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Episode 13,493
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Haley makes her hospital bed. JJ is surprised. She wants to keep her job but he has not forgotten her attempt to take her life ... Julie updates Jen on Gabi switching the paternity results - so Chad is Charlotte’s dad ... At DiMera mansion Stefan removes his wedding ring and hangs his head. Ben enters and wonders ... Gabi is smugly packing, gushing she is getting what she deserves – to raise Abigail’s baby with Chad. Downstairs Abigail announces to Chad that Charlotte is HIS, THEIRS ... At the loft Ciara smiles at Ben’s bell gift and gets a text from him about taking her bike out for a spin with said bell. She is IN. Enter Tripp, who asks about the bell. He grimaces when he hears it is from Ben ... Ben is appalled that Stefan trashed his daughter’s gifts...Chad suspects Abigail is really Gabby again and asks what she wants. She heads upstairs to put the baby down for a nap first. Then she returns and assures him it is true ... Tripp cares not to hear about Ciara’s relationship and walks away. Claire appears so Ciara updates her. Claire would like to check on him ... JJ tells Haley she is in trouble. She insists it was an accidental overdose but JJ knows better ... Jen is over the moon about the baby miracle. Julie credits Abigail and Jen credits Julie for believing in her. Julie knew she should believe her over that Gabi girl. Jen calls Stefan a monster but Julie admits it was sad to see his face when his world came crashing down ... Stefan updates Ben on not being the father. Ben is sympathetic. Stefan lost the woman he loved and his child on this day. So much for a Merry Christmas ... Chad vows to go kill Stefan for what he did. Abigail stops him and states Gabi is to blame. Speak of the devil!

Ciara claims not to care about Tripp. Claire senses she thinks she is trying to take advantage of his sad situation ... Gabi hisses Abigail is lying again. Abigail announces Julie got her memory back and punches her in the face when she claims she can explain. Chad pulls his little tiger off ... Ben now knows Abigail played his boss. Stefan sighs he saw what he wanted to see. Dr. Evans was right cos his whole life came crashing down ... Charlotte cries so Abigail goes to her. Chad closes the door and glares daggers at Gabi the life destroyer. She argues Abigail and Stefan destroyed her whole life. She pours her bitter heart out as he listens in silence. Then he wonders why she would ever want to do such a thing to him ...

Haley hopes to move forward but JJ overheard her frantic phone call before she took the pills. She points out Santa was not good this year. JJ gently suggests she get some help ... Ciara worries Claire could get hurt. Claire confirms she cares for Tripp more than as a friend. Ciara talks rebound. Claire questions whether she just wants her not to have Tripp. Ciara admits that is a little true and regrets it. The gals are glad to be getting along ... Gabi claims she would have made things right. Chad rages he was crushed and all she did was allow him to turn away from the woman he loved and the child she knew was his. What kind of parent is she?! Gabi looks like she has been slapped again ... Ciara agrees Tripp could use a friend but one who puts his feelings first. Claire sighs she means not her. Ciara tells her she can be a tad selfish but is happy that Tripp has her as a friend ... Stefan sits silently as Ben pours him a stiff drink and adds all gifts were delivered to the hospital as asked. He joins the boss in a drink and tells him of the time Clyde burned down the Christmas tree. Stefan asks if he had a reason. Ben notes both their fathers turned to the dark side and would not wish that on Stefan or anyone. Stefan looks up at Stefano’s portrait and gets an idea ...

Chad accuses Gabi of subjecting Abigail and Charlotte to his anger and disgust. He will forever live with the guilt of believing his wife was less than perfect and wishing his own baby had never been born. Abigail overhears outside the door as Gabi gasps she was going to tell him the truth. Abigail opens the door and disagrees ... Mama Jen leaves Abigail another anxious message. She feels awful. Julie reasons everyone fell for Gabi’s lies. Now that girl will get what she deserves ... Gabi stammers she wanted to reveal the truth today. Abigail stands by Chad and blasts her. Chad asks for the whole truth. Gabi cries it is true and admits to setting it up to appear Abigail was alter Gabby. Then she hangs her head and cries crocodile tears ... Haley is at the nurse’s station. JJ wants to officially introduce himself and cutely does so. She wants to get back to work. He warns her she cannot run away from her depression. She sarcastically thanks him for saving her and walks away to do her job ... Jen remembers Gabi was the girl who saved JJ’s life. Julie feels what she did now was unforgivable. Jen agrees. She wants to hold onto her kids and protect them. Julie praises her for her love and hugs her. She then alludes to Jen’s hard year and loss of Eric. Jen notes when one lies to a loved one it never ends well ...

Back at the loft Claire finds Tripp with a gift she assumes is for Ciara. He replies it is actually for her ... Stefan slyly informs Ben that he needs him to spoil someone’s Christmas ... Chad accuses Gabi of trying to take away Abigail’s life, blasts her for making Thomas cry, and coldly takes out his phone to call the cops. She begs for Christmas day with her daughter. But Chad DiMera is done with mercy and kindness. Abigail tells her to go spend Christmas with her daughter. She scurries out as Chad leers tomorrow she will start paying for what she did to him and his family ... JJ agrees to back off but if Haley ever needs to talk ... She suggests he find someone else to save ... Jen declares to Julie she is done with love! Julie gushes one can never give up on love. Jen thinks her life with love ended when she lost Jack. Julie still has a very good feeling about the year ahead. She insists she attend the New Year’s bash at Doug’s Place. Jen smiles ... Claire is excited that Tripp has gotten her a personalized case for her phone. He asks for a hug. She happily obliges ... Ciara is at the square waiting for Ben. But he texts he has to cancel ... Abigail brings Chad his baby girl. He is so sorry and apologizes for his words and actions. She gushes his girl wants to meet him and hands her over. He holds her and declares she is beautiful like her mom. He warmly wishes Abigail a Merry Christmas and she says the same to him. They both have stars in their eyes ... Stefan smugly toasts Stefano’s portrait and grins he too will give pain instead of receiving it. Then he shatters the glass ... Gabi’s world is about to be shattered. She sees Ben inside her room and starts to scream but he silences her in an instant ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, December 26, 2018