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Episode 13,498
1520 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chad tenderly talks to Charlotte about feeling fatherly when she was born. She gurgles and colorful Julie admires the sweet scene ... At the station Gabi thinks there is no more to say since she turned herself in. Abigail informs the “beech” she has plenty to say ... At the hospital Kayla is cross with JJ for covering up Haley’s suicide attempt ... Jack politely greets Jennifer. She gushes how great he looks and smiles. He asks if he can do anything. She is happy to hear Eve is out and asks if she can try and trigger his memory ... At the park Eve meets Xander, the deadly never-die black sheep of the Kiriakis clan. He looks around as he is a wanted man. When she trash talks Kristen, he reminds her she is to thank for Jack ... Jack states it has been six years. His memories are lost. Jen bears pics and he lets her in. She opens her little photo album to show him their last family photo. Jen is surprised to hear how Abigail already came to see him. Jack calls her lovely and makes a joke. Jen asks whether any memories were sparked. He replies in the negative, noting there is nothing Jen can do ... Eve reminds Xander that he was the one who reached out in November. He reminds her of her less than thrilled reception. She was still after revenge on Jen despite being in the Big Apple. Xander boasted he had the best thing to help her ... Jen blushes and shows Jack their wedding pics. He hears they had two weddings and lived in London for a while. JJ used to scream in his stroller. Jack senses he wanted to be held. Jen happily recalls he is right and he did used to hold him on his shoulders ...

JJ apologizes. Kayla sternly states she cannot let Haley trying to take her life on the job go unnoticed. Haley appears and assumes he outed her ... Julie is relieved some things ended well but Chad needs to be there for Abigail as Jack has amnesia. Chad laments she will not let him in ... Abigail calmly recalls how grateful she was that Gabi was her friend. But then she schemed against her. Gabi calmly admits she was angry about what her alters did. Then Kayla dropped a bomb on her that she would never have another baby. By chance Kayla was called away and Charlotte’s paternity test was delivered. She changed the results on impulse so that Abigail would suffer as well ... Haley accuses JJ. Kayla explains nurse Kelly was the one who told her. She is summoned to a meeting and will speak with Haley later. Meanwhile she is officially off duty. Haley is sorry. JJ feels he needs to apologize for ... Julie believes Abigail’s sense of betrayal can be overcome. Chad wishes he had believed in her the way Julie did. He was her husband ... Abigail bitterly recalls how she suffered. Gabi reminds her she stopped her from having an abortion. Abigail adds and she had her sent to Bayview so she could raise her kids with Chad. Did she really hurt her that much? Gabi declares she did indeed ... Eve admits she could never have imagined Xander’s weapon of revenge. He had summoned someone he had known for a year. That someone was Jack ...

Jack is so sorry nothing rings a bell. Jen believes he will get his memory back. He is dire. It has been six years and he has no memory. Jen weeps but he was living for six years after the elevator accident. The paramedics pronounced him dead. What about those six long years??? Where was he all this time? Jack soap stares ... JJ apologizes about last night. Haley is sympathetic about his family situation ... Jack praises an odd doctor for nursing him back to health. Jen is horrified to hear it was Dr. Rolf and blames the dastardly DiMeras. Jack also mentions Xander. Jen notes they were last spotted in Nashville. Jack explains he was in a medical facility in Nashville. Jen asks about EJ and Jack admits Eve mentioned him being there. When the building blew Xander helped him get out. Then he reunited him with Eve and he has not seen him since. Jen suspiciously asks what story Eve gave him. That he and Eve were in love but life got in the way. Jen scoffs and gives him the real scoop on the schemer. Meanwhile Eve flashes back to meeting Jack, who did not recognize her. She soon realized he had memory loss. Xander called it a side effect of the drug that saved his life. He was the caretaker and all was going well for his business bosses until the wonder twins made it all blow up. Jack had two years of rehab more than EJ. Eve was amazed. Xander had then sent Jack back to his room. Xander smugly stated he could not even remember Jennifer and dangled the revenge plot of turning Jen’s true love against her ... for a price.

Julie gives Chad a pep talk and points out he did not know Gabi well enough. Just like Jen he has a good heart and could never imagine anyone of being so calculating and cruel. He has a pure heart ... Gabi reminds Abigail what she did to her. Abigail already apologized for that. Gabi, however, could not forget. The only difference between them is that she could not hide behind an alter ... Haley has to update Shelley on some patients before she speaks with Kayla, who has returned. Once alone with Kayla, JJ admits he can relate to Haley. He now wonders whether she heard about Jack. He lives and he has seen him! Kayla soap stares .. Jack has heard from Jen that Eve only married him for his money and he got a hasty annulment. She admits they had ups and downs but were deeply in love. He quotes Oscar Wilde the way he used to and Jen has the audacity of hope ... Eve remembers Xander urging her to bond with Jack. She asked what he wanted in return and added he had quite an ulterior motive. She feared it would blow up in her face. Xander agreed to let her decide the timing of Jack and Jen and if it was a success then she would have to pay him. Big. Back to the present. She hands him his payment and he promises nothing will change the plan ...

Jack can see it would mean much to Jen for him to remember. He reasons they were no longer married as he looks her in the eye. She reasons he was the love of her life and they were reconciled. She yearns to know him all over again. He asks about Henry but she is done with moving on without her Jack. He whispers after all this time ... She confesses her heart broke after she lost him. Never has she loved anyone the way she loved and loves him. Then she kisses him and he kisses her back ... JJ asks astonished Kayla to try and help him get back the serum that cured Will’s amnesia. She will try but tells him she had to hand everything to the hospital admin as the drug was not approved ... Abigail listens as Gabi laments at least she admitted everything. The worst thing is she will now be separated from her little girl. It gets to Abigail so when the Assistant D.A. appears asking her to meet with the D.A. Abigail the mother makes a bold move. She announces she will not be pressing any charges against Gabi ... Xander inserts the key in his computer and grins about his big win ... Jack stops kissing Jen and is sorry but he cannot rush into a relationship he does not feel. She apologizes. He asks her to leave so she agrees but her fight is far from over. She slips out as hissy Eve enters and wonders what she missed. Jack lets her know they had a long talk. He now demands Eve explain why she has been lying to him ... Kayla calls Steve with big news ... Haley is on her cell and promises not to say anything to a certain doctor. JJ approaches ... Chad laments he has a long road ahead to win back the fair Abigail. Julie the sage states they already have shared two children and a deep love. Never give up ... Gabi is stunned. Abigail acknowledges she did do awful things to her and to separate her from her daughter would be wrong. The suffering stops here. Gabi is overwhelmed. Abigail adds they will never be friends but suggests they set an example to their daughters. She walks out the door with her head held high and Gabi breathes a soap sigh of relief ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, January 3, 2019