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Episode 13,491
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ciara wants one of Claire’s cookies. Alas Julie is in hospital so the Horton Christmas Eve was cancelled. Meanwhile Julie opens her beautiful eyes to her loving man Doug after he begs her to come baaaaaaack. She gushes he is her life too. Tis a Christmas miracle ... Hope is happy to see Sarah as the new doctor at the hospital. Rafe says wooooow. Jen comes running cos Julie woke up. They all run into her room ... At Kiriakis mansion Chad asks Gabi about that paper behind her on the desk. She lies it was Ari’s Christmas list but he heard her musings about avoidance ... At DiMera mansion Stefan gets his D-I-V-O-R-C-E gift from Abigail, who hisses and removes her wig cos there is no Gabby. There has not been for ages and she is never coming back! Stefan realizes he has been hoodwinked ... Claire and Ciara are sad. Here comes Ben. Claire lets him in with a smile. He warmly wishes Ciara a Merry Christmas ... Stefan is beyond stunned. Abigail insists they are over and accuses him of separating her from her child ... Gabi covers up by claiming Arianna has been questioning her. She also complains Julie could be telling untruths about her ... Dr. Sarah believes Julie will be alright. Hope wonders what happened. Julie points the finger at Gabi ... Ben asks about Julie. Alas no change. Claire excuses herself as Tripp invited her to his home. Ciara now gets a Christmas bell gift from Ben. It is a guardian bell for her bike to keep away bad spirits and bad luck. She thinks that is sweet. They decide to spend some time together ... Abigail is packed and plans on taking her baby. Stefan exclaims she cannot ... Chad updates Gabi on being fired. He has to leave the house after the holiday. Gabi plans to move into the house where Rafe was living since he is now with Hope. She invites Chad and Thomas too and tells him to think it over ...

Julie admits to Hope she was searching Gabi’s room to prove she set Abigail up. Hope asks what she found. Rafe stares darkly ...Gabi is later having eggnog with Chad when Rafe solemnly arrives. He repeats Julie’s story about suspecting Gabi set Abigail up. But her memories of what went down after she entered her room have not returned. That means it is case closed. Gabi is relieved. Rafe gets a bad feeling ... Sarah is sorry to tell Julie her recent memory of that fateful fall might never return. Julie still believes Gabi pushed her but Doug has his doubts. Hope asks what she wanted to find. Even that is a blur ... Ciara wants to teach Ben how to ice skate. She now gets the call that Julie woke up and wants them to have the Horton party tonight Ciara already has other plans. Hope argues it is tradition for the family. Ben whispers to go so Ciara agrees and ends the call. He feels she is fortunate to have her family. She wonders what he will do now. He will come up with something ... Woman in black Abigail has her baby ready to go. Stefan threatens to sue for full custody. She vows to protect her child. Stefan sneers will she run back to Chad. Ben opens the door and the girl gets spooked ...

The Hortons et al gather for the ornaments hanging. Lani worries to Jen what JJ will think of her being with Eli. As Maggie listens Jen gushes JJ is staying at the hospital with the woman he saved. Hope asks Rafe about Gabi, who stuck to her story. He sighs at least Stefan is now behind them. She is sorry she was not honest earlier and they kiss in bliss. Sarah and Maggie hug. Hope now complains to Jen about Ciara and Ben ... Abigail is aghast that Stefan hired Ben as chief of security. Stefan sighs Ben was spot on cos Abigail played him. She calls them sick and steps toward the door with her baby ... Chad is grateful that Gabi took Thomas to see Santa and is sorry for the pain Abigail caused her. She convinces him that he and his son should move in with her and Ari ... Jen is about to start hanging ornaments when fashionably late friends Claire and Ciara come in. They got each other an ornament to replace the one they broke last year. Hope calls that another Christmas miracle. The ornaments are all hung for Hortons past and present and their loved ones. Eli is proud to put his on. Hope has a surprise ornament for Lani in honor of her lost son. Lani is touched and hangs it with Eli at her side. David Abraham. Hope and Rafe hang theirs together and kiss. Near the end Jen hangs Jack Junior, Jack and ... Here comes Abigail with her baby in tow. Jen turns and soap stares ... Chad has presents under the tree. Gabi realizes he also left one for Abigail. He sits, sad about alter Gabby being with Stefan ... Back at DiMera mansion Ben is sorry he could not stop Abigail. Stefan refuses to give up. Ben asks whether he means on Gabby. The then sees the divorce papers and suggests they watch the yule log burn. Stefan sighs like a broken man but not quite ...

Abigail assures Jen she has always been herself. She faked the relapse so Stefan would release her from Bayview. Silence. Abigail screams they did not believe her but Gabi was setting her up all along! She warns Rafe he is wrong about his sister and cannot believe her own mother had her committed with Chad's blessing! Jen believed they knew what she needed. Abigail rages they were wrong as she is sane and now free. She divorced Stefan so she is now her own woman. She leers her mom was about to hang her crazy daughter's ornament and does it for her. She announces that she Abigail Devereaux makes all her life decisions. Then she wishes Jen a Merry Christmas and storms upstairs. Jen falls apart. Hope hugs her in support. Rafe gets tense. Doug now wheels in Julie who exclaims Merry Christmas and then wonders why the long faces ...Hope is happy to see Julie and hugs her. Doug admits he got Kayla to let her come home. Julie stands up and wants to party. The Hortons hug. Jen blinks back her tears ... Stefan stares into space. Ben leaves the room. Stefan takes another look at the divorce papers and considers ... Gabi gives Chad a Christmas hug. He exits the room with a gift so she decides to toss the paternity paper into the fireplace ... Back at Horton house Julie and Doug shares a kiss at the tree having hung their ornaments. Jen notes to Hope that babies have a way of bringing people together and cries she is trying to keep the faith. Hope hugs her. Tom and Alice’s ornaments fade out. In loving Memory of Frank Russell Parker, aka Shawn Brady Senior ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, December 24, 2018