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Episode 13,495
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Shirtless Eli opens his door to well-dressed jealous Lani, who is annoyed he was late ... JJ finds out well-dressed Haley will be alone for New Year’s Eve. She accuses him of assuming the worst ... Henry happily picks up single Jen ... Adrienne slams down the phone fuming to the man on the other end he will lose his wife. Woman in black Sarah assumes it was Justin. Actually it was Steve ... Eric summons spiffy Justin. Belle is away and he wants to sue Chloe for custody of Holly. Meanwhile Brady joins Chloe at the club. She complains without Julie tonight will not be easy. Smooth Brady is ready to help so she hugs him ... A woman whose face is unseen is glamorously getting ready for the gala at Doug’s Place ... JJ asks Haley to be his date tonight ... Justin feels for Eric. However, he was the one who was the middleman for Chloe’s letter from Nicole. Eric insists. Justin warns him it could get ugly. Chloe’s lawyers would bring up his painful past. Eric realizes he is referring to Daniel dying because of him ... Brady helps Chloe with the champagne. They are both relieved Vivian is dead so no more surprise appearances ... An elegant couple is getting ready for their grand entrance ... Lani is relieved to hear from Eli that Sheila is out of town to see TLC. They are alooooone. He nuzzles her neck so she giggles to get dressed ... JJ assures Haley they can attend as friends. She thanks him but alas cannot afford a ticket. He happens to have an extra one ... Sarah is surprised when Adrienne updates her on Steve trying to clean up the spying case with the ISA. Adrienne sighs Steve is just like Jack. Sarah has heard of the legendary Jack Devereaux. Adrienne admits she misses him. If only she knew ...

Jen is pretty as a picture with her white gown and stylish hairdo. She updates Henry on Eric losing the love of his life, how hard it was. She has been there and the pain never ends. Now off to the party ... Justin stands with a sigh and apologizes for mentioning Dan’s death on its anniversary. He warns Eric it will appear he is against Nicole’s wishes. Eric exclaims Nicole wanted him to have Holly in her final moments and Brady heard! Justin advises him to reconsider as the judge would side with Maggie the grandmother, who happens to be on Chloe’s side. He assumes he will see Eric at the benefit for the center. Eric sulks he is not going as he would be reminded of Nicole. Justin suggests he go in order to honor her and how she gave hope to others with her work at the center ... Adrienne is done with the tears. Justin soon joins the gals and gushes they are both beautiful. They are ready to ring in the New Year ... Haley wants to change at home and agrees to meet JJ at the party. She is all smiles ... Chloe and Brady reminisce over his year with Eve. She senses he misses her and suggests he call. Brady pauses ... A man’s hands zip up a glittery dress a woman is wearing. He is effortlessly elegant in his suit - always has been - and picks up their two tickets. Time to go ...

Back at decorated Doug’s Place Brady decides not to call Eve. No more bad romances! He wants someone he fits with and is grateful he and Chloe are friends. Always. They hug and she smiles they are ready. The guests start to arrive. Adrienne wishes Sonny had joined them and gets mad about Leo. Justin offers to get her a drink and discuss the latest on Steve ... Sarah greets Chloe in her burgundy faux fur and apologizes for the argument. Chloe understands she is on Holly’s side and returns to her hostessing ... Lani and Eli are greeted by JJ, who overheard them discussing what Gabi did. He asks for details ... Chloe welcomes Jen and happy Henry. Brady needs Chloe for a moment. Eric walks in and is greeted by grinning Sarah. He states he is here in honor of Holly and Nicole ... JJ kisses Jen on the cheek and asks for a moment alone. He just heard about Gabi being in jail and Abigail’s baby being Chad’s. JJ confirms and explains she tried to call him. He was helping a nurse called Haley. He notes the girl needs help. She comes up behind him and snaps is that a fact! Oops. JJ turns around and introduces her. Haley takes off. JJ follows her outside. He explains he wants to introduce her to helpful Eric and promises not to talk problems unless it is about his past. He charms her so she agrees ... Eric informs Sarah that Justin claimed the court would side with Maggie. He now needs to make nice with Chloe. Sarah already tried for Holly’s sake ... Adrienne teases Jen about Henry. Jen brings up a new intern she just hired for the paper. His passion reminded her of the one and only Jack. Adrienne gets emotional along with her as they smile and remember him ... Chloe asks Eric whether he would like to see Holly tomorrow. Brady begs to differ as Eric is suing her! Sarah suggests the guys stop bickering. Chloe raises her glass. Sarah states they are on the same side for Holly. Brady repeats that Chloe will be taking good care of her ... A mysterious couple sweep out to stun Salem ...

As Eric escorts Sarah away Chloe wishes Brady had not been so hard on Eric. She hopes court can be avoided ... Eric decides to have fun tonight. Nicole would want that ... JJ intros Haley to Adrienne and Justin. Afterwards she asks about his parents and hears his dad died years ago. Haley is sympathetic ... Jen now takes the floor to speak on Julie’s behalf about the Horton Center. She gushes good meeeean Eric is director of all their programs. The guests applaud him and Jen hands over the mike. He is grateful to Jen and Julie and now speaks of second chances. He has been there but Jen never gave up on him. Instead she hired him to help others at the center. He now brings up Nicole the great woman who also worked for the center. She treated all with respect and her spirit will stay at the center forever. That means tonight’s donations will help honor Nicole’s memory as well as help others. After the speech, Eric confesses to Sarah that he can almost feels Nicole’s spirit ... Meanwhile a cloaked figure approaches the club from the outside ...

Jen thanks Adrienne and Justin for their generous donation. Lani teases Eli she made a bid on the skydiving for two ... JJ is happy Haley stayed. She smiles so is she ... Brady admits to Chloe he still feels awful about what he did to Nicole and wishes she would walk through those doors right now ... The cloaked figure is now at the door of the private party ... Eric assures Sarah he is glad he attended ... Jen muses to Henry how much has changed in a year. He asks if she is really ready to date ... 10987654321 Happy New Year! The confetti falls and couples kiss. Jen nods to Henry. JJ toasts with Haley. The mystery woman in a cloak enters but it is not Vivian. This time it is glam Eve who crashes the Salem New year, announcing it is time to get the party started. The guests gape. Just wait until her dapper Devereaux date makes his dramatic entrance!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, December 28, 2018