out. He asks whether he dumped her. She laments he actually assaulted her ...

Xander claims to have moooooooooooooore and he wants power and respect over money. Meantime he is settling into his own room as he gives Victa time to think about his offer. Victor grumbles about him staying at the mansion he claims he will soon own ... Ben gets what he did to Gabi brought back Ciara’s bad memories. She believes hurting people is still hurting people. He insists he did no harm to Gabi. She argues this time and assumes Stefan will one day ask him to harm someone. What then ... Back at the station Commissioner Hope informs Stefan that treason is punishable by death. Stefan sighs he was unaware of the stolen ISA documents. Hope alludes to him needing a friend and advises him to give her Ben. Rafe is not in the room. Stefan smirks and wonders what she wants on Ben. She mentions the kidnapping claim Gabi made. Stefan believes he would be a conspirator if he admitted to anything. Hope persists. He deduces her only motivation is that Ben is seeing her daughter ... Ben wants Ciara to trust he would not cross a line. She gasps he grabbed Gabi and left her to Stefan. She feels complicit by being on his side. This is how she feels. She cannot accept ... He asks if she is asking him to quit working for DiMera ...

Jack is stunned and sorry. Kayla explains over time he proved to her he was a changed man. Jack sighs Eve said he had a dark side. Kayla repeats he changed and became a better man. He wonders how. Jen the good woman changed him ... Jen taunts Eve for losing track of Jack. She warns he will find his way home to her! Eve taunts his home is with her and they were already in bed together... Maggie updates sullen Victor on the situation with Jen, Jack and evil Eve. She adds she also heard Xander is alive and he was the one who gave Jack to Eve. Victor realizes where he got his intel, grumbles about the snake and is sorry to say they have another undesirable house guest. She gasps oh no and gets an eyeful when wet Xander appears in his towel post swim. Victor talks decency so Xander scoffs, gets a drink and gushes to Maggie he moved back. This is only the beginning. The house guest from hell requests a welcome home feast. Victor fumes. He grins, goes upstairs to dress and declares he shall see them at dinner. Victor now has some explaining to do ... Ben cannot quit but Ciara cannot accept his job. Impasse alert! He insists she means the most to him. She needs time to think. He agrees and tenderly kisses her forehead, then her cheek, and walks out. Ciara blinks back her tears of torment ...

Stefan refuses to betray Ben Weston and denies being a traitor too. Hope questions his innocence so he reminds her of the time she riddled unarmed Stefano with bullets. She warns he is making a mistake and walks out. He waits for his attorney to arrive ... … Kayla wants Jack to know that many love him in this town and Jen is at the top of the list! She departs. Jack does the math ... Jen realizes Jack taking off on Eve and her advances set her off. She accuses her of telling him lies. Before long Jack the smart man will see she is a snake. Eve picks up his picture and claims she will be his wife soon. Jen shakes her head in bold blonde defiance ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, January 7, 2019