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Episode 13,500
1600 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eve denies lying. Jack accuses her of avoidance and asks about their marriage. She wonders what Jen said ... At the pub Jen asks amazed Roman how Jack could actually be alive ... Dr. Kayla leaves Seth the hospital admin a message about a possible candidate for Rolf’s serum. Stefan approaches and tries to give her a hard time so she taunts him about Chad being the father of Abigail’s baby ... Chad holds Charlotte and admits he was an ass, hence her mama being mad. He vows to fix things. Enter Abigail with a pout ... Rafe and Hope are stunned Abigail is not pressing charges against Gabi ... Ben bears flowers for Ciara at her door, ready to take their ride. He apologizes for cancelling before. She smiles ... Jack suspects Eve loved only his money. Eve sighs Jen said so and claims he wanted the big money they could get together. They were good. He questions that since they did spilt up ... Chad is sorry he did not call. Abigail puts the baby back in her bassinet. Chad wants to work out a schedule. He hopes she will not try and keep him from his child ... Ciara lets Ben in, sighing she is not really into roses so he offers to get other flowers. She does not let him toss them in the trash. Just as well since they match her red top. He hopes he is forgiven. She asks what Stefan made him do on Christmas that kept him from her. He flashes back to grabbing Gabi and fibs just regular biz ... Abigail will not keep Chad away from his daughter. She adds she is not pressing charges against Gabi either. Chad cannot believe it ... Stefan informs Kayla he has filed a complaint about her negligence with the hospital admin ... Roman recounts to Jen that Jack was not alive when he was taken to the morgue. Nothing was out of the ordinary. However, there might have been a DiMera plant or Rolf might have revived him at the morgue a la Will. He muses Jack being alive is a miracle. Mad Jen just wants to know how and when Eve got her claws into her man ...

Jack probes Eve's story. He senses she is just out to hurt the fair Jennifer ... Jen updates Roman on Jack believing Eve and not wanting to be near her now. Roman notes 2018 was not the best year but Jack alive is a dang miracle regardless. Jen is upset Eve is using his lack of memory to turn him against her ... Eve assures Jack she enjoys his company. He doubts that since he did hear he swindled her. She admits they were at odds but there was a common bond since they both go after what they want. She was good back in the day. Then she lost everything ... Back at the station Rafe reasons the D.A. does not have enough of a case without Abigail but Gabi remains dire. Hope wonders. Gabi sighs and admits Stefan is scarier than any D.A. ... Kayla accuses Stefan of setting up Steve. He claims he only tried to help him and suggests he might have been a real spy. Kayla calls Stefan a bastard. He calls Steve a traitor and takes his leave ... Ben knows Stefan has a bad history. However, he was the only one who hired him and he felt for the guy when he found out he was not Charlotte’s real father. Ciara smiles she is happy for Chad. Ben gets tense ... Abigail informs Chad she is walking away from rage and revenge. She wants to be a good example to the children. Chad talks justice and goes into DiMera mode, whispering he wants Gabi to suffer ...

Eve and Jack have a drink. He asks about her dark side. She teases he was no saint. Then when he became a good guy Jen kicked him in the teeth. Jack found her to be kind. She reminds him she strung him along when she was with Daniel and advises him not to entrust her with his heart ... Jen is happy to see Kayla at the pub. Alas Jack remembers no one. She asks Kayla if she can help. She already made the call to Seth regarding the serum that helped Will. Jen has some hope ... Ciara praises Chad as a dad since she used to babysit and confesses she had a crush on him. Ben asks about that. She teases is he jealous? He admits jealousy made him a monster with Abigail. His past continues to haunt him. Ciara sweetly states he is a whole new man and flirts they were supposed to go for a ride with her guardian bell. They are on their way ... Chad loathes Abigail letting Gabi get away with what she did. Abigail has heard enough and asks him to go. She will bring the kids by later. Chad explains Victor fired him for knowing Sonny was being set up and saying nothing so he no longer resides there. He admits he just wanted to make Stefan suffer with the Kiriakis power ... Rafe and Hope are shocked to hear that Stefan ordered Gabi kidnapped. He threatened her and warned it was not over. Rafe wants to race off to deal with the son of a ... Hope stops him and suggests they go by the book. He quips like her with Ted? She tells him not to make things worse but he walks away anyway ... Hope returns to glum Gabi and hisses she put Abigail through hell. Gabi reasons they are even after what Abigail did to her. Hope now gets a call from D.A. Trask. The D.A.knows she would never win without cooperation from Abigail. Hope now asks Gabi if she knows the name of the flunky that Stefan had snatch her. BEN WESTON.

Ciara and Ben come back from their bike ride and continue to flirt. He decides to depart. She gets closer and gushes Tripp and Claire are not here. She hopes he will hang out. He thinks that sounds great ... Pensive Jack sips his drink. He wonders whether Jen loved Daniel. Eve acts like Jen did him wrong. He reasons she is the mother of his children. Eve suggests a return to his dark side cos nice guys finish last ... Jen thanks Kayla for trying to get the serum and heads home to Abigail and Charlotte ... Abigail wonders how Chad could have changed so much. He used to be a good guy. He laments he lost his way when he stopped focusing on the family and friends. She calls him a true DiMera. He promises to make everything up to her. Abigail alludes to it being too late ... Ciara and Ben are making out on the couch when someone bangs and bangs on the door. Ciara orders him to stay and promises to get rid of ... Hope walks in and demands a moment alone with her daughter. Ciara scoffs she can say anything in front of Ben. Hope hisses he kidnapped Gabi Hernandez ...

When Stefan gets home Rafe is waiting and grabs him from behind. He chokes him and accuses him of snatching his sister ... Chad begs for another chance. Abigail refuses since he stopped seeing her and lied to her. He tries to explain. She stops him and claims she can never overcome. He vows to prove he can be a better man. He knows he broke her heart and their family but after his talk with Julie he is never giving up! Silence. He tells Charlotte he will fight for their family and goes. Abigail takes a deep breath ... Jack feels frustrated with all the blanks and decides to go to Abigail for answers. Eve prevents him by pointing out he needs to rebuild his life. Grandpa Jack wants to meet the grandkids. Eve argues it is a bad time for Abigail at the moment. He agrees. However he needs the truth. Eve gets it and calls herself the only person in town who is not trying to force him to be the old Jack. She believes when she and Jack were baddest they were best. She claims it could be like that again and gets closer ... Ben stands in silence, arms folded as Hope updates Ciara on what he did, how he kidnapped Gabi at the Kiriakis mansion when her daughter was in the next room. Ciara feebly asks whether it is true. Ben asks Hope if she is arresting him ... Roman whispers to Kayla that the feds discussed indicting Stefan for espionage. An arrest may or may not be imminent ... Rafe lets Stefan stand back up and accuses him of having his sister kidnapped. Stefan claims Gabi is out of control and kicks him out. Rafe starts to go ... until he gets an unexpected call. Talk about timing. He is now delighted to place Stefan DiMera under arrest. This time the charge is TREASON. He shoves his face on the table and cuffs him ... Grinning Gabi ends a call with her daughter. Chad confronts her at the square, warning he will never forgive or forget ... Jen is elated to see Abigail at home. Alas Jack does not remember any of them. They must get him back before Eve leads him astray. Meanwhile Jack admits Eve is desirable. She gives him a kiss. Jack responds. Eerie music plays ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, January 4, 2019