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Episode 13,497
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chad summons Will to the pub (John and Marlena are watching Arianna). Will is happy Chad is Charlotte’s dad and asks if Abigail forgave him. Not yet ... Rafe is with felonista Gabi at the station. She fears he is disappointed. He lectures her for all she did to Abigail as she hangs her head. He is appalled she involved Stefan the sociopath and asks how she feels now ... JJ apologizes to Abigail at the house and adds he is here about Jack. He lives! Abigail soap stares ... Jen knocks on Eve’s door and demands to see the man she said was Jack. Eve taunts he took off. Jen seethes. Eve quips he is getting coffee. They exchange words and Eve shuts the door on her ... Hope almost faints when she comes face to face with coffee carrying Jack at the square ... Abigail is astonished as JJ updates her on what happened, the fact that their father does not remember them ... Gabi admits she was obsessed with payback. Rafe remains enraged. She tells him of her guilt and begs him not to turn his back on her like the rest of them ... Abigail leaves JJ to watch the baby and heads out to see Jack for herself ... Hope hears that Jack remembers nothing so she tells him of his and Jen’s great love. He explains he saw her when he went to the party with Eve and adds he also heard they were divorced. Hope cannot get through to him and sighs same old Jack when he leaves to prevent the coffees from growing cold ... Chad confides to Will he is filled with guilt and complains about Kate letting him down. He is so sorry about Sonny having to wed Leo and wishes he could do something ...

Jack is back and Eve thanks him for the coffees. He updates her on meeting Hope. She calls Hope his ex-wife's cousin and bff who happens to be a cop. Jack feels increasingly uneasy with the people of Salem. Eve acts sympathetic and suggests he have his coffee while she gets dressed in the other room. Knock knock! Amnesia Jack now opens his door to Abigail, who lets out a gasp and throws her arms around her long lost dad ... Will sighs he misses Sonny and Leo is horrible to him, getting drunk, spending his money and making moves. Chad lets him know he is here if he needs anything. Will just needs a way to get rid of Leo once and for all ... At the Kiriakis mansion Sonny puts down his paper. Leo enters, hung over and babbles the brat was quiet. Sonny snaps he left his daughter with Will and blasts him for being a sloppy drunk ... Rafe warns felonista Gabi she blurted out all her crimes to him and he is a cop! She cries she cannot leave Arianna. He warns her to change her wicked ways. Enter legal eagle Justin, whom he has called. Justin apologizes for not being able to accept the case ... Hope summons Jen to the square, stammering about Jack. It all feels unreal that he does not remember anything anyone ... Abigail can see Jack does not remember her and introduces herself. He was informed she was his daughter but is sorry to say he does not recognize her. She updates him on his giving her this necklace with angel wings he said would protect her. She wants to leave it with him to help jog his memory. Jack admits he only remembers his life after the accident. She reminds him he saved her life. All of a sudden he flashes back to the elevator chaos that was said to have claimed his life. The scene flashes in fragments before his eyes and he frowns. Abigail senses something ...

Sonny laments to Leo that Ari is going to lose her mother. Leo snaps she is lucky to lose her mom from hell. He has been there ... Abigail begs Jack to share what just happened. Eve appears and tries to stop the moment. Jack fibs he hit a blank and cannot hear any more now. Eve suggests Abigail go. She agrees and offers to come back with the grandkids. They are gonna love him like the whole family does. She declares they are his family not Eve, hugs him, and exits ... Justin thunders Abigail is his niece and blasts Gabi for what she did. Then he goes ... Hope and Jen discuss Eve’s evident deception of Jack. Jen wishes he would remember but he looked at her and drew a blank. Hope is sympathetic but Jen believes her prayers have been answered. If only he would remember her and realize he had been misinformed. How can she live without him! Hope reasons no one can rob her of what they have, blames Eve, and vows they will find a way ... Chad reads about Jack on his iphone outside and runs into Abigail, who stammers he cannot remember them. Chad is so sorry and asks if she needs to talk. Not to him! He woefully watches the woman he loves walk away but she stops when he brings up Gabi giving herself up. She notes it is not nearly enough and goes into the pub ... Eve informs Jack that Abigail is a loon who goes after people just like Jennifer. She warns him he should stay away from Jen. He suspiciously asks why THEY also got a divorce. She changes the subject and excuses herself to attend to something. But Jack is no fool. He has a strange feeling ...

At the station Hope updates Rafe on her strange Jack sighting. She is not surprised to hear Justin refused to rep Gabi. She suggests he try Ted. Rafe reminds her that slime blackmailed Will and Sonny. Hope is sorry to say few in Salem are on Gabi’s side. Rafe gets miffed. Hope calls what Gabi did to Abigail unforgivable ... Leo makes light of his mommy dearest. Sonny probes. Leo notes he would not understand given the great mother Sonny is lucky to have. He leaves the room. Sonny gets an idea ... Chad catches up with JJ, who sighs they are hoping Jack will remember. Chad came to see Charlotte who is asleep. JJ pauses. Chad points out he is her father. JJ feels badly about what Gabi did and regrets believing her. Chad notes she hurt many. They must make sure it does not happen again ... Rafe gets sarcastic about Hope’s attitude toward her sister-in-law. Hope assures him this is her trying to help. He walks out in a snit. Hope sighs ... Sonny calls Will with something they might be able to use against Leo after all ... Chad holds Charlotte in his arms and gushes fatherhood was a great Christmas gift. He promises to make everything up to her and mom. If Abigail ever forgives him they will be one of the greatest families. He brings up Charlotte’s brother and promises to put their family back together again ... Gabi gets a visitor at the station. One angry Abigail ... JJ confronts elegant Eve at the square for her stunt. She declares she did bring dead daddy back and warns not to push too hard or he will regret it ... Jack remembers Eve refusing to reveal why she hates Jen and opens his door. Speak of the devil! Meanwhile at the park impatient Eve meets up with a secret source ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, January 2, 2018