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Episode 13,494
1470 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kate sees Dr. Sarah post board meeting and apologizes for Rex. Sarah smiles New Year new start. Kate hopes so .. Ted warns Hope that Stefan will kill him cos he could find him here at the station. He is one dangerous DiMera! Meanwhile the fiend has Gabi bound to a DiMera chair, gagged, and taunts her with his lavish breakfast ... At Horton house Jen warmly wishes Abigail a good morning. Abigail coldly puts the baby’s blanket away. Jen is over the moon Chad is Charlotte’s father and hopes they will reunite. Abigail frowns ... At the Kiriakis mansion Chad remembers his first real moment with his daughter. He summons Rafe and insists he head upstairs to arrest his sinister sister ... Gabi struggles. Stefan removes the gag so she screams. He laughs he let the staff have the holidays off. This is HIS loco revenge and he revels in it ... Chad updates Rafe on Gabi confessing to switching the paternity test results and more ... Gabi asks about Stefan’s attack dog. He sneers he has Ben on call and calls him a serial killer. Then he tries to spook her ... At the pub Eric takes a coffee break. Roman hopes he and Chloe will make an agreement about Holly. Eric doubts it but they did agree the girl should be told her mother is not coming back. Roman wants his sad son to live and hands him two tickets to the New Year’s bash at Doug’s Place ... Glam Kate states Rex is sorry and did love Sarah. Sarah is just relieved she discovered he cheated before they were wed. Kate suggests to err is human and exits. Sarah introduces herself to Dr. Henry, who admires her resemblance to cousin Jen ...

Jen is appalled about what Gabi did and hears from her daughter how Chad met Charlotte yesterday. Abigail has harsh words for all who betrayed her ... Hope explains that Stefan simply wants to raise his daughter so Ted is safe. Ted warns her he is capable of almost anything ... Stefan had his hopes dashed when he discovered he had no Gabby and no baby. Now he has returned to the darkness. Gabi shouts he fell for someone who did not exist. He demands to know why she set him up. She rages he and Abigail ruined her life by her being sent to prison so she simply returned the favor. She does not deny delighting in hurting Stefan ... Back at the station Hope assures Ted she is aware of what Stefan could do. However as commissioner she can do nothing more for Ted. He feels that is tantamount to a death sentence ... Rafe had his suspicions but wanted to believe Gabi. He is very disappointed and agrees to arrest her as Chad shows him up the stairs ... Henry admits to surprised Sarah that he lost Jen as she was with another guy. Sarah states she is available and advises him to act fast for the fair Jen will be snapped up by someone ... Jen is truly sorry she did not trust her daughter but she felt desperate and feared she was unstable. She promises to protect her. Abigail snaps she only needed protection from Gabi ...

As Gabi shares her rage for being framed for Andre’s murder Stefan smirks and alludes to her being worse than him. She hisses she wanted to see him suffer ... Ted is a free man. Hope promises if Stefan threatens him she will do what she can. He credits her with keeping him safe all this time and suggests Rafe should trust her more. It hits a nerve ... Chad knows not where Gabi has gone. Rafe vows to track her as well as anyone connected with her scheme. He promises to stay in touch and steps out. Chad suddenly remembers Kate claiming that Gabby attacked her ... Kate returns to her room and sits down with a sigh. She takes a crumpled paper from the trash and considers ... Gabi can relate to losing a child. Stefan admits he has a certain respect for her. However revenge is a vicious cycle so it is his turn to be vicious unless he ends said cycle. She wonders whether he will off her. He has never done anything like that before and would not sink to such a level. Gabi gets worried when he gets the hot fire poker and whispers his revenge will be served hot. She gasps and cringes as it gets closer to her flawless face ...

Rafe has news for Hope. He laments his little sister seems to be on the run. Hope is mystified. He mutters Abigail was telling the truth cos his sister confessed to Chad that she set her up. Hope gasps Gabi is a fugitive. Rafe sighs the story gets even worse ... Abigail is angry with Jen, who argues she and Chad had no idea she was being set up. She was trying to do the right thing and asks for forgiveness. Abigail will forgive for the sake of her baby but she cannot forget. Jen suggests she do the same for Chad. Abigail admits that will probably never happen. She will never forget how he allowed her baby to be ripped right out of her arms ... Chad heads to Kate’s room and confronts her for lying for Gabi against Abigail. He asks why. Was it revenge for Andre? She sighs she had no choice. Chad demands she explain how she could keep him from his own baby. Kate cries she wanted to write him a note but could not. She confesses Gabi was holding over her head that she was giving insider info about Titan to Stefan. She betrayed him ... Stefan points out Gabi might not stay so perfect now if he makes her as ugly on the outside as she is inside. Gabi gasps she knows she is ugly inside already and dares him to burn her. Perhaps he will set her free from her bitterness and make her as empty as she caused him to feel. Stefan pauses ...

Sarah greets Eric as he works at the pub. She orders dinner to go. He notes she seems to have no New Year’s Eve plans. Nope. He tells her of the tickets Roman gave him for the club bash to benefit the Horton Center and suggests he give her one. She agrees to go but only if he joins her ... Hope is horrified when she hears what Gabi did. Rafe wants to find his sister before Chad or worse yet Stefan finds her ... Chad listens and learns that Stefan threatened to implicate him by exposing the lawsuit was a set up (since Chad wanted to be Titan CEO). Kate tried to protect him but Gabi forced her to help her. She urged her to tell him the truth about his baby. Chad does not believe she is sorry when she says so and quietly warns her to stay the hell out of his life ... Stefan gets the poker close but suddenly sets Gabi free. He tells her to go so she runs like a bat out of hell ... Eric would rather not see Chloe tonight. Sarah suggests he ignore her at the club and wishes he would come with. He teases anything can happen at a Salem party. They wish one another a happy 2019 ... Hopeful heart Henry calls Jen to invite her to attend the Horton Center Benefit on his arm. She was going to attend and agrees to be his date. He cannot wait ... Abigail opens the front door to Chad, who bears bad news. Gabi is gone. Rafe is on it. She coldly asks if that was why he came by. He asks to see Charlotte. She snaps she is asleep. He asks to speak to her and wants to work things out but Abigail is still smarting he believed Gabi over her and almost moved in with the beech. They are nowhere near working things out. She cries she could not count on him and closes the door ... Stefan admits to Stefano’s portrait perhaps he is not so ruthless after all. Enter Kate smugly stating she told Chad the whole truth. He was like her son and she lost him. Stefan too feels like he lost a child. To add insult to injury she announces Viv’s demise was no accident, declares she deserved it and wishes him a Happy New Year. Stefan looks like he has been stabbed in the heart ... Much to Hope and Rafe’s astonishment guilty Gabi turns herself in at the station ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, December 27, 2018