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Episode 13,496
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


The New Year drama continues at the club. Couples kiss including Chloe and Brady! Enter Eve dressed to the nines and an ace up her nonexistent sleeve. Brady wonders what the hell. She tells the crowd she looooves a good time and hopes they are all having club soda including Jen. Jen says not to get started. Eric asks her to leave immediately. Eve lists his soap sins including killing Daniel as a drunk driver. Sarah calls Eve despicable. Daniel’s demise was a terrible tragedy. She reminds Eve she ran her over when she was a kid and accuses her of casting stones. Eve, however, has much more than pebbles on her vengeful plate ... Eli and Lani decide to depart. Chloe asks Eve to go away. No luck. She has even more in store ... Meanwhile a man in a long black coat is outside staring at a pic of smiling Jen on his device ... Eve sarcastically calls Chloe and Brady the perfect couple and suggests they are stupid. Brady says to stop. She accuses him of using and dumping her. He reminds her she made him lose his son. She sneers JJ stood by Theresa and helped him lose custody. JJ did not want to make him to lose Tate and says so. Eve now turns to Jen. Jen reminds her she only kept the truth from Eric for a while as Eve blackmailed her. Eve suggests Nicole might be alive if not for her. Eric thunders enough! Chloe explains the only villains are Xander and Kristen, who were in the warehouse of death. Eve gets back to blaming Jen for blowing up her life. She is here to return the favor ... Eli is walking with Lani when he bumps into the man in the black coat. The man walks off and Eli wonders where he has seen that face before ...

Henry stands by Jen. Eve wants to know who he is. He snaps he is Dr. Shaw and suggests she cease insulting his date. Eve calls her a lying beech. Jen admits she did keep the truth from Eric but to err is human. Eve alludes to something more. Jen calls her on her bluff. Bring it on. Eve announces HE is already on his way ... Eli remembers he has seen the man in a photo before. But it is a holiday so he invites Lani to go dancing ... Eve has received a text from her mystery guest. He is at the town square and will be here soon. Jen is highly curious. Eve muses Jen moved on but so did she. Brady blasts her for her own bad choices including Deimos as a husband. JJ starts to go. Eve slyly suggests he stay to see the long lost member of the family who is also Adrienne’s brother. Not Steve but ... Jack now walks in looking a little confused and bids the group a good evening. Jen gasps JACK and he peers at her, Eve smugly standing by his side. JJ and Adrienne have tears in their eyes. Jen approaches him and he speaks her name. She cries he cannot be. He assures her he is ... Haley asks emotional JJ who the man is. He whispers his father. Jen weeps how could Jack be alive! Eve explains he escaped death. Jen hugs him and sobs. He stares silently at her. She asks what happened. He announces he remembers nothing and he does not remember any of them. Jen’s tears of joy turn tragic. JJ and Adrienne’s eyes are filled with disappointment. Jen notes but he said her name so he states Eve showed him her photo. Alas he does not even recall their relationship. He hoped seeing them would make him remember but it did not. Adrienne steps up and introduces herself as his sister and JJ as his son. JJ explains he is Jack Junior. Jen hopes he remembers him. Jack now asks after Abigail. Jen smiles slightly at her dream that is almost coming true. Alas it is complicated ...

Jen is disappointed when Jack reveals Eve informed him he has a daughter Abigail but he does not remember. Eve also told him that she and Jen are both his ex-wives. Jen tells him not to trust her. He calls Eve his whole world. Jen laments he was only married to her for two minutes and wonders what Eve did to make him so. JJ demands to know how Eve found his father and what happened. Eve explains she has only known he was alive for weeks. Jen is exasperated. Eve claims she kept him away as she knew it would be overwhelming. Brady blasts her. They believe Jack would never have chosen her over Jen. Their love is forever. Eve scoffs and asks Jack if he is alright. He snaps something is off. Jen asks him to come home and suggests they look over family photographs together. Jack recoils and refuses to go anywhere with her. It seems Eve has poisoned him against his true love. Jen looks like she has been slapped a thousand times ... Eli and Lani head home to celebrate ... Back at the chaotic club Jen is aghast when Jack announces he does not know her. He notes they are not even family now. He explains Eve gave him his book to read, which indicated Jen blamed him for leaving her when he was a prisoner in Afghanistan. Then when he staggered back to Salem, she dated him and Daniel at the same time! He assumes Henry is Daniel but Chloe explains Daniel died. Eve alludes to Jen moving on with many men. Jen accuses her of turning him against her. Jack speaks of facts. Jen suggests he dig for the truth the way he used to and find their true story. She was his intern when they fell in love! He is the love of her life and she knows in her heart he feels the same way. He claims that is not the case. Eve the spinning schemer smirks ...

Lani has decided to get up close and personal with Eli in the room. No more waiting ... Adrienne puts an arm around Jen and echoes that Jack is the love of Jen’s life. He reveals he has a room at the Salem Inn with Eve. Jen states she is a lying schemer. Just ask anyone in the room! Adrienne wishes clingy Eve would get her claws off her brother. Eve leers just like she said they are all overbearing. Jack believes he was a burden. Jen begs him to wait. He decides he will leave with Eve. Jen fears she will never see him again. Eve gushes she and Jack are going to stay in Salem and smugly walks out with him. JJ holds his mother as she weeps ... Sarah and Eric exit the club. She is sorry about Eve making mischief. He admits her bringing up Dan makes him question himself. Sarah gives him a pep talk. He appreciates her friendship ... Adrienne and Justin discuss the Jack drama back at the Kiriakis mansion. She feels for Jen and JJ ... At home JJ apologizes to Haley over the phone for tonight. He calls it surreal. After the call he stands by Jen as she cries at Jack’s framed picture. Tis a miracle Jack is back but he is not the man he was. She gets a worried look in her eye ... Now back at the Salem Inn, evil Eve pours Jack a drink. He hates he hurt Jen and his family and feels he might not have been ready. Eve begs to differ. He admits he felt nothing so she tells him to give it time and hands him his drink. Jack does not suspect a thing. For now ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, December 31, 2018