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Episode 13,492
1180 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sheila writes a Christmas card at the park. Mayor Abe appears and she asks about Val. He sighs his trip to D.C. was a bust ... Roman and Kayla clean up the pub with Will post Christmas lunch. He suggests they head to the hospital. Kayla has a long face in her red dress due to missing Steve. Roman asks woeful Will why Sonny wed Leo. Will is vague ... Chad and Sonny are committed to giving their kids a great Christmas. The kids run out of the room where Leo admits he informed them there is no such thing as Santa Claus ... Gabi dreams of being a family with Chad and the kids as Abigail is in the nuthouse ... At Horton house Abigail fusses over baby Charlotte. Julie is moved. Abigail hopes she is alright and apologizes for getting her involved. Julie wants that Gabi girl exposed. Abigail assumes she shoved her. Alas Julie has amnesia about the moment after she searched her room ... Leo drops a gift at the tree when Sonny says to leave the kids’ presents. Chad is on his side as he warns Leo to leave the kids alone or else ... Julie knows that Abigail is alright. Alas she needs proof that Gabi set her up. Julie finds her ornament and vows they will win. Warrior women. Julie is smug about Stefan’s surprise Christmas divorce. Abigail is glad to be far away from him with the baby. Stefan now knocks on the door demanding to see his daughter ... Abe confides in Sheila things were not the same between him and Val. She tells him to try again ... Roman believes Sonny and Will can overcome. Will gets a call from Lucas and walks out. Kayla sadly suspects Steve wants nothing to do with her since he seems to have gone silent ... Leo keeps drinking and hears Sonny and Chad are headed to the hospital where Sonny will make a pediatrics donation. Publicity seeker Leo wants to come with and exchanges words with Gabi in her lacy white dress as they leave. She calls her and Ari’s future Christmases with Chad and Thomas the new tradition. Chad considers ...

Abigail allows Stefan in to see Charlotte as Julie protests. He picks up the baby. He has a little teddy bear and more gifts for her. He adds she is coming home with him tonight and glances slyly at Abigail ... Santa Sheila has a gift for Abe. Spiffy Running shoes ... At the hospital Will takes a picture of Santa Roman as Kayla smiles. Sonny soap stares. Leo reminds him they are happily wed. Ari and Thomas arrive. Kayla takes them for a Christmas cookie with Santa Roman. Chad stands with Gabi as she lets Will know how sorry she is about Leo. Will lets them know Abigail decided to divorce Stefan and came home last night ... Abigail has put the baby back to bed and adds they will go over custody later. Stefan hands her papers from his lawyers so she warns she will fight him. Julie gasps My God as her full memory returns. She blurts out Chad is really Charlotte’s father! Stefan pauses ...

Abe refuses to wear the running shoes. Sheila points out she spent her paycheck. He thanks her and apologizes for not getting her a gift. He gets a text about the children’s hospital party. It reminds him of his Christmas miracle when Theo opened his eyes. Sheila agrees all can use a miracle at times. Abe invites her to attend the hospital party with him and even agrees to wear the shoes ... At the hospital Will updates Chad and Gabi on Abigail pretending to be Gabby so Stefan would let her out. Gabi begs to differ ... Leo is clad in a strange Christmas jacket and calls the kids the real heroes as he does a bow. Kayla thanks him and starts to read the Christmas story ... Stefan snaps he is the father. Julie reasons Gabi switched the test results. She remembers she saw the real results in Gabi’s room naming Chad as the father. Abigail is all ears. Julie now recalls Gabi came after her and yanked her bag so she fell back down down the stairs. She blames Gabi the liar for giving Stefan the baby. Stefan looks and listens ...

Kayla admires Abe’s new shoes. Sonny blasts Leo for his high handed speech. Sheila approaches asking about married life. Will wistfully watches from a distance. Santa Roman gets an idea ... Chad watches Gabi with Thomas and Ari and remembers making a promise to protect Abigail and their kids. He soap stares ... Abigail is elated but Stefan screams Julie has a concussion. Julie denies it and declares Gabi was after revenge. Abigail explains it was Gabi who insisted she get the paternity test. She adds at least she talked her out of the abortion. Stefan is still in denial so Abigail dares him to get another paternity test done on this day. Stefan starts to sweat ... Leo leads Sonny away. Kayla approaches so Leo grins "you are welcome for our donation." Kayla lets Sonny know that Roman had to get more gifts for the kids and is waiting for reimbursement in another room. Sonny heads in alone. Santa Will awaits. They kiss in bliss. Meanwhile Abigail arrives with Stefan They seek something from Kayla ...

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Chad has Abigail on his mind. Gabi suggests the girl will come up with another crazy story. She lies she would never do anything to harm her ... In Kayla’s office Abigail updates her on Gabi switching the paternity test results. Stefan is silent. Kayla remembers she was in her office the day the results were sent back. Stefan snaps that is not proof! Abigail asks for the original results from the database. Kayla sits down. Stefan knows in his heart Charlotte is his. Abigail warns Gabi also wanted to hurt him. Kayla takes a look and confirms that Chad is the dad. Abigail was accurate ... Sheila gets the kids grooving. Abe grins so she pulls him in. The mayor has some moves ... Sonny calls Will the cutest Santa and they sneak another kiss. How he misses him! Enter impatient Leo, Sonny says see ya later Santa and leaves with a smile. Will has his beard back on and sighs ... Roman has a delivery of yellow flowers and a note addressed to Kayla. She reads to answer her phone and gets a call from unheard unseen Steve. They wish one another a Merry Christmas ... Stefan has returned to the DiMera mansion all alone. He numbly picks up his pink gift to Charlotte and throws it. Then he falls apart at the Christmas tree ... Gabi assures Chad they will be like a little family in the new year and walks out of the living room. He stands alone by the fireplaces and hears the front door open. Tis Abigail, who bears Charlotte and big news. SHE’S YOURS CHAD. He wonders what she means. CHARLOTTE. STEFAN ISN’T THE FATHER YOU ARE. THIS IS OUR DAUGHTER ... In Loving Memory of Peggy McCay.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, December 25, 2018